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AB Doer 360 Review – Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is the AB Doer 360?

Ab Doer has widely marketed workout equipment that claims to help with training the core and abdominal area for a tone appearance. This equipment, made by John Abdo (a former Olympic trainer), offers a unique way of burning down calories to lose weight and gain more muscles and abs. However, not so many people understand how it works, and others are even skeptical on whether it can indeed deliver any results, to begin with. After in-depth research on Ab Doer, we are confident that it does work and it’s actually an incredible item that can help you achieve your fitness goals right from the comfort of your house.

Ab Doer comes in small pieces that you can easily assemble without using any tools and neither will you need any assistance from a professional. It’s sold with a guide that directs you on how to perform various exercises to get the best out of it.

Ab Doer Accessories

Ab Doer 360 includes a U-shaped non-pivoting bar, a swiveling seat and a bar made with bends that allow for a different arm and hand positioning. The manufacturer also adds dynamic fluidity that works like a stability ball helping the users to stay stable as they work out the muscles in the abdominal area.

Ab Doer 360 is designed with a groove that promotes comfort and stability with the bike seat helping to relieve pressure. The front bump or abductor grip will ensure that you stay in place while swiveling around. The latest and probably most innovative addition is the dual roller system that came with the new bar design fitted at the back. This helps in massaging the spine from both sides! In the end, therefore, you’ll build your muscles, and the spine massage will make sure that you come out feeling much better than before.

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Does the Ab Doer 360 work?

Ab Doer is a highly unique workout equipment, and that’s why this question is widely asked. Whether the equipment works or not depends on the results you are looking for.

If you are looking to build muscles, then Ab Doer 360 is recommended to you. The various practices performed on this equipment have helped so many people in getting their abs more defined and building muscles, particularly in the abdominal region.

The next common use of Ab Doer is promoting fat loss. Ab Doer also delivers this result, but it is unfortunately limited. Most people who bought this equipment expressed their frustrations by relying on it to lose weight. This was especially shared by users that wanted a more wholesome weight loss result. This problem as we came to find out was due to the equipment’s nature in focusing too much on the abdominal area, and that’s why the abdomen witnessed more weight loss than other body parts. For weight loss, Ab Doer 360 is hence recommended to people that are more focused on losing fat in the abdomen.

Another common use of Ab Doer is in helping patients with arthritis, back pain, and several other chronic injuries. The massaging feature is handy for these purposes. For it to solve back pain issues, it comes down to the source of this pain. This is why you will notice that while some users online are praising the equipment with relieving back pain, others were left disappointed. It is hence advisable that you talk to a physician first before you start using Ab Doer 360 for this purpose.

What are the Benefits of Using Ab Doer 360?

  • Burns Calories

Ab Doer moves the entire torso meaning that its impact is felt by both the spinal column and the central nervous system. Using it as guided will hence promote the faster burning of calories to achieve weight loss. For even better results you are directed to incorporate a healthy diet into your workout regimen. This is why purchasing the Ab Doer 360 comes with nutrition and quick start guide. This directs you on how to start a healthy eating habit explaining the foods that you need to add and the ones you should get rid of.

The Ab Doer 360 has a 30-days refund policy for any buyer who won’t be satisfied by its performance. This is a great confidence builder if you ask me.

  • Improves muscle definition

The Ab Doer 360 has received a significant improvement in the core support column whose multi-directional technology helps to work out more muscles from the midsection to the lower and upper abdomen. This machine will thus strengthen your arms, legs, chest, and back.

One great thing with the Ab Doer 360 is that it can work with both men and women in building muscles. It’s also usable to men of different ages and sizes making it an ideal family workout equipment.

  • Provides excellent back massage

Adding the double foam roller system was a genius move by the Ab Doer 360 manufacturers. This system massages both sides of your spine and the back muscles. This will keep you relaxed and feel flexible as you continue working on your muscles.

AB Doer 360 Specs

  • Fluidity seat
  • Dual foam roller system
  • Solid construction
  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable groove incorporated in the seat’s cushion
  • Foldable for convenient storage
  • Contouring armbars
  • Comes with a DVD guide

Are there any side effects of using the Ab Doer 360?

Various users have reported cases of abdominal pain, muscle soreness and stomach upset. We, however, noted that most of the side effects reported were mainly due to how the people were using the equipment. The Ab Doer is designed to mobilize your spine, and hence if you use it incorrectly, you are bound to experience some of these problems. The best way to avoid them is by making sure that you follow the guide correctly and make any consultations in case there is something you don’t understand.

As stated earlier, if you are planning on using it to aid with your back pain or arthritis problems you should consult a physician first. This will help in pinpointing the cause of this pain to determine whether indeed the equipment can be useful for this purpose.

The manufacturer also recommends that anyone using alcohol should never take more than two beverages within a week when they are using this device.

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Where do I purchase Ab Doer 360?

This equipment is available on the manufacturer’s official website. You can buy it in a single payment of $214.75 and $19.99 in shipment charges, or you can use their 30-day trial plan where you first pay $14.95 followed by $ 199.80 after the 30 days made in a single payment or broken down into four payments of $49.95 each.


With Ab Doer 360 in your house, you get an opportunity to spend every free minute or hour coming your way to get toned and burn down fat. It’s a fantastic workout device and with the trial, a period option gives you a chance to try it out and see its performance before committing. If you are looking to build muscles and reduce fat especially in the abdominal area, then look no further. Ab Doer 360 will deliver all these benefits while giving you a soothing massage.

User Testimonials

The following user reviews should help you see how this device has impacted other people’s lives.

“Had no trouble assembling this and I am a 79-year-old woman. It seems like a nice way to use your abs but still getting used to it. I have some back issues and soreness but hoping this will strengthen those muscles.” By Marian Edinger

“Very well built and very easy to assemble. A good product.” By Bob

“I like mine, but you have to be patient and disciplined! It works, and could feel and tell a difference after a week.” By Jenger

“I like it all. Sturdy, nice looking. Easy to assemble. Has everything needed to get healthier. The only thing you don’t get a good work out with is the legs. Need other equipment to accomplish a total body makeover.” By Elizabeth Pennington

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