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Amino Energy Review 2018-Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

A brief overview of Amino Energy 

Optimum Nutrition has always been one of the popular choices of sports nutrition supplements. Today, Optimum Nutrition is considered as one of the largest producers of sports nutrition products. And it has maintained to remain that way for years, especially with amino energy. The strict quality standards and careful precision on producing the best fitness and nutrition products have been stringent throughout these years. ON has been offering award-winning products and Amino Energy is one of its finest nutrition products.

There are times when you need a robust quantity of caffeine for pre-exercise routine. Be that as it may, on different events, similar to before anything else or a late evening lifts, what you’d get from some espresso is more suitable. ON’s Essential Amino Energy offers the best of both with an equation that offers 100mg of caffeine from per 2-scoop servings. You can always reduce or increase the vitality level as and when you need. Each serving gives 5 grams of micronized amino acids to support the body muscle.

It has been since 1986 that Optimum nutrition is able to support and nourish individuals. The objective of ON is to continually and effectively offer first-rate products to athletes and other individuals all throughout.

Regardless of whether your objectives include quality, speed, control, perseverance – or any blend, Optimum Nutrition supplements act as hard as you do.

ON is established on a platform that caters to offer unparalleled quality standards of products, operating production facilities and expertise in manufacturing.

amino energy
amino energy


Amino Energy is the product of Optimum Nutrition. The product combines various natural energizing agents such as green coffee extracts and green tea. This is also amalgamated with absorbed free-form amino acids. The contents of Amino Energy include muscle-building BCAAs and contain arginine for the promotion of pump.

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Building up a lean, solid body requires both mental and physical vitality. This effective powder blends effortlessly in water to make a top-notch, invigorating beverage with just 10 calories for each serving. You can utilize it as frequently as you prefer in any quality wanted without marking the eating routine. Now you can have Essential Amino Energy whenever you need mental concentration, physical vitality, nitric oxide creation, and any other support for recovery.

Benefits of Amino Energy

  • Boosts energy and enhances focus
  • Add more scoops and increase the strength
  • Enhances support before, during and after the exercise
  • 5 to 10 calories per servings


Quality is of utmost importance

One of the things that Optimum Nutrition has continued to commit is the quality of the product. The entire product development and quality have always been optimal for Optimum Nutrition. All the products of ON or Optimum Nutrition have been evidently of higher quality.

To prove the high-quality product range, every vendor must produce a Certificate of Analysis. This certificate is needed for each of the raw material supplied. This does not end here. The analysis also goes through the verification and this is carried by in-house and various autonomous testing in labs.

In order to avoid any further physical or chemical composition damage, Optimum Nutrition has established a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) program. This individual program helps in checking the further authentication and credibility of the contents of ON’s product range. There are specific quality check professionals who take care to supervise storage, production and carry out daily scrutiny of products.

It is to be noted here that ON has been proud to announce its in-house manufacturing operation. This operation is registered under three critical and vital programs. The programs under which On has been registered are NSF International, The Public Health and Safety Company, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Program. Hence, all these programs clubbed together have made ON consistent and credible nutrition supplements. Therefore, ON has been offering first-rate nutrition products that are specifically made to cater to the nutritional needs of individuals. Also, it is to be noted that all the products of ON, including Amino Energy, has been made under strict quality checks and control standards.

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A few important things you should know about Amino Energy

Now that you know where to get your Amino Energy, the next step is to understand how it is useful for you. It is important that you should always compare the various elements of the Amino Energy powder. You should understand the specific needs of your body and then pick the product that is right for you.

Getting to know about the reviews of the Amino Energy product would also help you to know more. Let us look at some of the important things about Amino Energy.

When can you use Amino Energy?

Amino Energy can be consumed anytime. You can have it during breakfast, lunch or later in the evening. Therefore, get a glass of Amino Energy blended with some ice cubes and caramel.

What can you use it for?

If you are looking for anytime energy, amino support in the body as well as some focus, then this is the right pick for you. Amino Energy has a combination of all these three elements. A perfect energy drink for any time of the day.

Does Amino Energy contain caffeine?

Yes, Amino Energy contains caffeine. The amount of caffeine is 100mg and it is all from natural sources.

Is there any additional ingredient in Amino Energy?

Yes, Amino Energy has 5 grams of Amino blend.

What are the different flavors of Amino Energy available for you?

Some of the popular flavors of Amino Energy are:

  • Concord Grape
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Fruit Punch
  • Green Apple
  • Lemon Lime
  • Orange Cooler
  • Watermelon
  • Iced Mocha Cappuccino
  • Iced cafe vanilla
  • Peach Lemonade

Looking to make a Cafe House smoothie? Take a look at how you can prepare a delicious nutritional drink!

If you are thinking of making a delicious smoothie out of this energy drink, then here is a simple direction to the ingredients. You can add or delete some of the ingredients and make a drink of your personal choice.

The ingredients you would need for this smoothie are:

  • Almond Milk
  • Cold Water
  • Café Series Amino Energy
  • Whipped Cream (Non-fat). This is optional
  • Sugar-free syrup or Caramel for sweetening the drink (This is optional)
  • Ice cubes

Directions for making your Café House smoothie

  • First, add the almond milk or cold water to two scoops of the Café Amino Energy. Blend this together. You can also use cold water instead of almond milk.
  • You need to blend the mixture for a few seconds. If you think the consistency of the drink is not right, you can add in a couple of more scoops of Amino Energy.
  • Add a few ice cubes to the blender and blend it again for more 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Pour the mixture into a glass.
  • You can also top this drink with the non-fat whipped cream. Or use caramel syrup to add more taste. Remember, in case you are using a sweetener; make sure that it is a non-fat sweetener.
  • Add cold water or Almond Milk and 2 or more scoops of Café Series Amino Energy to a blender jar.
  • Enjoy the drink and have a healthy day.

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