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Andro 400 Review 2019-Benefits & side effects-

A short intro to Andro 400

As men grow old, what you eat or how much you work-out matters very little in determining your testosterone levels. Your body naturally suppresses the production of this essential hormone as soon as you hit 30. From this point henceforth, research shows that you can continue to lose approximately 1%-2% of your testosterone annually. This means that by the time you are going into your 60s, you could have lost as much as 60% of your total testosterone levels! Imagine losing 60% of the hormone that is responsible for giving you your sexual desires, your energy, your muscle mass, and overall stamina! 1 % annual decrease in testosterone is the average standard among most people, in others, the drop could be a lot bigger with its onset coming much sooner. This can make your life a living hell, and that is why testosterone supplements like Andro 400 are here to salvage your life. But how exactly do boosters like Andro 400 work? What sorts of ingredients are contained in the supplement? Well, let’s see:

andro 400

What is Andro 400?

Andro 400 is, a T-booster made of natural ingredients that are formulated to help men with Andropause issues. Andropause can be considered as the menopause for men where the decrease in testosterone leads to severe problems regarding men sexuality performance, stamina, muscle growth and overall health. Andro 400 tries to restore your Testosterone to their optimal levels where they are enough to meet the enormous demands of the body. According to the manufacturers, this supplement will not just be useful for the elderly, but they also claim that young individuals too can significantly benefit from the supplement.

Andro 400 is not a synthetic form of the hormone testosterone, and neither is it a drug. You can hence, not worry about experiencing any adverse side effects associated with chemicals. It is purely herbal which should be safe but is it useful in boosting your Testosterone levels?

Andro400 Ingredients and how they Work

The first and most strange thing you will notice about the ingredients making up this product is that they are just three. Out of the three, only one of them is active. While most other testosterone supplements are struggling to add as many compounds as possible for better performance, Andro400 manufacturers seem to be very unconcerned about that. Making a supplement based on just a single herb sounds like a self-destructing tactic unless maybe they know something that we don’t.

  1. Eurycoma Longifolia

Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali) is the primary ingredient used in Andro 400. It is an ancient herb originating from Southeast Asia. It was used to treat erectile dysfunction, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases during early civilization. Its usage in T-boosting supplements, however, didn’t start until a few years ago. Clinical studies have shown that this herb can help your body to increase the production of testosterone. Moreover, it increases the availability of the already existing testosterone so that it can be used to improve your lean muscle mass, energy levels, and stamina. By increasing availability of this hormone means that the herb reduces the amount of testosterone captured in the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. This is a protein that traps testosterone making them inert and unusable anywhere else.

Eurycoma Longifolia is believed to achieve this by stimulating the hypothalamus to trigger the pituitary gland in secreting more testosterone. The manufacturers also say that Andro400 can reduce the conversion of Testosterone into the female sex hormone estrogen. This is merely a claim because there are no studies done on the supplement to prove that it can achieve this. There is also not a single proven ingredient present that is capable of preventing the conversion of Testosterone into Estrogen in this supplement.

As men age and start running out of Testosterone one of the most visible and discomforting effects is increased belly fat. Scientific studies have linked excess belly fat to low Testosterone in the body. This fat is extremely dangerous to your health and becomes very difficult to get rid of through exercises or diet. Andro400 purports that its formula has a way of not just reducing the fat but also to prevent the formation of the same in the future. This is yet another allegation that is backed up with no scientific evidence. They believe that they can stop the accumulation of belly fat through:

  1. Blocking the enzyme tasked with the storage of fat
  2. Enhancing the metabolism of insulin whose presence is known to result in increased fat in the body
  3. Promoting the fat burning system of the body to ensure that very little fat is stored

It is important to note that Andro 400 is not a diet pill and therefore even if it can reduce body fat it won’t do so immediately. Natural Health Solutions, the manufacturers of Andro 400, say that for you to start experiencing fat loss, the supplements need time to first boost your testosterone levels which will consequently enhance the functionality of your system resulting in a decrease of the unhealthy belly fat. This sounds like a long process which is asking for a lot of patience.

  1. L-Arginine

L-Arginine is the other ingredient present in Andro 400. A lot of studies have been covered to look into the efficacy of this compound and most of them have provided positive results. Research shows that Arginine can promote the amount of human growth hormone in the body. Growth hormones are very beneficial for the body. They assist with improving the density of bones, cell regeneration and have also been linked with better cognitive performance. The studies showing these benefits, however, used at least 5-9 grams of the compound per day. Andro 400, on the other hand, supplies you with the only 500mg of Arginine. As you can see this is way below the ideal dosage and therefore the effectiveness of this supplement to promote growth hormone levels is in question.

Arginine has also been linked with improving Nitric Oxide in the body. This gas is popular in both testosterone and erection supplements, and it’s easy to understand why. Nitric Oxide’s presence in your system leads to dilated blood vessels which are efficient in allowing smooth blood flow. As a result, you get to enjoy healthier and stronger muscle pumps and harder erections. For the gas to deliver these benefits, you need a supply of 5 grams per day yet you’re only given 500mg by Andro 400.

    1. Citrulline

Citrulline is an amino acid useful for assisting with the production of Arginine. As it increases the levels of Arginine, it also leads to the secretion of more growth hormone and increases Nitric Oxide levels in the body. That’s why the compound is common in Testosterone and Erection boosters. Most studies done on this amino acid are however on lab rats, and hence their use on humans might not be as concrete as we think. A survey conducted in 2011 showed that 1.5 grams of this compound could solve erection problems. There’s just 500mg of Citrulline in this supplement. The influence of the amino acid on growth hormone is also very speculative. Not a single study has shown that it can directly lead to more HGH in the body.

Benefits of Using Andro 400

According to the manufacturers and a few users, the following are some of the benefits that you might get from using Andro400:

This list is quite long, but we honestly can’t see how you will get some of these benefits. Yes, Eurycoma Longifolia is an excellent herb, but its supply in this supplement doesn’t seem to be sufficient to deliver results.

Potential Side Effects of using Andro400

The all-natural supplements make Andro 400 safe for use. However, if you are already using other medications such as hypertension drugs, then you should consult your physician before using the supplement because compounds like Arginine can theoretically decrease your blood pressure.

Taking Andro400

Two capsules of this supplement should be taken daily preferably in the morning.

Where Can I buy Andro400?

Purchasing this supplement from the manufacturers leads to an automatic shipment being sent every month. Here, they will supply you with a bottle of the supplement monthly unless you sign in or contact the customer care to cancel the shipments. The supplement is also available in other online retail stores selling at around $30 a bottle.


There are some excellent reviews of this supplement. It has worked for a section of people out there, and its simplicity when it comes to blending the ingredients is also very appealing. The biggest issue is in the dosages used. If scientifically you are required to take 5g of a compound daily, and the supplement only gives you 500mg how long would it take for it to start working? This is a big problem that Andro 400 has failed to address. Additionally, as far as we can tell, Eurycoma Longifolia is the only active ingredient which is also quite under-dosed. Andro 400 seems to be one of those supplements where you need to be patient and trust that someday in a few weeks’ time you will start noticing the results. If you are looking for faster results, then we think there are better supplements than Andro 400.

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