Amberen Review 2018-Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

What is Amberen?

Why is menopause such a mess? Do I have to go through all the hot flashes, mood swings, and other similar problems? Can’t I just go through the transition in peace without having to deal with all these problems? These are some of the concerns that most women out there have to deal with. We wish the transition from reproductive age to the other side was smooth but it isn’t and we have to deal with it. The good news is that there are multiple drugs that are formulated to help us with these problems. These are pills that are supposed to reduce the symptoms of menopause and some of them are powerful enough to help you during the pre-menopause, menopause and post-menopause period. The bad news is that there are dozens of these pills out there. The worst news is that generally, 60% of all supplements don’t work!

So, how are you supposed to get the right drug that will help you with your menopause issues? In this review, we are going to unveil the good and the bad about Amberen to determine whether it is one of the ineffective drugs in the market or if it indeed is a reliable solution that will finally put an end to your menopause misery.

Amberen is a menopause relieve dietary supplement manufactured by Lunada Biomedical. Lunada Biomedical explain that Amberen is safely formulated to help in treating all the symptoms of menopause. They also claim that it can help in the confusing pre-menopause period where it balances one’s hormone to try and restore normal body functions.

Amberen does not contain any hormones. Instead, the ingredients used are supposed to stimulate your body into making and balancing its own hormones.

How does Amberen work?

All the problems associated with menopause come from one issue, hormonal imbalance. When a woman grows old, her hypothalamus loses sensitivity to stimuli coming from other organs in the body. Remember that hypothalamus is the segment responsible for controlling hormone levels in the body. If this part can’t detect signals from hormone-producing organs then this means that it is not capable of maintaining the right hormone levels resulting in all the undesirable menopause symptoms.

Amberen formula is all about getting the hormone back to their accurate levels. To achieve this, Amberen doesn’t have to supply you with synthetic hormones because this would honestly be dangerous and expensive. Instead, it works on your hypothalamus helping to restore its performance and as this boosts its performance it starts to coordinate well with other organs such as ovaries. This helps in restoring a decent production of estrogen which consequently, reduces the symptoms of menopause.

Different women have different hormone levels and this is why having a dietary supplement such as Amberen that stimulates your body to naturally balance its hormones is better than replacing the hormones. With this supplement, your body will be able to maintain the balance at a level that is safe and healthy for you. This is why Ameren is among the safest supplements for this purpose.

Ingredients Used in Amberen

To rejuvenate your hypothalamus, Amberen relies on the following ingredients:

  • Ammonium Succinate

Ammonium Succinate performs multiple functions on this supplement. Firstly, it enhances blood flow to the mitochondria-boosting their performance. The compound also helps in protecting the body from free radicals. This will keep your body and hypothalamus in particular safe from damage by free radicals in the body.

Ammonium Succinate has also been shown in clinical studies to have a great impact in penetrating biological membranes where it assists in the transmission of signals and it also functions as a metabolic substrate.

To make sure that your hypothalamus is performing as required, this ingredient will activate the sympathetic functions of the central nervous system and the peripheral. This restores normality of your hypothalamus which inevitably achieves a safer hormonal balance.

Some studies also claim that Ammonium Succinate can regulate the endocrine system ensuring that hormone production meets the body’s demand. We, however, need more detailed studies to ascertain these claims.

  • Calcium Disuccinate

A common problem among women in the menopause stage is osteoporosis, a condition where bones are weak and brittle. Calcium Disuccinate is an easily absorbable source of calcium that regulates myocardial contractility promoting bone formation and development.

  • Monosodium L. Glutamate

Monosodium L-Glutamate is an amino salt that regulates acids that interact with transmitters. It’s also been seen to be useful in regulating a chemical reaction known as transamination. This compound is included here to improve the performance of mitochondria by enhancing the mitochondrial benzodiazepine receptors. This, in turn, boosts your body’s ability to maintain a consistent supply of hormones and energy.

  • Glycine

Glycine is an amino acid that’s been included to regulate the activities of your brain cells. When used alongside magnesium, this Glycine will help to achieve a psycho-emotional balance eliminating mood swings and other emotional challenges common in the menopause stage.

  • Zinc Difumarate hydrate

This ingredient mainly deals with the issue of weight gain. It supplies the body with sufficient fumarate and zinc which increases energy levels. It will also help to control carbohydrate and fat levels keeping them at a safe and healthy level. By increasing energy levels and boosting metabolism, this compound will mildly fight unnecessary weight gain.

  • Magnesium Disuccinate hydrate

This ingredient provides the magnesium necessary to complement the performance of Glycine. When the two are combined they protect the brain mitochondrion against hypoxia for the psycho-emotional balance to be attained.

Magnesium Disuccinate hydrate also boosts cardiovascular performance.

  • Tocopherol Acetate

This fat-soluble vitamin E has antioxidant properties that allow it to protect cell membranes against lipid peroxidation. It, therefore, protects membrane structures which lead to safer and healthier cells and tissues. The result is efficiently working organs that maintain optimal hormone production.

Amberen Side Effects?

According to the clinical trials done on Amberen and the specific ingredients used, this product is supposed to be free from any negative reactions. Going through the user reviews, however, we could see a couple of women complaining of various mild reactions. Different bodies always react differently to drugs and hence there is always a slight chance of side effects. The good news is all of the cases reported are minor. The effects we came across include:

  • Itchiness
  • Mild headaches
  • Rashes
  • Watery eyes

Amberen Dosage

You are directed to take two capsules of Amberen daily, a white capsule and orange capsule. You should take the pills after breakfast.

For best results, Amberen should be taken for 90 days.

Where Can I buy Amberen?

Amberen is available in stores such as CVS, Walmart and Rite, and Aid. The official Amberen website also offers the supplement. When you buy from the manufacturer, a one-month supply of Amberen will cost approximately $49.99. You should be able to save more by enrolling in their automatic monthly renewal service or if you buy the supplement in bulk.

Bottom Line on Amberen

Amberen is an incredible dietary supplement. There are so many positives to pick from this product and no wonder it is so popular. When you navigate through their website, you will also notice that they have a “Nurse Aid” option. This allows you to consult an expert if you want to know whether you are an ideal candidate for the supplement or if you are having issues with a package you purchased.

The ingredients used have solid clinical trials behind them and are also very safe for consumption. If you are an elderly woman seeking for a seamless menopause period (which you honestly deserve) then Amberen is a great choice for you.

Amberen User Reviews

“Wow!! There is nothing else I can say…day 2…hot flashes-gone..anxiety-gone… appetite-gone…my husband was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer…it takes A lot to take care of him…I have more patience…more energy…no moodiness…need to lose 25 pds…I don’t see a problem with this product…it’s not the reason I bought them..but, they help..I would highly recommend these to any woman who is experiencing menopause…go for it!!!” By Svdandblsd

“Finally found something that works! Over a year with severe hot flashes (2-3 an hour even while sleeping), tried progesterone cream, black cohosh, evening primrose, but not much help so I decided to try Amberen. Saw a Reduction by 3rd day and by 2 weeks they were completely gone. I took after breakfast as indicated. I hope it continues to work.” By an Amazon Customer

“I been taking this medication and my hot flash are gone but one thing I do have is a headache from the medication but I continue to take it cause it really works” By Katherine

“Major improvement on mood swings and helps some with sleep” by Elaine

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