Androzene Review 2018– Does it work? (Updated July 2019)

What is Androzene?

Androzene is a male improvement supplement that cases to give an extensive variety of sexual advantages. Dissimilar to other male upgrade supplements, for example, Maxgenics and PHGH, Androzene cases to utilize a licensed time-discharge conveyance framework known as AndroPhase, which gradually conveys the fixings in Androzene to your body all for the day, while additionally enhancing ingestion.

On the off chance that you’ve viewed an infomercial for Androzene of late, you might think about whether it fills in and it claims. All things considered, expanding bloodstream, boosting stamina, reigniting energy, and building sexual certainty sound incredible, isn’t that so?

These include:

  • Expanded bloodstream for quicker, greater, harder erections
  • Supported sex drive
  • Enhanced mindset
  • Supercharged vitality
  • Supported stamina
  • Expanded sexual fulfillment.
  • Reignited enthusiasm
  • Expanded sexual certainty
  • Olympic mentor John Abdo embraces Androzene and cases to incorporate all-normal clinically tried fixings that expansion bloodstream and give you longer, more full, and more inflexible erections, for example,
  • Niacin 33mg
  • Calcium 420mg
  • Zinc 60mg
  • Androzene Proprietary Blend 336mg
  • Guarana Seed Extract
  • Yohimbine 15mg
  • Taurine
  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa Extract
  • Eleuthero Root Extract
  • Epimedium Extract
  • Annoy Root Extract
  • Saw Palmetto Berry Extract
  • Tribulus Terrestris

As per the producer’s site, Androzene can be taken somewhere in the range of 1-3 times every day, dependable on avoiding stomach. The organization claims you should feel the impacts inside 30-a hour of ingestion, which last roughly 3-5 hours. In any case, we located one reaction from somebody asserting to be a client benefit chief at Androzene, who expressed that it takes 30-90 days for the supplement to “develop in one’s framework” and to give comes about. Which is right? We don’t know.

In extra to Androzene, the organization additionally makes a testosterone sponsor named Androphase, which cases to work on upgrading testosterone levels and giving basic vitamins and supplements. In spite of the fact that the site doesn’t explicitly state in this way, it gives off an impression of being integral to Androzene (in different works, it functions admirably with it). Notwithstanding, we can’t make sure of much else, as the Androphase page doesn’t list any fixings, and contains minimal more than advertising buildup.

Androzene Pricing and Refund Policy

While it might be marginally more affordable, remember that on the off chance that you pick the Monthly Replenishment Option, this implies you’ll get a repeating shipment of Androzene once every 30 days, and your Visa will be charged $89.99 in addition to $8.99 dispatching and taking care of each time. As per the organization, this can be crossed out whenever.

Androgen’s discount arrangement works this way: You’ll have a 30-day unconditional promise if you acquired a 30-day supply, and a 90-day ensure if you purchased a 90-day supply. To start the discount procedure, contact client benefit at (800) 895-5939 to acquire a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Remember that all returned containers of Androzene will be liable to a $10 restocking charge.

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say About Androzene?

Androzene is fabricated by Health Club Diet, LLC based out of Beverly, MA. Tragically, we were not able to find any extra data about the organization amid our examination. In any case, regardless of being an item (versus a business) Androzene has a B-rating with the Better Business Bureau, in light of ten shut grumblings in the course of recent years, the greater part of which seem to reference high value, issues accepting credit for returned things, and having individual data sold to different organizations.

Outside of the BBB, online clients audits in regards to Androzene seem, by all accounts, to be primarily negative, with the most well-known dissensions referring to the inability to work, high cost, and high caffeine content.

What’s the Bottom Line About Androzene?

Things being what they are, does Androzene satisfy its cases? Indeed and no. Here’s the reason: Fundamentally, you should remember that there is no clinical confirmation demonstrating that Androzene fills in as guaranteed, and next to no clinical proof showing the fixings it contains have any impact on male sexual want/work. Out of the considerable number of components contained in Androzene, Yohimbine is the particular case that has been clinically appeared to enhance sexual capacity by expanding blood vessel bloodstream. About as essential is the way that Androzene is evaluated remarkably high (actually, this is a standout amongst the most expensive supplements we’ve looked into to date), and has a poor client benefit notoriety. What’s more, as we specified in our Nutritional Supplement Buyer’s Guide, most organizations that offer an auto-send program ought to be kept away from. Between practically zero clinical confirmation to move down its cases, phenomenally high cost, and notoriety for poor client benefit, we would suggest talking to your doctor about sexual wellbeing supplements other than Androzene.

How Can It Work? says that their protected time-discharge conveyance framework enhances the ingestion of their supplement’s fixings and guarantees that they will be dynamic in your framework for the day.

You should simply take one to three tablets once every day, around the one-half hour before bed. Best outcomes happen when this supplement is gone up on an empty stomach.

Fixings and Side Effects

The Androzene site depicts their fixings as “clinically tried” and “all characteristic,” however they don’t broadly expound to clarify what their dynamic fixings are.

In spite of the fact that they say there are no known or detailed symptoms from utilizing this supplement, they additionally say that it is vital to counsel with your doctor before bringing Androzene with different pharmaceuticals or if you have other medical conditions.

Cost/Price Plans

One jug of the Androzene supplement contains 90 pills and expenses of about $124.99. The more you purchase, be that as it may, the greater the rebate you will get. Two containers are evaluated at $83.32 each and accompany a free month’s supply; six jugs will be estimated at $62.49 each.

