Adidas Ultra Boost

Adidas Ultra Boost Review 2018 -Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is the Adidas Ultra Boost?

The Adidas Ultra Boost is a sneaker designed by the German company, Adidas for running. This shoe has gained the reputation of “The Greatest Running Shoe Ever” and is a top choice for not just runners, but also sneakerheads and style icons for being easy to match clothes with and its comfortability. In 2013, Adidas whose brand is recognizable by the three stripes introduced Boost, a revolutionary cushioning system which provides high energy return for any running sneaker. This technology was devised to give runners soft cushioning and long-lasting energy that was not available by the more rigid sneakers. In 2015 Adidas Ultra Boost was launched.

This sneaker was one of the first to ever be tested using the ARAMIS system which is used by top engineering organizations such as Boeing, Audi, and NASA to measure design, ergonomics, and vibration. This technology uses a system of cameras and sensors to envision the movement of the runner while wearing the sneaker. The purpose of putting the Ultra Boost through this technology was to ensure that it can deliver ultimate comfort and energy return mile after mile.

What separates Boost from any other used in any other sneakers is the material. Adidas joined forces with the leading chemical company BASF to create a solid material made of granules made from thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU that is puffed up and converted into small energy capsules numbering thousands. When combined together to form the Boost midsole, the capsules accumulate and dispense more energy than any other design of a sneaker in the market. Boost cushioning makes Adidas the preferred brand to shop for comfortable sneakers.

Features of Adidas ultra Boost

Prime knit upper part providing a precision fit and easy breathability. It also has Midsole technology that returns energy. Knit textile and synthetic fabric. It provides arch support for the user

Advantages of Adidas Ultra Boost

The Adidas Ultra Boost is a breathable shoe because of the prime knit technology that ensures air circulates easily in and out of the shoe. This shoe is known to for its adaptability meaning it readily takes the shape of the foot and provides the perfect fitting for one’s leg. The Ultra Boost has the closure design that is durable shoe laces that go through four durable shoelace eyelets. The lace-up closure feature on the shoe increases the level of fitting of the shoe, meaning one can further adjust the fitting level of the shoe by adjusting the shoelaces. This shoe ensures comfort. Due to the Boost cushioning, this shoe provides maximum comfort. It has versatility meaning this shoe comes in diverse colors and styles, making it ideal for running and day to day use. It is also easy to pair up with many outfits making a preferred choice for the fashion conscious and practical uses. This shoe is durable because of the quality of material and rubber sole used to produce it. It has an external heel counter that keeps the heel from wobbling or accidentally exiting the shoe. It also has supportive fit since the ultra boost adapts to the shape of the foot. The quality of the shoe allows it to be worn on different terrain without the shoes wearing off.

Disadvantages of the Adidas Ultra Boost

The ultra boost is an expensive shoe when compared to other types of sneakers. Extended running sessions with these shoes make the toes and heel feel uncomfortable.

The Adidas Ultra Boost is a sneaker that is used as a running shoe. It is also a good shoe to wear to the gym or when going for walks. It can be used as a shoe for daily wear and it pairs really well with denim jeans, shorts and summer dresses for women. This is also a good shoe to wear when looking to make a fashion statement as it is trending.

Types of the Adidas Ultra Boost

This shoe comes in different varieties, both for men and women.

  • Men’s Adidas Ultra Boost
  • Adidas Men’s Ultra Boost Clima Shoes- they are breathable and have a primeknit top. They have a black Boost midsole that provides cushioning. The shoes are tied together with a heel cage and a durable continental rubber outsole. They come in different colors; that is grey, black and solar red.
  • Adidas Ultra Boost Parley Shoes– these shoes have Booster midsole and are made of 95%Parley Ocean plastic Primeknit upper. The release of these shoes was geared towards supporting Oceans Initiative that continues the fight against the biggest threats to the world’s oceans and the plane. Adidas applies eco-innovation in the creation of this shoe. The available colors are blue night, core blue and blue.
  • Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Men’s Running Shoes– these running shoes have a combination of blue and grey and have the Ultra Boost stretchy heel collar. They have a black heel cage that gives support and premium cushioning is given by the white Boost midsole. The colors available for this shoe are carbon, white and core black.
  • Adidas UltraBoost All Terrain Shoes– these shoes were designed with winter in mind, and as the name suggests were purposed for various terrains. This makes them versatile and well-performing shoes. The shoes are flexible; function well on a variety of surfaces and do a good job of repelling water. The available colors are grey and black.
  • Adidas Ultra Boost Parley Ltd Shoes– these highly responsive shoes are created with yarn spun from recycled plastic reclaimed before it could reach the oceans.  It has an ultra-cushioned boost midsole that returns energy from one’s foot strike to propel them forward. This shoe is available in white and blue colors.
  • Ultra Boost Laceless Shoes Men’s Running Adidas- these are lightweight shoes with heavy performance. It has a snug midfoot area that has brought more stability while wearing the shoe. The outsole technology is efficient and is good for both wet and dry conditions. Despite the lack of shoelaces, the shoes are still supportive and have neutral arch support.
  • Adidas Consortium x Wood Wood’s Ultra Boost –these shoes were released in 2016 and were inspired by Wood Wood’s research on astrophysics, Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity and gravitational waves. This shoe model’s creation was conceptualized around the Big Bang model, more specifically gravitational waves that followed the Big Bang event. As a result, the Ultra Boost collaboration manifests with alternating orange and blue color highlights found on the heel tab of the shoes. It has a lace closure.
  • Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged “Triple Red”– these were the first sneakers with colored Boost to be released by Adidas in 2016. The primeknit upper is red-based and done by a mix of scarlet and solar red, a black heel cage, a red Boost midsole and a black continental Rubber outsole. These shoes were popular during that year, and have remained popular since then.
  • Adidas Ultra Boost LTD 3.0 Burgundy Black– these shoes that have a textured effect, guarantee comfort and have a synthetic lace cage. They also have a matte black overlay on the heel complemented by dark burgundy on the primeknit upper. A set of burgundy colored laces are in included.
  • Adidas Ultra Boost 2.0 “Gold Medal” – these are special edition shoes which have a black primeknit upper with excellent gold detailing on the heel counter.

Women’s Adidas Ultra Boost

  • Adidas  Performance Ultra Boost Uncaged for Women– The features are similar to the men’s Ultra Boost Uncaged, with the difference being the colors available for women which are vivid yellow, ray pink, shock red, cloud white and night steel.
  • Women’s Adidas Ultra Boost X clima – these shoes are made using the same technology as the Ultra Boost X Clima for men, with a slight differentiation is designed in order to appeal to the woman. These shoes can be found in cloud white and ash pearl colors respectively.
  • Women’s Adidas Ultra Boost Parley– these shoes are fashioned with the same process as those for men. Its available colors are legend ink, blue spirit, and carbon.
  • Women’s Adidas Ultra Boost X parley– with these shoes, one has a stylish and comfortable experience. Its colors are carbon and blue spirit.
  • Adidas Wood x Wood’s Ultra Boost Women– Just like the men’s version, it was inspired by astrophysics and features a white and grey-based upper with blue and orange touches. The iteration is fitted with an elastic mid-panel creating a slip-on style.


The prices of the shoes will vary due to the variety of types available. The price will range from 120-230 dollars. It is recommended that you check the Amazon website for more information concerning the price.


The Adidas ultra Boost is a practical shoe that ensures one reaps maximum benefits while providing value for money. Before making a purchase, it is advisable that you be clear on the need you have for purchasing. For example, do you want a running shoe or a day to day shoe to use? These factors will help you pick out the right shoe for you.








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