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A1 Supplements Review 2018- Are they worth buying? (updated July 2019)

What are A1 Supplements?

Nowadays, you can find countless companies selling and distributing nutritional supplements & related products on their websites. But in case of trust & reliability, only a few of them stand on the ground. Well, among those trustable and reliable ones, there’s A1 Supplements. All you need to know about A1 supplements is here.

History of A1 Supplements

A1 supplements were established in the year 1999. This website is considered as a legit online seller and distributor of nutritional supplements, protein powders, and various other products which are related to health and wellness of a person. A1 supplements were created to be one of the best sources of supplement selection and information available online. A1 supplements is based in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Since the start of A1 supplements, it has been treated as one of the largest online store which sells supplements along with that it provides everyone easy and convenient shopping experience. The best thing about their website is that you can find the best range of products at lowest prices!


Since the last few years, A1 supplements has become a trustworthy and reliable wholesaler of nutritional products and supplements. It also distributes products in stores and gyms for using purposes. As of today, it is one of the leading distributors of products which ships to all 50 states in the US. Furthermore, the products are also shipped worldwide to fulfill the needs of the people who live outside the United States.

Philosophy of A1 Supplements

A1 supplements have a very simple philosophy which is dedicated to providing quality products at cheaper prices. If compared with other companies, no one can beat the discounts available on their wholesale pricing structure.

Well, it not only offers you best products at lower prices but also the hottest products on the market are also available. Another best thing about their website is that it has supplement facts and articles which are helpful in providing information to help every person with their fitness or bodybuilding aims. After spending many years in this market A1 supplement has managed to gain support and loyalty from athletes, trainers, bodybuilders, health & fitness enthusiasts, and a lot more.

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Accreditation from BBB

If you still have a doubt on the trust and reliability of a1 supplements then one thing you should know about is that it is BBB Accredited. In simple words, the company standards meet the BBB accreditation standards in case of being able to provide quality products to the consumers. Well A1 supplements have also managed to live up to their commitments in marketing products which are effective and also beneficial.

Selection of Products

Well as you can see A1 supplements have a fantastic selection and collection of wide range of products. They have products from big companies and newly introduced ones too. They have proteins, amino, joint health, pct, post workouts and everything relatable by big brands.

Furthermore, they carry products by almost every brand you can think of except nutrabio and jym. Along with these products they also have accessories and clothing for a workout too. The collection of the clothing and accessories for work out seems pretty decent. Not to miss they also have shaker cups, jugs, etc as cheap as you can think of.



The site is well organized and easy to operate. You can also save your information so that the next time you order from them, it will be a matter of few clicks only.

Shipping of Orders

The shipping seems standard as they have a rate of $5.99 for a 2-5 days shipping. But on the other hand, it can be cheaper for you based upon the area you live in. If you are reluctant to spend a little more than you can get your products early by priority shipping.

You can say that their shipping is as fast as in the advertisements and doesn’t arrive early or late which is another reason to like A1 Supplements.


You will never face any problems with their service even after using them for ages. They will send you confirmation emails after your order after they ship and also before delivering! Along with your orders, they might sometimes throw in some samples too.

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Pros & Cons of A1 Supplements


A1 supplements’ website offers a lot of products with nutrients and supplements just like a person requires in his day to day life. If you are looking for products to build your body or even to get into diet regime, you can for sure find products you require on their website.

They also supply sports nutrition products like pre-workout supplements, recovery supplement, creatine supplements, and a lot more.

Well moreover:

  • Variety of body supplements
  • Specials and deals on a regular basis
  • Secure payment system on their website
  • Gift cards, coupons, and discounts available


I guess there’s only one drawback of A1 supplements and that is the varying shipping costs which depend on where you live. The farther you live the more are the shipping costs. If you want to check the shipping costs for your area then you can just simply add the products you want in the cart and later during the checkout the shipping costs are calculated accordingly and automatically.

Well, this might get frustrating for the people who live quite far and would have to undergo a few processes just to find the shipping costs for their area.

How to order from A1 Supplements?

Well, it is quite convenient to order from their website as the layout is quite simple.

  1. Look for the items you need and then add in your cart. Once added to your cart you can choose for either continue shopping or proceed to check out.
  2. After finishing adding products to your cart, you can simply click on proceed to check out and then select your desired shipping method. You can also add a coupon code or promo code if you have one. Well, the limit of using the coupons are once per shipping.
  3. You can order as a guest or register as a consumer.
  4. You will be forwarded to adding shipping and billing address and then the payment method. After adding and selecting them you can have an all total look on your order before submission.

You can also order from your phone!

Payment Options

A1 supplements accept various types of payments; they are:

  • Credit cards

Master Cards, Visa, Discover and American Express credit cards are accepted by A1 Supplements.

  • Money order

It must be drawn on US Funds. Make sure you add your name, invoice number, etc on the money order

  • Checks
  • It may get delayed for processing but hey except both business and personal checks
  • PayPal

If your order doesn’t violate any PayPal policies, then you can easily select this option during check out.

  • Wire transfer

It is available only on huge domestic and internal orders.

They currently don’t accept Cash on Delivery.

Opinion on A1 Supplements

Well, A1 supplements is a legit and great site to order from. Whether it is for ordering products to improve your performance or even general products like multivitamins, A1 supplements is definitely a recommended site for everyone who requires such products on daily basis.

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