Discount Policy

Their discount approach is portrayed as a 30-day unconditional promise, where clients who are despondent or have grumblings about the supplement inside the initial 30 days of utilization can contact their Customer Service office and request that them how entire the discount procedure.


There are blended surveys with respect to the adequacy of this item, yet all in all, the most well-known objections incorporate that the supplement contains excessively caffeine like fixings to take before bed, as it disturbs the rest cycle, and that the fixing list is too comparative, making it impossible to a typical multi-vitamin to clarify the high cost.

Is It Safe?

Other than the dissensions about feeling jumpy because of the vitality expanding fixings, there don’t appear to be security objections.The organization has neglected to specify any fixings. They do have a place on their site where they say you can snap to discover the fixings. However, no connection is advertised. A few fixings are specified on other unaffiliated sites, yet it’s difficult to check if what is guaranteed to be utilized genuinely is incorporated into this equation. Here are a couple of necessary fixings that might be included:

  • Guarana Seed Extract: Stimulant plant local to Brazil. This contains caffeine and is one of the wealthiest natural wellsprings of caffeine. Because of this, it can prompt reactions, for example,

Stomach issues, queasiness, and expanded heart rate.Tremors, muscle fits, and spewing. Ringing in the ears, migraine, and nervousness. Much like other caffeine sources, after time it can prompt resilience which decreases its effectiveness. For certain arrangements which can help treat ED and other sexual dysfunctions, investigate our best ten male improvement pills list.

  • Yohimbe: Tree husk found in parts of Africa and now utilized as an approach to treat ED and bolster the solid stream of blood. It can likewise help give more nerve motivations in the penis. On account of its stimulant-like impacts, it can advance a few reactions that include: Dazedness, sickness, and retching. Expanded pee, irritated stomach, and rest issues. Fomentation, tremors, and raised circulatory strain. Heart mumbles, fever, and trouble unwinding. This is particularly unsafe at whatever point it is blended close by other included stimulants. On the off chance that taken past the point of no return in the day, it can bother rest and prompt a sleeping disorder.
  • Taurine: Found usually inside the body this corrosive is likewise found in fish and meat. This has been utilized as an approach to treat heart-related issues and give cell reinforcement impacts.
  • Eleuthero Root Extract: Known as Siberian ginseng, this plant is added to help enhance solid execution by supporting blow stream.
  • Saw Palmetto Berry Extract: This plant is utilized to help treat prostate issues. In a few people, it can prompt symptoms, for example, spewing, obstruction, and wooziness. cerebral pains, queasiness, and looseness of the bowels.
  • Caltrops: More generally known as Tribulus Terrestris, this organic product bearing plant can be utilized to help make testosterone.
  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa Extract: A lichen which is an organism and green growth blend. This can contain toxic chemicals, and it’s obscure what sort of impact this can have. It is planned to diminish the hazard for ED and give sexual enhancer impacts. However, this isn’t all around considered or confirmed.

There are fears this can be perilous, and that it can harm solid cells. Given this potential concern, it is informed to keep an eye out for consumption regarding this in any shape. Pick up bits of knowledge into what male upgrade pills were evaluated as the best general by clicking this connection.

What’s great about Androzene?

There is a straightforward and through a portrayal of what the proposed benefits are of Androzene. The organization additionally gives an FAQ area to promote bits of knowledge into what is advertised. They do make a point to include fundamental fixings like Tribulus Terrestris which is a great male upgrade fixing. Their site is anything but difficult to explore and offers a significant portion of what one would hope to find out about.

What’s terrible about Androzene?

Androzene is very expensive for $137.99 in addition to $9.99 shipping without the auto shipment arrange for when buying a sole container. This is particularly concerning when you consider they have neglected to include their fixings list. This makes it difficult to foresee what legitimate measurements quality is, and what the aggregate sum of caffeine is. There is likewise a lion’s share measure of negative audits from clients who felt it didn’t convey on its guaranteed guarantees.

What do buyers think about Androzene?

The lion’s share of encounters are antagonistic with individuals saying:

“costly and it didn’t work.”

“repulsive and overrated, you can locate a similar fundamental equation in different pills.”

“did not work don’t squander your chance or cash.”

“influence me to remain up throughout the night on account of its stimulant-like impacts.”

Many individuals neglected to see any advantages. A few people included they utilized an entire month-long supply, and still, they didn’t increase any benefits.

A few individuals additionally said they encountered reactions, including manifestations just experienced through a high admission of stimulants. Given this undesirable impact, their particular individuals were not able to keep utilizing it, in spite of them needing to encounter some effective outcome.

For a point by point rundown of the best positioned male improvement pills out now, take after this connection.


Androzene is inadequate with regards to an essential posting of their fixings, clients have looked into them contrarily, and the fixings which might be inside are possibly unsafe. There are stimulants added to this which can expand vitality. However, this can likewise prompt symptoms. It’s additionally not a permanent arrangement, as it can conceivably prompt resistance. Moreover, this is astoundingly pricy in contrast with other comparative male improvement pills. When considering the sorts of fixings that might be incorporated, obviously there is a high utilization of modest fixings which can be purchased somewhere else for less expensive.

The very much investigated supplement for the male upgrade was observed to be Viritenz since it had the best regular fixings and had a usability. It has considered added substances which can enable guide to low stream, help testosterone, and help general sexual energy. They make a point not to include any shoddy fillers or stimulants, and they likewise create it in a GMP agreeable office.

The producers have given tributes from clients who saw excellent additions and a revitalized sexual coexistence.

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