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The Best Ab Roller to buy in 2018 (Updated July 2019)

What is an  AB Roller?

AB roller is an extremely simple device. It just looks like a piece of a wheel with a stick passing through it but this very device can do phenomenal things to your fitness goals when used appropriately. AB roller provides an excellent opportunity for you to build your core and other body parts without having to worry about space, electric cables, and other expenses. With this device, all you need is sufficient space to accommodate your body and you’ll be ready to get started.

AB roller is a popular device. There are commercials about this item and gyms also do have it but what most people don’t know is how effective it is. Its simplicity can almost fool you into thinking that not much can be achieved from it but let’s just clear the air for you by telling you why exactly AB roller needs some space in your fitness regimen.

Why Use an AB Roller?

AB rollers have been around for decades now and there is a reason why they’ve managed to stay relevant throughout this period. A lot of people have benefitted hugely from this device in various ways. The following are just but a few of the reasons why you need to get an AB roller:

  • Boosts Core Stability

Just because it’s called an AB roller doesn’t mean that it is solely meant for working your abs. This device will help to develop and work out the core muscles within your midsection. This also explains why so many women out there have successfully used an AB roller to get a stunning flat tummy.

When the core muscles are well developed and strengthened, undertaking strenuous activities becomes a lot simpler. Moving, bending, lifting and stretching will be much easier. A more developed core will also help in keeping the spine stable which saves you from a lot of aches and other complications.

Your posture is also likely to benefit from AB roller workouts. You no longer have to walk around or stand in a bent position thanks to a stable midsection.

  • Reduces Back Pain Problems

80% of adults go through excruciating back pain problems at some point in their lives. Majority of these cases can be attributed to two causes. One of the reasons is injuries suffered in your day-to-day occupation or due to an accident. If this is the reason behind your back pain issues, then you probably need to visit a doctor or physiotherapist. If, on the other hand, you are experiencing back pain and you haven’t been involved in any accidents, then the likely cause is poor or weak abs.

When your abs and entire core area is weak, the impact will be felt in your back. Sleeping becomes an issue and lifting objects become impossible. Walking alone could be too painful for you.

AB rollers can help to relieve all these issues. What this item does is to strengthen your muscles which in turn align your spine properly resulting in a more stable and strong mid-section. When the spine is well-aligned then your immediate backaches will be eliminated and chances of the same pain coming back in future will also be reduced significantly.

  • Improves your strength

AB rollers can be used to workout multiple muscles boosting overall body strength. There are so many ways you can use the AB roller and each of these methods is tailored to work out a different section of your body. The body parts that are commonly improved is the abs and core but did you know that your hips, lower back, upper, arms, and shoulders can also benefit from AB roller workouts? Yes, you can find multiple workout guides, some of which are included when purchasing the item, or you can go online and find video tutorials of the same.

It is, therefore, fair to say that the AB roller is one of the few versatile pieces of equipment that can benefit different parts of your body and yet it doesn’t demand too much space.

  • Enhances body mobility and coordination

Some workout devices are effective in doing just one or two exercises but using them for prolonged periods is likely to affect other body parts. Take crunches, for instance, it involves exercising in short range movements which over time will affect your hip flexor muscles and shorten your abs. This may not sound like a huge drawback until you realize that it can result in poor posture and backaches.

AB roller provides the perfect opportunity to work out various muscles in the body at the same time. It, consequently, improves the coordination between intramuscular sections which is good for both the muscles and joints involved. The multiple movements involved will also boost your flexibility and mobility and this improves your overall fitness and will also make workouts involving other equipment seamless.

  • It is compact

We all wish that we had enough space to put up an entire gym with rowing machines, treadmills and power cages within our homes but sadly for a majority of us, we can’t do that. At least not yet. The AB roller is an extremely compact item that’s both easy to use and store. With this device, you can even use your hallway to work out and then store it inside the drawers without inconveniencing anyone. Its compact nature also means that you can carry it around and use it when you’re out of town for a meeting or pleasure.

  • It is affordable

Nowadays, gym memberships are expensive and in some cases, you are forced to drive for minutes before getting to the best gym near you. This adds more expenses to your fitness budget. Purchasing more advanced equipment is also not as easy it sounds with some machines costing an excess of $800 and that, of course, is if you have sufficient space to house them.

AB roller is an affordable alternative with magnificent benefits. You can get this item in stores like Walmart for less than $10 which is probably cheaper than your daily expenditure on food.

Best AB Roller

Now that we have established why an AB roller is crucial for you, we are going to highlight the best AB rollers. We picked these rollers after analyzing various factors i.e. stability, comfort, and materials used. Our picks have also taken into consideration various user reviews which further helped informed us on how they perform.

  1. Valeo AB Roller Wheel

Valeo AB Roller wheel makes it to the top of the list because it offers a wide variety of benefits at a very affordable price. For just $16 you get an item with two wheels that are finished perfectly to boost both stability and aesthetics. These wheels slide swiftly and hence you will never have to worry about skidding.

The Valeo AB roller is also designed to support various workout positions and loads which will exercise your arms, back and shoulder safely without exposing you to unnecessary injuries.

This AB roller is available in black and red.


  • Packed with an exercise guide
  • Strong handles
  • Dual wheel system offers maximum stability
  • The handles are covered with rubber for a firm grip
  • Extremely smooth rolling
  • Affordable


  • A few users found the handles uncomfortable in the first few days until their hands got used to the handles.


  1. Perfect Fitness AB Carver Roller

This is one of the most unique AB rollers in the market. It features smart ergonomics and a solid structure that can support the heaviest of users out there. Unlike traditional rollers, this perfect fitness equipment is equipped with a durable carbon spring system that offers additional resistance when you are rolling out and back. This helps in engaging your muscles, even more, something that other competing AB wheels don’t offer.

The treaded wheels run very smoothly and the grip is also firm to avoid slipping.

To boost portability and storage, this roller is designed in a collapsible manner where you can remove the handles and store it more conveniently.


  • Features a unique inbuilt resistance system
  • Inbuilt kinetic system
  • Engages the arms, chest, back and body core
  • Accommodates more weight
  • Comfortable handles
  • Comes with a 21-day workout guide
  • The treaded wheels improve stability significantly


  • It features bulky wheels which seem too much for athletes that prefer thin AB wheels
  • At $39.99 it is also among the more costly AB rollers


  1. Elite Sportz AB Roller

The Elite Sportz AB roller is one of the most solid rollers right now. It is made using heavy-duty materials that enable it to withstand your weight and all the wear and tear activities it is subjected to. This material is so strongly built that its manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee on both quality and its effectiveness. They will, therefore, refund you if you purchase it and find out that it is not offering the type of benefits you are looking for.

The handles are non-slip and the double wheels provide optimal stability.  Elite Sportz AB roller is definitely up there among the very best rollers and there are enough user testimonies attesting to that.


  • Affordable
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Sturdy build
  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic design


  • None


It’s incredible how much your body can benefit from a single affordable and extremely lightweight equipment. These items can be used in place of the expensive gym equipment and your fitness levels will increase significantly. You can also use them to complement your gym sessions and they will allow you to utilize the few minutes you get to work out from the comfort of your home.

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