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Alpha Test Testosterone Booster Review 2019: Pro’s & Con’s

What is Alpha Test?

The supplements industry can cause you a headache when you are trying to shop for some boosters. Every supplement out there always comes with vivid images, videos, and other marketing stunts. Majority of these supplements are also accompanied by a group of fans insane about the product. What you might not be aware of is that not all of these products are effective at doing what they claim to do. Manufacturer’s out there have taken advantage of the continued rise in demand for bodybuilding supplements and will do or say anything to hype you into purchasing there products some of which are not only ineffective but dangerous too. It is hence crucial now more than ever to know every little detail about a product, its manufacturers, and contents because one of the few ways of knowing whether a supplement will deliver or not is through finding out what its ingredient’s list has. So, is Alpha Test the right testosterone supplement for you or does it add to the long list of fraudulent products?

alpha test

Alpha Test is a testosterone supplement purely composed of natural ingredients that promise to deliver muscle and energy improvements within seven days! This product is formulated to stimulate your body into manufacturing more of its natural testosterone. As a result, the manufacturers guarantee that it is an efficient, fast and safe testosterone booster.

Alpha Test is part of the Alpha series from the popular supplements manufacturing company Muscle Tech. You probably already know about Muscle Tech unless you are a newbie in the bodybuilding supplements arena. They are a brilliant company that has witnessed a lot of success on a majority of their products in the past. In supplements, however, you just cannot purchase something because of the brand. This can frustrate you because even the best of producers do miss the mark and end up supplying some pretty useless products.

How does Alpha Test work?

Alpha Test is formulated with herbal and natural ingredients most of which have undergone clinical trials to ascertain their capabilities in boosting testosterone levels. Credit where it’s due, Muscle Tech has included some beneficial elements that we love seeing in testosterone boosters. It is, however, one thing to get the ingredients right and another thing to get the right dosages and formula. We know of supplements that have used all the proper nutrients but unfortunately, the producers sometimes under-dose these nutrients which consequently means that they cannot give you the results you are looking for. In other instances, active ingredients are used, but their bioavailability is an issue which directly affects the supplement’s performance. Has Muscle tech addressed these issues sufficiently in Alpha Test?

One good thing when trying to learn how this formula works is that Muscle Tech has provided a full list of the ingredients used and their respective dosages. This is hard to find nowadays with every manufacturer hiding behind proprietary blends (which we hate) making it difficult to tell how well the supplement works. Some of the nutrient information as we can gather from the ingredients list include:

  • Fenugreek (300 mg)

Fenugreek is a vital part of any testosterone supplement. Its presence in testosterone boosters is like the bare minimum mark that any product should never go beneath. The compound has lots of clinical trials supporting its efficiency in promoting testosterone production in the body. The compound when supplied in good quantities, assists in enhancing muscles recovery and improving sexual performance which is everything T-booster users will be hoping to achieve. This ingredient is also an aromatase inhibitor and is proven to be useful in countering Testosterone killing enzymes.

Presence of fenugreek extracts in this product is hence a significant boost, and the 300 mg dosage is also quite enough to enable its performance.

  • Tribulus Terrestris (250 mg)

This is yet another popular ingredient common in T-boosters. Tribulus Terrestris has been used for years particularly in the treatment of libido. When it comes to actually boost testosterone levels the story is different. A lot of recent studies show that Tribulus may not be as effective as it’s made to sound by supplement manufacturers. The only thing that it has so far been proven to be capable of boosting is one’s sex drive and to achieve that the dosages need to be higher than the 250mg present in Alpha test. Presence of this ingredient is, therefore, good news for users that have issues with their libido. If all you are trying to accomplish is faster and heavier muscle growth, improved energy levels and stamina, then Tribulus Terrestris cannot help you.

  • Zinc (7.5 mg)

Zinc is an unquestionable ingredient when you are talking t-boosting nutrients. This compound boosts the production of testosterone in your body and also increases free testosterone in your system. How does it enhance free testosterone you ask? Well, did you know that you may have testosterone in your body that may be trapped in the sex hormone binding globulin which renders them useless? Yes, this is possible, and when there is too much of this hormone trapped in SHBG, it means that your body does not have enough to help you with your workouts, sex game, and muscle growth. Zinc together with Boron helps to reduce SHBG activities allowing more testosterone to remain usable significantly.

The problem we have with the inclusion of this compound is its dosages. For a chemical that is scientifically proven to be capable of boosting testosterone, we would have expected a bit higher dosages than the 7.5 mg in Alpha Test. Its low supply makes us question whether it is enough to deliver the needed results.

  • Shilajit (100 mg)

Shilajit is an old herb that grows on rocks and has been used as medicine for decades now. It is not, however, a very common ingredient in testosterone boosters. One of the reasons for that is there are not enough clinical trials done to show how it can influence testosterone levels in the body. One of the researchers that looked into the herb claimed that one would have to consume 250mg daily for 90 days to experience an increase in DHEA and testosterone levels. 100 mg of the herb in Alpha Tests which is supposed to be taken twice a day makes daily dosage of this herb 200mg. Although 200mg falls below the recommended 250mg, it is still a decent supply and may also help to increase testosterone in a shorter time, but the problem is the herb is mostly experimental.

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  • Diindolylmethane DIM (50 mg)

DIM is an estrogen controller which can either increase or decrease this female sex hormone depending on how much dosage is supplied. This extract present in green leafy vegetables has been used in this formula to prevent or reduce levels of estrogen in your body. Estrogen has some negative effects like increased fat in the body and we all know an increase in fat makes it difficult to gain muscle and reduces stamina significantly. Making sure that estrogen levels are maintained low is hence a priority for most t-boosters. Powerful t-boosters also need this compound because as your testosterone levels increase when they get too high, your body can naturally convert some of it into estrogen. The 50 mg (100 mg daily) supply, therefore, seems decent, but it might be too much for some individuals depending on how much testosterone they have.

Benefits of Alpha Test

Muscle Tech claim that Alpha Test will:

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Fasten muscle growth
  • Improve endurance
  • Boost production and testosterone levels
  • Increased energy levels

Potential Side Effects of Alpha Test

The Alpha Test has been associated with various side effects that you should be aware of before using the supplements. It’s also important to note that side effects in supplements are sometimes a matter of one’s body reacting negatively to one or more ingredients used and not a problem caused by the entire supplement. It is, therefore, sometimes recommended that you seek the guidance of a physician before using a supplement to examine how it may react with your body. The few reported adverse effects include:

  • Vomiting
  • Constant dehydration
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Some users also experienced pimple breakout and disturbed sleeping patterns

How do I take Alpha Test?

Two capsules of Alpha Test should be taken twice a day preferably in the morning and evening. There has been a concern that taking supplements at such intervals can sometimes be ineffective especially if they are not powerful enough. This is because the hours between the two dosages are a bit too many which can make the supplement to wear off before your body can fully utilize them. Muscle Tech, however, is convinced that this serving is more than enough to roll back your testosterone levels to your teenage years.

Where can I buy Alpha Test?

Alpha Test is available in online stores and some retail shops going for $20.99-$39.99 for a one month supply. Some people can consider this a bargain if at all the supplement is effective.


The thing we like about Alpha Test is some proven natural ingredients have been used and the manufacturer’s confidence in disclosing their dosages.  On the downside, the number of side effects reported online is a bit worrying and some of the nutrients that have been used such as Zinc are not adequately supplied. As such and with all factors considered we believe that Alpha Test is an average product that could have done a lot better with inclusion and sufficient supply of more proven compounds.

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