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Ageless Male Review 2019 -Benefits & Side Effects-

What is Ageless Male?

Ageless Male, manufactured by New Vitality, seems nearly too good to be true. You may have heard a commercial about it on the radio or seen an ad online touting its incredible claims, and you’ve done the smart thing by getting online to check it out. After all, not every “miracle” product lives up to all the hype – and some are all-out scams.

Ageless Male is a testosterone supplement, which, as its name suggests, is intended to restore the vigor, energy, muscle mass, and sex drive of your youth. Pharmaceutical companies have made the case that many men’s health problems can be directly traced to gradually declining testosterone levels as a man ages. And that’s where Ageless Male comes into the picture.

ageless male


If Ageless Male piqued your interest, you may just be seeing some of those symptoms of decline. If you are having erectile difficulty, a decline in your sex drive, if you’re gaining weight and losing muscle mass, or if you are unable to focus, you’re feeling irritable, and are fatigued during the day, you might just need a product like Ageless Male.

It’s interesting to note that for all the complaints about Ageless Male, there are as many or more success stories. So what gives? Does Ageless Male live up to the claims of New Vitality or not? It may help to take a closer look at the product before proceeding.

People have been talking a lot about the product ageless male and you too must be wondering what this product is made of and how well does it work. Well, the answer to all of your questions regarding the much talked about product is here.

Ageless male is basically a testosterone boosting supplement for males which enhances their sexual drive and regains vigor.  If you have been looking for some T-boosting supplements then you must undoubtedly have heard of ageless male. It is a 2 in one supplement which works as T-booster as well as a male enhancer.

Though there are many problems that arise due to low testosterone levels the one that is of major concern is low sexual drive among males and thus lack of performance. Ageless male claims to help males by working as a hormone optimizer and thus helps you to regain your vigor, strength, and stamina thereby boosting your performance. It also claims to enhance overall health if you consume it after a workout.

It is especially beneficial for males of age 40 and beyond to help them regain their strength and stamina that they’ve lost and got the libido they want.

Ingredients of Ageless Male

This product contains essential elements and compounds which when combined they help to eliminate the male version of menopause famously known as andropause. The ingredients work by maintaining a hormonal balance for testosterone. This makes any man develop a feeling of being young no matter his age. Ageless male contains very simple ingredients that you can imagine. It is a mixture of Re-setting, water, palmetto herbs, glycerin, jelly and a combination of Astaxanthin antioxidant.

Every and each ingredient added to this supplement has a role to play. We have inactive ingredients in the ageless male supplement such as water and glycerin. They are not the main ingredient however they are used in thesupplement the other ingredients such to enhance their effectiveness.

Re-setting, as the main ingredient, is contained in form of capsules. The ingredients behind the capsule form are glycerin. This compound makes it possible to be easily broken down when consumed. One added advantage of this product is that it never causes allergy. The reason behind this is due to gelatin. Gelatin is purely non-reactive and thus cause no allergies to people. You do not have to be worried when using the product.

The same applies to the Astaxanthin antioxidant. It is used to eliminate any form of free radicals surrounding the body. We all know that cancer is majorly contributed by the free radicals. This ingredient is an exceptional indicator of how effective the Ageless supplement is.

Each bottle of ageless male consists of 60 tablets. Each tablet has the following four major ingredients

  1. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCL) : one tablet of ageless male has 4.9 gm. of Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 directly affects T-levels in males and hence is an important supplement. It can also have opposite effect and hence is present in less amount as compared to other ingredients.
  2. Magnesium (magnesium oxide): 16 gm. of Magnesium as magnesium aspartate is present in each tablet. Just the right amount of magnesium can boost T-levels in males (usually taken as 10mg/kg ) and thus can prove to very beneficial for better hormone levels.
  3. Zinc (zinc acid chelate): Each tablet consists of 15 gm. of zinc. Other booster supplements consist of zinc too. The reason being a study that was conducted in 1996 which concluded that zinc increases the testosterone level in both younger and older men. Zinc is generally found more in younger men than in older due to improper eating habits and hence young men are more active than older ones.
  4. Fenugreek seed extract (as testofen): every table consists of 300 gm. of testofen.

