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Activate Xtreme Review 2019- Does this test booster work-?

What is Activate Xtreme?

The fact that some of the most crucial functions of a man’s body rely on one hormone has for a very long time been viewed as a flaw. Energy levels, Stamina, and sexual performance are highly dependent on testosterone levels in your system. Anything that affects or negatively alters your T-levels will directly translate to horrendous effects which include but are not limited to; Constant fatigue, poor mental performance, lack of strength, low libido, increased body fat, fewer muscles and higher chances of depression. This list shows just how vital adequate testosterone is. Unfortunately for us, aging which is inevitable is one of the reasons why testosterone levels go down. Since we can’t avoid it, we are forced to supplement testosterone levels through naturally formulated products. One of such products is Activate Xtreme.

activate xtreme
activate xtreme

Activate Xtreme is a natural Testosterone booster made by Driven Sports which promises to promote the production of testosterone to counter the effects caused by a deficiency of this hormone. Driven Sport has been, making supplements for quite some time now with some of their products enjoying extensive popularity among athletes.

According to the manufacturer’s description, Activate Xtreme works using all-natural herbal ingredients to increase your total testosterone. It also claims to be capable of boosting the amount of free testosterone received from the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin which increases available testosterone even further.

Activate Xtreme is said to be running on a compound referred to as Divanil. Several studies have shown that this compound can help to increase Testosterone if used in right dosages. This compound does not work alone but is part of an organic formula that’s said to be responsible for the benefits of Activate Xtreme. One thing you can commend Driving Sport for is their attempt to incorporate some potent T-boosting ingredients. If a supplement is to be effective, however, you need more than just the presence of T-boosting elements. These elements have to blend appropriately and in the right and safe quantities to promote the supplement.

Activate Xtreme Ingredients

  1. Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D) – Vitamin D is vital in maintaining healthy amounts of testosterone. More than that, Vitamin D can enhance growth and boosts the overall health of an individual. Some people try to add the vitamin to their body through a balanced diet. You can get Vitamin D from foods such as Dairy products, eggs, and fatty fish. The vitamin is also available from exposure to the right type of sunlight. Getting minerals from the diet has, however, never been very reliable. It is hard to convince someone to pick one food over another just because of a mineral which they cannot see. Moreover, getting ingredients through diet is always a long shot that consumes a lot of time. When you are trying to lose fat, and regain your sexual performance, time is never on your side. Everyone wants to see results as soon as possible. The best and fastest way, therefore, is to get the Vitamin through supplements. Driven Sports recognized the role of this vitamin and added good levels of it.
  2. Nettle Extract – Nettle is well known for two things. One is how painful it can be when you accidentally or carelessly touch the Stinging plant and the next is how potent the herb is in promoting testosterone production. It has also been used to fight libido and other erectile dysfunction issues. Its performance in boosting libido isn’t new either. It has been a traditional medicine for decades that treat arthritis as well.
  3. Rhodiola Extract – One of the biggest challenges that most athletes face is their mental strength. If you are not healthy and peaceful upstairs, then your gym sessions are all rather useless. The right attitude and spirit are very critical in making sure that all the energy and strength generated goes in the right places. This herb helps with promoting your mental performance relieving you of stress. Additionally, Rhodiola Rosea helps to eradicate muscle soreness. Pain has always been a significant issue for most athletes. Sufficient amounts of this herb will see you using the time you initially spent recovering on more gym sessions which should increase your productivity. Other known benefits of this favorite Scandinavian herb include a decreased lactate secretion, better cognitive performance, and increased testosterone levels.
  4. Mucuna Pruriens – Activate Xtreme has incorporated Mucuna Pruriens through extracts from the velvet bean. It is a tropical legume originating from India and Brazil. The herb has exceptional aphrodisiac effects and that’s why it has been previously used to treat libido. It also has Testosterone boosting properties. Mucuna contains a compound known as L Dupa which once eaten is converted into dopamine. Dopamine has the effect of stimulating the pituitary gland to release human growth hormone. The growth hormone is responsible for a lot of things like promoting mental performance, bone growth, lean muscle mass growth, cell regeneration etc. In general, the growth hormone will keep you active and healthy, and that’s why it’s included in this formula.
  5. Tongkat Ali Extracts – The presence of Tongkat Ali gives Activate Xtreme recipe a unique touch. Unlike many other ingredients, this herb increases the number of Leydig cells in the body. As a result, your body is able to naturally make more of its testosterone leading to powerful muscle pumps. The supplement will also improve your sex drive. All of these are benefits backed up by extensive research.
  6. Pedalium Murex Extract – This herb works similarly as Tribulus Terrestris. Its best use has been to treat sexual disorders. The problem with this herb is that there aren’t many studies done to confirm its efficacy. It’s for this reason that most other supplement manufacturers go to Tribulus Terrestris instead. Tribulus also seems to be more potent than Pedalium Murex extracts so we really cannot tell whether its presence in Activate Xtreme is beneficial.

Benefits of Using Activate Xtreme

The use of Activate Xtreme has been associated with the following benefits:

  • Gets rid of excess water weight and overall fat allowing for the growth of muscles. Moreover, reduction of fat is always a good idea regardless of your age. It helps to save you from lots of health problems that could cost you a fortune including your life.
  • Boosts testosterone levels. The ingredients used in this supplement do indicate the possibility of raising your T-levels, and some people have benefited from this. Unfortunately, the use of experimental elements like Pedalium Murex doesn’t make it look so convincing in promoting testosterone
  • Enhances body metabolism which fuels your body to work-out more. Every athlete can use that extra energy because it can be the determinant of who carries them
  • Gives lean and toned muscles which can improve your overall physique.
  • Some people have also experienced a significant hair growth on the body and face. If you are bald, then this might sound attractive, but from the ingredients given we cannot point out a single element whose presence is high enough to bring this effect.

Side Effects of using Activate Xtreme

The use of natural ingredients in this supplement has been a success in most parts, and one of them is reducing the side effects users face. Very few people have complained about adverse effects. The few mentioned problems revolved around heightened aggression, acne, and short tempers. There hasn’t been any case of any severe impact that can affect your wellbeing.

Some of the other minor cons you might experience when using Activate

  • Among the people who talked about improved strength and stamina, a few came back complaining about decreased energy and mental performance during workouts when taking a break from the supplement. This can be viewed by many as a big disadvantage because many athletes prefer boosters that enable them to go for minor breaks without experiencing declining
  • There is also no free trial or money back guarantees offered by the producers. Supplements lacking such offers are always perceived to be
  • The final problem is that the product also uses a proprietary blend. These secret formulas are hard to understand because you are never aware of how much of each ingredient is in the product.

Taking Activate Xtreme

Two Activate Xtreme pills taken twice a day are enough to promote higher levels of testosterone. Some people go ahead and add an extra two pills, and it’s still safe. You should, however, never take more than six tablets in a single day. The pills work best when taken on an empty stomach. The supplement can be used for 4 to 8 weeks. Do not go past the eighth week without taking a break.

Where to buy Activate Xtreme

Activate Xtreme is available in various online stores including the official Driven Sports website. A bottle containing 120 capsules costs around $44.99.


Activate Xtreme has helped several athletes out there to grow their lean muscle mass and energy levels. When it comes to promoting testosterone, the supplement doesn’t seem to have enough T-boosting ingredients to perform this function. The best way to reap benefits from Activate Xtreme, therefore, is by using it alongside other supplements. It is hence not recommendable considering several different T-boosters can independently promote your testosterone levels.

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