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African Mango Review 2018-Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

African Mango Review

We all know of people that can eat any kind and quantity of food without gaining weight. In such individuals, metabolism is usually so fast and efficient allowing the food taken to be broken down efficiently ensuring that there are very little fat and carbs remaining in the system. But what if you are not lucky enough to have such kind of a metabolism? Frist of all, with a slow metabolism, which could be due to genes or other reasons, the risk of overweight and obesity problems is always high.

Scientists continue to encourage dieting and exercises as the best ways of burning the extra fat in the body, but at times this just doesn’t work. Thanks to advancement in science we now have supplements that are formulated to give you the extra cutting edge in weight loss. African Mango is one of such supplements. In a market full of ineffective and potentially harmful weight loss supplements, it is tough to come across a product like this which gives you the results you’re looking for with minimal to zero adverse effects. So, what exactly is the African Mango and how does it work?

What is African Mango?

African Mango or Irvingia Gabonensis is also referred to as bush mango and is mostly found in Africa the West African region. This is not a new compound in weight loss. Dozens of supplements’ manufacturers incorporate this powerful chemical in their products, and this is simply due to the exceptional reputation it has in weight loss. Its ability isn’t just theoretical or based on animal studies, clinical trials done on humans have ascertained the ability of African Mango to help humans in achieving weight loss through various approaches.

Another great thing about the African Mango is that its benefits go beyond weight loss. Studies have established daily supplementation of this ingredient helped in promoting heart health, reducing total and LDL cholesterol levels in the body, blood glucose, leptin, adiponectin and c-reactive protein. Majority of the benefits associated with this ingredient didn’t even need users to change their diet or include an active exercising plan, so imagine the sort of impact it would have on your weight loss program if you also added both a balanced diet and workout regimen!

How Does African Mango Work?

One of the reasons why African mango is so popular in weight loss is due to its ability to achieve weight loss through different approaches. We all know that losing weight efficiently and within a short period needs addressing the problem from different angles. It is for this reason that some supplements may contain African Mango alongside other ingredients while others will have it as the only active compound and still manage to deliver excellent results. This is achieved through:

Preventing the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. One of the causes behind gaining too much weight is your body’s conversion of carbs into fat. This increases the overall amount of fat deposited in your body whose impact will be felt around your tummy and limbs. The African mango prevents this conversion, and instead of excess carbs being turned into fats, it is converted into energy. This not only reduces adipose but also helps you to reduce the fat already in your body by giving you the energy necessary to sustain heavy gym sessions.

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The African mango will also significantly reduce your appetite. Appetite is one of the most significant challenges in weight loss. One could be doing well regarding getting the balanced diet and exercising, but if they still have an excessive appetite, then chances of snacking in between meals are very high. The African mango will help you gain control over your desire. This will reduce or eliminate unnecessary and junk snacking and also reduce the amount of food you will be eating during your main meals. This should help you avoid weight gain thus enabling you to experience a bigger weight loss impact within a short time.

Have you ever wondered why it is always recommended that you stay away from calorie-filled foods? These increase your weight significantly but trying to avoid calories entirely is difficult if not impossible. So, what do you do if you can’t prevent calories? What happens if there’s already excessive calories in your body causing the overweight issues you are experiencing? Well, exercising can help you burn these calories but just how fast will it do so? With the Africa Mango, your body is given the ability to increase the usage of calories. You could be on a similar workout formula with someone else, but just because you have African Mango in your system, you will witness a more prominent impact compared to your counterparts. This attributes to one of the reasons why African Mango achieves significant weight loss within a short time.

African Mango Ingredients

Other than the African Mango, this supplement also contains other compounds making up the perfect weight loss formula. One of these compounds include:

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones are natural substances responsible for the powerful aroma of red raspberries. The compound is also present in cranberries, kiwis, and blackberries. Raspberries molecular structure is similar to synephrine and capsaicin which are known to be potent molecules in promoting metabolism. For this reasons, scientists believe that Raspberries can have similar effects and several studies were conducted to investigate this.

One research isolated fat cells from rodents and added into a test tube where raspberry ketones were introduced, and the results were very promising. The study recorded a significant increase in the breaking down of fat (lipolysis). This was achieved by increasing the sensitivity of the cells to norepinephrine, the hormone responsible for fat burning. Additionally, levels of adiponectin were also raised. How is this important? Adiponectin is released from fat cells and helps in regulating blood sugar levels and metabolism. The higher the levels of adiponectin, the better your metabolism and blood glucose levels. Overweight people usually have lower levels of adiponectin than thin people. Low adiponectin hence exposes people to heart diseases, fatty liver, and type 2 diabetes. Presence of this compound in the supplement thus means that you’ll be enjoying more than just weight loss benefits.

Benefits of Using African Mango

The manufacturers of this supplement guarantee:

  • Reduced Appetite
  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased calorie use
  • Better control over sugar levels in the body
  • Faster metabolism

Potential Side Effects of Using African Mango

There have been minimal reports of any sorts of side effects suffered after using this supplements. This is hugely attributed to the fact that natural African Mango is usually safe and the formula in this supplement has helped in ensuring that its interactions with other compounds used haven’t made it harmful in any way. A few cases have been reported which isn’t too strange because we all know that different bodies react differently to specific compounds. These cases, therefore, were mostly due to allergic reactions or just ones system’s sensitivity responding negatively to a compound. The vast majority have, however, been able to enjoy the extensive benefits of African mango without complaining of any headaches, nausea or other effects common to other weight loss supplements.

Taking African Mango

The recommended use of Africa Mango is two pills daily taken with a drink or food.

User Testimonials

“Of all the herbal products over the years, this is probably the most effective at appetite suppression and energy boost.” By Jeanette

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“I lost a few pounds while not even exercising. Since I’ve incorporated some light workouts, my weight is coming off even faster.” By Cynthia

“This product works great. It is gentle in the system. I am pleased with my purchase so far.” By NC

Where Can I buy African Mango?

Purchasing this supplement should not be a problem since it is available in multiple online stores. In some of these stores, the supplement comes backed with a hassle-free 60-day money back guarantee. Others even have risk-free trial options where you are allowed to try the product as you place your order in multiple containers.

One container of this product retails at $34.95. You will get more discounts when you purchase two or more containers. Two units, for instance, go for only $69.9 and you are given one free container while three units will cost you just $104.85 and comes along with three free containers!


The supplements industry is filled with all sorts of products some of which don’t even bother to offer a money back guarantees because they know just how poorly made the products are. Other supplements can’t even find a single clinical trial to confirm any of the benefits they claim to offer. This African Mango product stands above all this giving you the weight loss benefits you’ve been seeking without feeding you any unnecessary compounds. It’s simple but effective formula makes it safe and potent for use so why would you bother trying out other experimental products?!

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