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Anabol X1 Review 2019- Benefits and side effects-

A short intro to Anabol X1

The effects of declining testosterone levels are very devastating. For years, supplement manufacturers have been using this disappointment and desperation from testosterone deficient people to sell them products that have no impact at all. An online search on what options of T-boosters you have will give you results of hundreds of products. Before you let your frustrating T-levels lead you into making a poor decision, you should know that only a handful of these supplements actually work. One of the supplements that you have probably already come across is Anabol X1. If you were to rely on the user reviews online, then you will probably think that Anabol X1 and any other T-supplements work perfectly, but that is not the case. To determine whether a supplement is right for you, you have to understand what the product is and study the ingredients used and how they work.

anabol x1

What is Anabol X1?

Anabol X1 is a supplement designed to improve your energy levels and muscle mass for better performance. This product is however not meant to be used independently. For best results, manufacturers recommend that you not only support it with productive gym sessions but also change your diet to add more proteins. Most other supplements will only need you to continue with your regular workouts. For Anabol X1, therefore, to say that you need a high-protein diet too it could mean that the supplement alone isn’t powerful enough. So will the supplement be ineffective if you don’t support it with a good eating plan? Probably.

The supplement is made using natural ingredients and not a synthetic hormone. These compounds then stimulate your body into producing more of its natural testosterone getting rid of all the adverse effects that come with low T-levels.

The manufacturers of the Anabol X1 also claim that it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. If indeed Anabol X1 has these features then it can help an athlete to stay healthy, active and always prepared for workouts and any other physical activities. Otherwise, it could just be another marketing tactic with zero results. Let’s see if the ingredients used to support any of these claims:

Anabol X1 Ingredients

The Anabol X1 formula aims to raise testosterone levels into their natural peak point where they can be used for muscle growth, to release energy and boost one’s sexual drive. Hormonal balance is critical for bodybuilders, and that’s what this product tries to achieve. It ensures that you are well-fueled for effortless workouts that are less strenuous and more productive. Anabol X1 has utilized the following ingredients:

  • Chrysin

Clinical trials have shown that Chrysin, a natural bioflavonoid, is outstanding in increasing T-levels and boosting anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in the body. That is undebatable. The problem, however, is the bioavailability of this hormone. Bioavailability refers to how a compound when consumed can be absorbed by your tissues to benefit your cells and body in general. So far, all the studies done on this compound have pointed out that it cannot be sufficiently supplemented into the body orally. The best and only way for anyone to enjoy its benefits is to have Chrysin directly injected into the testes. This, therefore, means that the presence of this compound in Anabol X1 is all useless because your body can’t absorb it fast enough.

  • Eurycoma Longifolia

Eurycoma Longifolia or Tongkat Ali is a common ingredient in testosterone supplements. It’s believed that this herb can increase testosterone among men with low serum testosterone. Eurycoma Longifolia will also reduce the amount of testosterone binding to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. As a result, more testosterone becomes available for use. The Global Healing Center has also released research details showing that the plant possesses aphrodisiac properties which can treat issues of low libido. Perhaps this is why Tongkat Ali is so familiar with male supplements.

  • Diindolylmethane

This substance is made in our bodies naturally, and its supplementation in Anabol X1 only helps to increases its levels in an attempt to promote how it functions. Diindolylmethane is believed to be critical in preventing the conversion of Testosterone into Estrogen. When there is too much Testosterone, and in the presence of other chemical substances, your body can be covert some of this hormone into estrogen. If this process is not countered, then you can end up losing a lot of testosterone leading to reduced energy, stamina, sex drive and increased fat deposits. Moreover, Diindolylmethane can decrease 2-hydroxy estrogens a harmful type of estrogen that has been linked with certain cancers. There are also claims by the manufacturers that Diindolylmethane’s presence in this supplement is capable of burning down excess fat. This does not, however, have any supporting evidence.

  • Gamma Oryzanol

This ingredient is mostly found in rice bran oil, wheat bran and other natural sources. It is traditionally used to treat different kinds of diseases such as digestive disorders, cholesterol and anxiety issues. There are some unsubstantiated claims that it can boost your t-levels too. It has also been used by other people to promote the amount of human growth hormone in the body and to enhance physical strength. The problem with this compound is that most of its benefits are hugely speculative and hence there is no way of telling what it can do.

Anabol X1 has also used a few other inactive compounds whose role is to boost the availability and absorption of the above ingredients when you take the pills. Some of the inactive compounds used include calcium carbonate, magnesium stearate, and gelatin.

Benefits of using Anabol X1

According to the manufacturers, Anabol X1 promises to improve your dwindling T-levels to deliver all of the following benefits:

  • Mood enhancement
  • Greater physical endurance
  • Fat reduction
  • Enhanced sexual performance
  • Improved general well-being
  • Improved lean muscle

These are some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy from consuming Anabol X1. Looking at the ingredients, however, you don’t see how this supplement will be able to boost a person’s mood. Yes, some of the compounds used can supposedly treat anxiety, but there is no way of knowing how they will perform with the overall mental functions. The use of proprietary blend has also made it even more difficult to know how the ingredients can influence the above benefits. So the only way to know whether any of the benefits are real is by trying out the supplement, i.e., if you are willing and have the time to experiment with the product.

Potential Side Effects of Anabol X1

Anabol X1 is considered a very safe supplement with no reported side effects. The all-natural formula has made it a safe product to use and unless you have a worrying medical background utilizing this supplement shouldn’t cause you any troubles.

Other cons associated with the Anabol X1 especially for people who purchased it from the official manufacturer’s website is the auto-shipment. The company will charge your card every month for the supply of this supplement until you cancel the subscription.

A few people have also complained of a limited supply of this supplement. This is a problem particularly if you are not under the auto-shipment subscription. You might, therefore, decide to take a break from Anabol X1 and when you want to reuse it again, you start experiencing challenges getting the supplement. This has been a challenge to most people out there forcing some to remain on the auto-shipment option even when they’re taking a break from the supplement’s cycle.

Taking Anabol X1

You are directed to take Anabol X1 twice a day, one pill in the morning and another one in the evening. Do not take more than two capsules of Anabol X1 within 24 hours.

Where Can I Buy Anabol X1?

Anabol X1 is available in very few online stores other than the official manufacturer’s website. Like many other supplements, the price of Anabol X1 gets better the more you order. For a single month supply (60 capsules) you’ll be charged $86.27 and an extra shipping cost. If you buy more than two bottles, i.e., 3 going up, you will get better discounts.

Anabol X1 manufacturers offer a 14-days free trial for new clients. To get on this trial plan, you will only have to pay $9.95 for handling and shipment. If you are lucky, then you might get a trial promotion costing just $5! Once the trial is over, they will ship your first 30-day supply.


Anabol X1 has tried to include Eurycoma Longifolia and Diindolylmethane two known testosterone boosters. These are useful compounds, but unfortunately, we cannot tell the quantity used due to the proprietary blend. The inclusion of Chrysin is pointless because of its bioavailability while Gamma Oryzanol is under-researched. This hence doesn’t sound like a well-founded testosterone supplement. Additionally, the total dosage of the product is just 800mg, yet the quantities of Eurycoma Longifolia and Diindolylmethane needed for maximum benefits are much higher than this. For this reason, the supplement doesn’t make it as one of the best and most recommended Testosterone supplements in the market.


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