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A-HD Elite Review 2019 – Benefits & Side Effects-

What is A-HD Elite?

BPI, formerly known as Arimidex HD, is a reputable company that has been developing fitness and bodybuilding products for years now. The company has produced a wide variety of supplements serving different purposes such as Vitamin, Protein, Pre and Post Workouts complexes, fat burners and Testosterone boosters. They have for the most part experienced enormous success, and this is one of the reasons for their continued development.

A-HD Elite

They haven’t, however, ventured too much into the testosterone boosting supplements field. A-HD Elite is just their second T-Level booster made availed in the market. This can be an issue with the primary concern being whether they really have sufficient experience to know and meet user expectations in producing Testosterone supplements. They claim to have gathered adequate information to make high performing supplements. Well, no one would expect a company to say otherwise about its products. Let’s have a look at A-HD and determine whether indeed a

A-HD Elite like many other testosterone supplements tries to improve your anabolic state for faster and healthier muscle growth. This is a natural testosterone supplement powered by several organic compounds attempting to enhance your body’s ability to produce more testosterone. The utilization of an all-natural ingredient in this product is the critical reason why boosts muscularity in so many people without exposing them to serious side effects.

These are some of the ingredients making up this supplement:

A-HD Elite Ingredients

One thing that stands out when you look at A-HD ingredients is the complete absence of the regular elements used in almost all other Testosterone boosters. This is an extremely bold move. It can either be genius if your researchers are so good that they’ve found new herbs which no one else knows about or it could be a total flop. So which one is it?

  • Zinc – Zinc is probably the only widely known T-level booster mineral added in A-HD Elite. Zinc promotes the functioning of luteinizing hormone in your brain. When this hormone is working at it is optimal, then you can expect excellent growth hormone and testosterone. These will give you a wide variety of benefits including an increase in lean muscle and energy levels, while growth hormone’s presence results in enhanced healing of damaged tissues, better skin appearance, and brain functionality among others.
  • Montana Tomentosa – This herb was used on rats, and no significant changes were recorded about its impact on the T-levels. There was, however, a dramatic increase in libido. Montanoa Tomentosa has incredible aphrodisiac benefits. If you are experiencing challenges in your sex life, then the presence of this herb in the supplement will be of great interest to you.
  • Caesalpinia benthamiana – This is a traditional African plant that has for decades been used to solve erectile dysfunction problems. The herb works by increasing Nitric Oxide in your system. Nitric oxide has the effect of causing smoother dilations of blood vessels. Better dilation consequently means that there is more blood flowing which is essential for a harder and healthier erection. The benefits of this herb, however, seem to be exclusive as a potent aphrodisiac with zero effects on testosterone levels.
  • Chenopodium Album – Chenopodium Album grows as a weed in India. It is a known source of protein and vitamins, but its ability to alter testosterone or estrogen levels is yet to be confirmed.
  • Curcuma Longa – It’s quite confusing trying to understand how and why this plant made it to the list. The herb is excellent in doing a lot of things but boosting T-levels isn’t one of them. Curcuma Longa belongs in the ginger family as an active element in the plant turmeric. The plant has traditionally been utilized in treating skin conditions. It can also be used as an anti-viral, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent.
  • Trichopus Zeylanicus – This has ideally been introduced in the supplement to enhance sexual performance. It also potentially possesses adaptogen properties that could be useful if you’ve been working under a lot of pressure or stress. All these benefits are however just theoretical with no actual clinical studies to support them.

Benefits of A-HD Elite

Manufacturers of A-HD have tried to stack up lots of benefits about this supplement but looking at the lists of ingredients you get the impression that the supplement is meant to do one thing, improve your sex drive. They might talk about strength enhancement, weight loss, muscle growth but the presence of Zinc alone is just not enough to achieve all this.

The only pro associated with A-HD Elite is that it will naturally boost your libido without exposing you to any serious side effects.

Cons associated with A-HD Elite

  • To enjoy the benefits of this supplement, you will have to keep using this product for four weeks of breaks in between.
  • The supplement is also made using a proprietary blend which has hidden the full dosages of the ingredients used.
  • The manufacturers do not offer any money back or satisfaction guarantee. There is also no free trial period, no refunds and returns are not accepted. This almost sounds like a company that’s desperately trying to get rid of its own invention.
  • The supplement also doesn’t feature a majority of the known testosterone boosting minerals. It’s for this reason that we think the supplement is misplaced and shouldn’t feature in the T-Level boosters products. Maybe it can perform better categorized as an exclusive aphrodisiac supplement.

Side Effects of A-HD Elite

There are very few reported side effects that users of this supplement experience. That’s partly due to the utilization of an all-natural ingredient plan and could also be because the supplement is mildly dosed. Some of the effects reported include:

  • Disrupted sleeping patterns
  • Stomachaches
  • Headaches

Taking A-HD Elite

Before you even think of pushing an A-HD Elite pill down your throat make sure that you consult a licensed medical practitioner in case you are already taking other medications. You can start your one capsule a day dosage if the physician gives you the go-ahead. The pill should be taken in the morning after taking your breakfast. For better results, BPI recommends you use the tablets for 4-8 weeks consecutively. You should, however, never exceed the eighth week. Once you complete a single cycle, you are supposed to take a break of at least four weeks.

Where Can I buy A-HD Elite?

For a single month dosage, you will need the 30 capsules bottle that retails at around $30. The supplement is widely available at most sports supplements outlets. You can also purchase it from online stores like bodybuilding and Amazon websites.

Customer testimonials

Here are a few samples of people who have used this supplement:

“I am 43 years old and have been training for years. I tried this supplement for one month, and I think it had a slight impact on increasing my overall solidness and lean muscle gains. These results seemed to deteriorate coming towards the end of the cycle though. I can’t recommend A-HD if you are trying to lose weight. It appears to be better off for older people like myself who are focused on enhancing lean muscle mass.” – By Big Brown

“It looks like I take so many supplements and it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell which one is doing what. During my early years in the bodybuilding arena, I started using this supplement, and I gained some positive changes that made me use it more and more. I will probably repurchase this supplement in the near future.” – By Kreature

“I have been lifting weights regularly for over three years now. I already have an athletic physique and tried out this product hoping to elevate energy levels and to improve my muscle mass. This product has, however, given me nothing but a stomachache. I had to stop using it after just three days, and it felt like a total waste of money.’ – By Cj123

“Well, I have been trying this supplement for years and have witnessed no results. I started the TRT therapy and decided to give it another shot, but the result was still nothing. I don’t understand what this supplement is, but it is quite disappointing.” – By JR


BPI might have mastered the art of making fat burners, protein, vitamin, pre and post-workout complexes but their lack of experience in creating Testosterone boosters is evident in their A-HD Elite product. They concentrated so much on adding aphrodisiac elements and paid very little attention to proven testosterone-increasing supplements. This is why we would recommend this item if you are facing libido and erectile dysfunction problems. If all you want is to add testosterone to your system, enhance muscle development, boost your stamina and improve your energy levels, then you are better off looking for other supplements.

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