These are the major ingredients that one tablet of ageless male contains. Other minor ingredients which may or may not play any role in the effect of ageless male are

  • calcium carbonate
  • microcrystalline cellulose
  • stearic acid
  • croscarmellose sodium
  • magnesium stearate
  • coating (hypromellose & polyethylene glycol)
  • silica

Does Ageless Male work?

So you’re likely wondering how effective this supplement is. After all, could popping a couple pills a day really make much of a difference?

The fact is most men will experience some or all of these symptoms as they age. This is called andropause and is simply a shift in hormone levels as you get older. If you are feeling some of these symptoms, I suggest going to your doctor to have your hormone levels tested. If your testosterone levels truly are low, Ageless Male could very well be the answer.

Ageless Male uses a combination of natural ingredients, including Saw Palmetto and Astaxanthin. This combination, known as Re-Settin goes to work in your body to prevent testosterone from being converted to the hormones estradiol and DHT.

According to studies that have been conducted, men who used Ageless Male saw a small increase in testosterone levels. Results varied from one man to the next; however, results were OK overall. Some men saw an increase in energy, a higher sex drive, greater erectile function, and much-experienced weight loss and an improvement in muscle tone.

Why ageless male?

Though there are various other products available in market which fulfill your demand of increasing testosterone level, improving performance, boosting sexual energy and enhancing strength and hence libido, here are a few reasons why ageless male has become one of the best sellers in the same genre and why you should choose these tablets if you are looking for something that increases your potent.

    Ageless male consists of no banned or illegal substances, no caffeine and no harsh stimulants. Every tablet has ingredients which are natural or have a natural base and hence, you will feel like you are not providing any harm to your body and thus increasing your libido in a healthy way. Ageless male is the best way to go all natural and healthy.



These New Vitality Testosterone Booster Supplement tablets contain ingredients like magnesium and zinc which prove to be real testosterone booster in men. It has just the right amount of fenugreek in form of testofen which will give the right amount of drive to your sexual energy without any side effects as such.


Along with boosting your testosterone levels these tablets also give you a healthy and energized sex life. These promote sexual health along with improvement in libido, arousal and hence performance. These male enhancement pills are your way to get an explosive sex life that you dream of having. Prescriptions are not necessary.


Muscle strength and endurance are also increased if they are taken in a generous amount after or during the workout regime. These tables claim to give you the muscle strength and size you want. You can easily achieve lean strong muscles if you consume them with strength training.

Manufacturer’s information

A company called New Vitality ( markets the very famous product ageless male. According to the review given bythe Better business bureau, New Vitality also has the name NAC Vitamin Company (also called NAC Marketing Company).

You can easily Google the company for detailed information and address.

You can reach New Vitality at 800-675-5956 or 631-777-7767 to get any information about the product and its effect.


Purchasing 1 bottle of Ageless Male costs you $49.95 originally while some sites might provide you at discounted prices. You can also find these tablets in any Vitamin Shoppe or any local drug stores near you.

Recommended dosage

Ageless male should be consumed at a dosage of 2 tablets per day. Taking more or less than the recommended dosage might create problems for you and affect your health.

What about Ageless Male complaints?

As with any product, most folks will go looking for Ageless Male complaints as well as positive reviews. After all, it’s important to fully understand a product before you can expect it to work for you. When it comes to complaints though, the fact is that in many cases the complaints stem from the fact that the users didn’t truly understand the product or how to use it.

Many men enthusiastically started taking the pills, only to give up after a week of no results. When they didn’t see overnight results, they threw the supplements out as a scam and gave up altogether. Failing to realize the connection between DHT and prostate problems, some men mistakenly blame prostate issues on Ageless Male, when in fact, the supplement is known to actually help remedy these problems.

The truth is though, natural ingredients take time to work their way into your body. Hormone levels take time to respond and adjust. The body rarely responds to supplements overnight, and this is the case with Ageless Male.

Making Ageless Male work for you

Ultimately, no pill is a substitute for an unhealthy lifestyle; however, in conjunction with a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, and regular exercise,
Ageless Male can bring significant benefits to your overall health.

Conclusion on Ageless Male

Ageless male will certainly boost your sexual energy and drive, but it won’t help you if you are completely deficient in these matters. It is a natural and healthier way to enhance your libido and gain muscular strength and energy and vigor. It does not claim anything unrealistic and also is fairly inexpensive and easier to find and purchase.

In general, Ageless Male is not a scam but there are better products on the market if you’re looking to increase your testosterone levels.



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