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AB Machine Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is an AB Machine?

This refers to a machine that helps to exercise the abdominal /stomach muscles. Abdominal exercises are very useful in building abdominal muscles which are useful for improving the performance of certain sports, back pain and also for withstanding abdominal impacts like taking punches to the stomach. It is said that these exercises are known to increase the endurance and strength of the abdominal muscles.

Ab muscles have many important functions such as coughing,  breathing, sneezing, maintaining posture and also spoke for some species. The most important role of the core muscles is to mostly to stabilize the spine. There are various tools that are usually used to help strengthen the abs/core. These tools include the ab machine, exercise ball, ab roller, ab rocket twister,  chin-up bar in conjunction with the ab straps and torso track amongst others.

We are going to look at a few types of the ab machines /tools used to tone the abs. These are some of the machines/equipment that can be found in most gyms and can be purchased at Amazon


  • Ab crunch machine

It has a smooth moving mechanism and solid workmanship that isolates the ab muscles for a complete workout. This ab machine is perfect for anyone working to achieve powerful and tight abs. It is efficient for both beginners and advanced users. This ab machine works on different muscles all in one making the user avoid purchasing a couple of equipment to achieve the workout they were aiming at.  This makes it ideal compared to other equipment out there in the market.


  • The wonder core smart

This type of equipment has a simple design but it is highly effective. It is a great equipment to use at home since it doesn’t occupy a lot of space.  It is very portable and not healthy carry. When it comes to core workout, it gives the user an intense workout that can be done in the comfort of their home. It is small, lightweight and easy to store and transport. It provides adjustable resistance when working out.

This equipment allows the user to have various exercises including some leg and glutes workout that gives the user a more toned and sculptured look.


  • Elite core exercise sliders

This is also simple equipment used for abs workout. It can be used when doing some cardio, strength training, yoga or pilates body. These sliders can be used on carpet or hardwood floors. They are lightweight and can be carried with a lot of ease. They don’t occupy a lot of space and can be easily stored.


  • Ab wow 3000 abdominal workout wheel roller

This equipment has an elasticated resistance band.  The band can be removed and the user can opt them out when using the rollers. The handles provide great grips and the rollers come with a well-padded mat to protect the knee of the user while doing a workout if used on a hard surface.

It comes with a fully illustrated guide to help the user to get the workout they would want for their abs, arms, back and many more.  It is durable because it is made up of heavy duty materials which may last for a lifetime.

It also doesn’t emit a noise when using.


  • Perfect Fitness ab carver pro roller for core workouts

This type of roller contains a special spring which drives the kinetic assist engine inside the roller. The engine is designed to make the ab circuit more efficient. It also helps to perform the required motion working out by making it be more accurate to improve the results and lower the risk of injury from poor form.

The roller is a bit wider and the handles stick out further to help the user balance with a lot of ease.  It helps the user focus on the workout and not on trying to stay upright.

It is durable since it is made to be heavy duty meaning it will serve the user for a very long time.

  • Ab coaster PS 500

This equipment takes a much different approach to working the abs.  It works from the bottom up instead of working from the top down. It can really help when trying to work the lower abs especially for people who have existing back issues since the resistance is different compared to other gadgets.

It has a feature where the user can add more weight plates to pump up their workout session if they wished to increase their workout level. It is made in such a way that it can fit in the home without occupying much space.

  • Ab rocket twister abdominal trainer

It is more suitable for people who have neck pain or back pain. This is because it has a padded chair frame that gives support to the neck and back and the body during a workout.

It doe not give an intense workout for the user.

  • Ab circle pro

It is 100% metal. The equipment has friction -free track that lets the user pivot their body to work the ab muscles.  It helps work the upper and lower abdominal muscles and also the love handles.

The equipment comes with a workout DVD and a 10day nutritional plan to aid the user to lose weight and tone up quicker.

It offers three resistance levels making it ideal for both beginners and more advanced users.  The equipment folds up easily making it easy for storage even under the bed or closet.


Features of ab machines

  • Has foam handles. This gives better grip when doing the workout.
  • The machine has fixed foothold
  • It has a back pad for extra support
  • It has custom seat cushion to give comfort to the user
  • It has a fully adjustable seat. This helps the user adjust it to a point where they feel most fashionable.
  • It the machine has a fully bushed leverage arm for extra comfort.
  • This machine is suitable for standard or Olympic plates.

Advantages of the AB Machines

  • They are easy to assemble/ set up
  • Most of them occupy less space in the home.
  • The machines are user-friendly and they are very easy to use.
  • They can be used by both beginners and advanced users.
  • The machines are mostly pocket-friendly and this makes them affordable for most people.
  • Some of the machines are durable and can be used for a very long time.
  • They are mostly safe to use

Disadvantages of AB Machines

  • Some machines can be quiet expensive if you are purchasing them for your home gym.
  • They can take a significant amount of space in a home
  • The ab machine can become boring with the limited movement.


Below are top five rated AB machines 

  • Powerline PAB 21X ab bench

It helps the user perform sit-ups and crunches easily,  effectively and safely with full range ab resistance

The bench provides a full range of motion for an resistance for core training.

It has a curved back pad that provides a more intense abdominal contraction.

The ball bearing pulley allows freedom of movement for each core muscle group.


  • Best Fitness Ab mantis bench

It helps to shape, tone, sculpt and strengthen the back and core.  It targets the lower abs with knee raises and upper abs with abdominal crunches both from a seated position.

It has an adjustable length, 2-position footrests and adjustable 3 positions upholster seat. It also has an upholstered grip handles and standard weight posts.

This ab machine helps tighten up the midsection and improve core stability.


  • Inspire Fitness ab bench

This ab machine helps the user to tone and tighten the core muscles.

It is similar to the ones used at the gym even though it is cheaper in price.  Assembly is required after you buy it.


  • Stamina hyper bench

It helps to chisel the core by strengthening the abs and back.  The bench can be adjusted to customize the intensity of the workout.  It has an adjustable footrests /backrest

Has easy to reach hand grips.  Also, it has a non-slip foot that secures the user when working out on the back.

The ab machine gives the user the option to use with or without dumbbells for ripped abs and a strong back.


  • Core Max ab machine

It helps sculpt the arms,  shoulders, and triceps,  lift up the glutes and develop shapely legs. It is ideal for all three Fitness levels starting with beginners.

Theab  machine is easy to store and very portable.

No assembly is required.

It provides resistance for the user making it safe due to the support offered in both directions maximizing on resul6and minimizing on the strain.


The ab machines range from 50$ to 250$ depending on the item and manufacturer.


There are a very wide variety of ab machines to choose from.  Some give a high impact on the core muscles. While others are not high impact, some machines can seem to be expensive than others.

While buying an ab machine, ensure you buy a machine that you feel will be perfect for you.  Also, consider the space the machine will occupy once it is purchased.

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