1-Andro review -Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

Because of the Anabolic Steroid Act, Prohormones such as 1-andro were banned in 2014 which means they are no longer available on the market.  After thorough research, we recommend legal steroids Dianabol as a great alternative since it will give you the same results.

Building strength and lean muscle is not easy. It takes a lot of work and numerous hours in the gym to build a considerable amount of muscle weight. Fortunately, there are many solutions in the market designed to make a building of lean muscle easier and possible for the modern man. Among the best solutions available for people looking to accumulate muscle mass fast is  1-andro max.

Prohormones or andro are supplements that work to offset estrogen produced by the body and enable the user to build muscle within a short time. There are several prohormones in the market and though they work the same way, some produce better results than others. You, therefore, need to consider quality before you buy prohormones to ensure that the ones you pick work for you and are designed with your safety and overall health in mind. Below we take a detailed look at 1-andro, a supplement that features prominently in the list of best prohormones 2017.

About 1-andro

1-andro is a non-methylated prohormone. A prohormone is basically a hormone precursor that is transported by the blood as a hormone but in its inactive form. Prohormones come in two main groups: methylated and non-methylated prohormones. The non-methylated prohormones are considered safer and less taxing to the liver. They are, therefore, considered better for beginners and intermediate bodybuilders. The methylated ones though potent strain the body and are, therefore, not ideal for long-term use.

1-andro is a testosterone metabolite that is converted into steroid 1-testosterone. Once it gets to the body, it is converted to 1-testosterone. Just like other prohormone supplements, 1-andro is purely anabolic and does not convert into DHT or estrogen. It remains as 1-testosterone which means that people taking 1-andro do not have to put up with the negative side effects associated with these two hormones. It also means that the supplement comes without the side effects associated with testosterone supplements.

How 1-Andro works

When 1-andro is ingested, it is converted into 1-testosterone. 1-testosterone works just like testosterone, a hormone that is naturally produced by the body. The hormone initiates the muscle building process and also enhances the body’s ability to repair worn-out cells. This means that this supplement works to promote muscle synthesis, increase muscle mass accumulation, and ensure muscle hardness. The supplement also works to accelerate workout recovery time which makes it easy for bodybuilders to meet the rigorous workout regimen required to accumulate and maintain considerable lean muscle mass.

1-andro has a potent androgenic effect on the body. It, therefore, does not result in water retention mostly experienced with similar products. This means that though results are guaranteed, it takes some time for the results to show. These results are, however, lasting and the maintaining gained muscle mass even when not using the supplement is easy. It also means that users do not experience bloating and other effects brought about by water retention. 1-andro supplements are ideal for the cutting cycle where you want to build muscle fast and also considerably reduce fat deposited in different parts of the body.

1 andro infographic
1 andro infographic

1-andro Benefits

Highly Potent

Recent studies show that 1-andro comes with twice the anabolic strength of testosterone. It is quite potent and an ideal choice for bodybuilders looking to accumulate fat-free muscle mass and reduce body fat in a considerably short time. Some users have used these supplements to gain over 8 lbs. of muscle and lose over 4 lbs. of fat in a short 4 weeks.


This is as safe as it gets when it comes to body-building steroids. Since the compound in the supplement is not converted to estrogen or DHT, this supplement comes without the negative side effects associated with these two hormones. Thanks to its non-methylated nature this compound is also not toxic to the liver. Supplements with this compound are the best if you want to buy prohormones that will do help you gain your dream body without harming you in any way.


This is a legal steroid that bodybuilders can incorporate into their workout. All supplements with this compound can be found in most health stores and no legal implications come with using the compound. That said some athletes may want to stay away from 1-andro supplements since the substance can still be detected in the body even 7 days after taking a single tablet. The substance is also not a great choice for employees who have to be subjected to regular drug tests at their workplaces.

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Ideal for beginners and intermediate bodybuilders

Though potent, this compound is ideal for beginners and intermediate bodybuilders. One just needs to follow the instruction to the letter and only take the supplement as directed. In the case of 1-andro just like in the case of other prohormone supplements, more is not always better. You should not go over the recommended dosage to get better results. Care should also be taken to ensure that the compound in the supplement is well tolerated by the body and no adverse side effects are experienced.

Can be used with other bodybuilding supplements

1-andro supplements are great for staking. Some bodybuilders have found that staking the 1-andro supplement and a 4-andro supplement is a great idea. These two work together so well and guarantee great results where the building of lean muscle and increased strength is concerned. Best prohormone stacks are those that only contain non-methylated prohormones. Bodybuilders should be careful and stay away from methylated prohormones that task in the liver and can result in long-term organ related problems.

Side Effects 1-andro

Decreased Libido

Though there is no conclusive study that explains how and why this happens, some people using 1-andro complain of low libido. This, however, is short-term and the libido goes back to normal after completing the cycle. If low libido is a concern, one should reduce the amount of this compound they are taking daily.


