3 Ways You Can Treat Anabolic Steroid Abuse

Everyone wants to look their best, including bodybuilders like yourself. As a bodybuilder, you just want to take your appearance to the next level. It’s your way of displaying your body at peak fitness.


And of course, it doesn’t hurt that bodybuilding comes with some benefits. For one, it can significantly lower your risk of developing coronary heart diseases and obesity. It can also help maintain your muscle strength, flexibility while preventing health issues like arthritis and osteoporosis.


But those benefits can make way for some downsides, depending on how you go about bodybuilding. For instance, you may have chosen to exercise your body with all your might at first but then eased it with occasional, if excessive anabolic steroid use. While this would quickly improve the look of your physique, you would likely find yourself facing a number of health concerns. These could include issues like kidney problems, liver damage and tumors, high blood pressure, and an increased risk of blood clots.


All of which can affect the perfect physique you worked so hard for! So to minimize any of that damage and maintain your body’s good appearance and health, consider these three treatments for anabolic steroid abuse.


  1. Talk to your doctor about REMERON®.


One of the first treatments you should look into is one to reduce the stress of withdrawal. While anabolic steroids do not cause you to feel high like you would if you were using a drug like heroin, they can still be addictive in their own way. If you overuse them enough and try to stop using them for a time, your body might experience depression, fatigue, restlessness, and steroid cravings. To avoid all that, talk to your doctor about potential treatments.


One treatment they might offer is REMERON®. According to the academic journal Clinical Psychopharmacology and Neuroscience, this medication helped at least one patient effectively reduce their feelings of withdrawal. And it was even quite gentle on the stomach, which is not always the case for other medications that help treat withdrawal.


If you are prescribed this medication or some other form of prescription medication as treatment, make sure you use your prescription to ship the Canadian Pharmacy equivalent of your medication. You can do this through a licensed pharmacy referral site like Canada Meds United, which will ensure that you get your medication at an affordable rate through a pharmacy outside of the United States.


  1. Think about inpatient recovery.


It’s likely that medication alone won’t help you overcome any withdrawal symptoms you experience, so you may also want to look into inpatient recovery. Typically, this treatment will involve you living at a rehabilitation center for a period of around 30, 60, or 90 days.


While there, you’ll have a number of advantages against your withdrawal symptoms that you wouldn’t have if you were trying to quit cold turkey:


  • 24-hour supervised care Under a rehabilitation center, you’ll be carefully monitored by a team of specialists. This team will be there to help you through your anabolic steroid abuse and even provide more comprehensive treatment for any other medical or psychiatric conditions you might have. That way, it’s much more difficult for you to go back to anabolic steroids.
  • A distraction-free zone Living in a center gives you the opportunity to focus on recovering. So instead of getting distracted by activities that might convince you to go back to using anabolic steroids, you’ll be able to work hard to remove that urge.
  • Constant support Because you’ll have a team of specialists supporting you 24/7, you’ll also have constant support. And that can help encourage you to stay on your treatment.


  1. Try group therapy.


If you’re less interested in living elsewhere for treatment, but still want a supportive team behind you, consider group therapy. With this therapy, you won’t need to live elsewhere to see a group of like-minded people. Instead, you’ll visit a center where a therapist will hold sessions for a number of people like yourself who are dealing with anabolic steroid abuse or similar issues.


Doing so can help you realize that you are not alone. There are people out there in a similar situation like yours seeking the assistance they need. And by sharing their experience with you and vice versa, you’ll both be able to determine what ways are best for coping with anabolic steroid abuse.


Of course, the therapist will also be there to instruct you and the rest of your group on how to avoid destructive behaviors and learn a bit more about yourself and the people around you.


While seeking out this kind of help can seem like you’re admitting to a weakness, it’s not. Instead of running from your problem, you’re facing it head-on, determined to keep your body and health in the best shape.

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