About us


Swol Headquarters is an independent product review website, covering reviews about health-,fitness- and medical products. In total, the US fitness supplement market is estimated at an astonishing $ 38 billion with thousands of suppliers and millions of customers.

We help people to find the best possible supplement for their needs by reviewing all kinds of health & fitness products. Ranging from sports nutrition to sexual enhancemant and vitamins, Swol Headquarters is the place to be for neutral product reviews.

With so many new suppliers and products introduced every year, we filter out those who are scams and those who are legit. We do this without being biased or favorable towards any suppliers or companies.

How do we review products?

All reviewed products on this website are reviewed after being tried and tested by our team of experts. During each product cycle, they write down their experiences such as benefits, side effects, etc… After the cycle, their complete review is being published on our website.