Anxiety has been reported in people taking 1-andro. Extreme anxiety is rare but it may be wise to avoid this supplement especially if one has suffered from anxiety in the past.

Long half-life

1-andro has an unusually long half-life. In most cases, this compound can still be detected in the body over a week after taking a single capsule. It is, therefore, now a great choice for people looking for a product that has a short half-life. People who are subjected to frequent tests should buy prohormones with a shorter half-life.


The recommended dosage is 100mg though one can safely take up to 150mg in a day. 1-andro supplements come in tablet form and most of these tablets come with 50mg of this compound. 2 tablets are, therefore, enough in a day and at most, only 4 tablets should be taken.


1-andro supplements should be taken with food. The supplement is better digested and absorbed when taken together with food. You should avoid taking the supplement on an empty stomach as this can result in unpleasant side effects.1-andro cycles are either 4 or 8 weeks long. The duration of the cycle largely depends on the expected results and the daily dosage. All 1-andro supplements come with directions on how to use them and for how long. 1-andro can, however, be used safely for 8 weeks.

A support supplement when using 1-andro is recommended. A post-cycle supplement is also a wonderful choice. Taking these supplements both during, and after taking 1-andro helps ward off the negative side effects associated with 1-andro. These supplements also make the cycle more successful and ensure that the gains made when using 1-andro prohormone supplements are maintained.Though the consumption of alcohol when using 1-andro is not prohibited, users should try and stay away from alcohol. When these two are combined, they can cause considerable stress to the liver and this can only have a negative effect on body health.

1-Andro and other prohormone supplements should be used by men who are 21 years and over. Younger males should stay away from this supplement. The same applies to women and children.

Even men who are within the recommended age should consult a physician especially if they have a history of any disease or condition with lasting side effects. You should also get clear from your doctor if you are taking any prescription drugs.

Best prohormones on the market

From the above information, it is clear that 1-andro prohormones are without a doubt the best prohormones on the market. Below we take a look at 3 of the best 1-andro supplements that featured prominently in the list of best prohormones 2017. These prohormones not only contain the 1-andro compound but they are also designed to be highly efficient and cause minimal if any side effect during and after use.

IronMag Labs 1-Andro Rx

This supplement has been found to effective in helping users accumulate muscle fat and lose a considerable amount of the fat they have accumulated over the years.

The manufacturer recommends that you take one to two tablets of this supplement daily in the beginning and not more than four tablets in a day. If you have not used similar products in the past, start with one tablet and slowly transition to two tablets in a day. If you are using more than one tablet, you should spread them throughout the day and ensure that you take the supplement with food. You can cycle for 6-8 weeks and repeat until you get the results you desire.

Primeval Labs 1-Andro Max V2

Another great 1-andro supplement that is quite popular with bodybuilders and people looking to tone and lose fat without all the hard work. For best results, you should take 2 tablets of this supplement on a daily basis for 8 weeks.

A support supplement and post support supplement are recommended when using this supplement and all other 1-andro supplements. As long as you take the supplement as required and also incorporate regular exercise into your lifestyle you can expect to see results from the fourth week.

Blackstone Labs Chosen 1

Powerful, quite safe, and high quality, this pretty much sums up this Blackstone Labs supplement. The supplement comprises of 1-andro that works to accelerate the accumulation of muscle mass and help the body burn more fat. The supplement is able to do all this without causing bloating, gyno, and water retention often associated with testosterone supplements.

Blackstone Labs makes use of the Liposomal technology to produce this supplement. Thanks to this technology, this supplement is absorbed fast and well assimilated in the body.

The manufacturer recommends two tablets per one, one tablet in the morning and the other one in the evening. Though the supplement can be safely taken without food, one should be careful and never exceed the 2 tablet limit in 24 hours. The supplement can be used for 4-8 weeks cycles. One should take at least a one week break in between cycles.

From all the information above, it is clear that 1-andro supplements are a great choice. These supplements will help you lose fat fast. The supplements are also great for building muscle mass and the good thing is that they do all these without causing adverse side effects to the user.

If you want the buy prohormones, you are better off buying the best prohormones on the market. In most cases, such prohormones come with the 1-andro compound that is known to deliver fast results and is safe. There is a variety of 1-andro supplements and 3 of the best prohormones 2017 with this compound are discussed above. You can check out these three supplements and other options among the best prohormones on the market. You can be sure that you will find one or more of these supplements that you can incorporate into your daily routine and use to achieve the results you want in no time at all.

Just like other solutions, these supplements are not magic tablets. To gain muscle, you have to work hard and make regular exercise a part of your daily routine. You also have to change your diet and incorporate foods that are high in protein but low in fats. These supplements will, however, make your work easier and make it possible for you to get your dream body.

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