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Animal Stak Review 2019- Benefits & Side Effects-

Animal Stak Review

According to the manufacturers, this supplement is termed as the “Complete anabolic hormone support stack.” The idea behind its formulae is to naturally increase testosterone levels promising exceptional results without the inclusion of any actual hormones in the product. That is just but what the manufacturers say, but does it really do that? In today’s market, you can’t start using a product simply because its makers said it could do this or that. You have to research to determine what the product is, how it works, its contents and whether it’s beneficial at all. That is why we are going to dig deep and try to answer all the concerns you may have about Animal Stak.

animal stak
animal stak

Animal Stak is not a new supplement in the bodybuilding market. It has been around for years now used by a vast pool of bodybuilders. This supplement is formulated to improve your performance and strength while increasing your testosterone levels at the same time. If you are looking for a hormone-free testosterone supplement, then this could be one of your best options.

The marketing line that Animal Stak is a complete anabolic stack is very tempting. Bodybuilders are sometimes forced to use more than one supplement to achieve desired results so when a company claims that they can deliver all the results in one product eyebrows will be raised. It is a big claim by the manufacturers which is magnificent if it works otherwise it’ll be very heartbreaking to many people.

Its manufacturers, Universal Nutrition, are also not new in the market. The company has now been in the industry for more than nine years. This isn’t their first product either. They have a unique supplements product line used across the world. We can hence consider them as experienced enough to make a good supplement. Their experience and establishment in the industry are one of the key reasons why a lot of bodybuilders are using Animal Stak in the first place.

Animal Stak Ingredients

Majority of the bad reviews that Animal Stak is getting, and rightfully so, are because they do not disclose the dosages of the massive list of ingredients making up this product. It is a very serious problem. Think about it, how do you know there is enough of a particular ingredient to make it beneficial? For all, we know they might just have released a minor drop of an ingredient not enough to make any difference but still add it to the list.

The list of ingredients released, however, does contain some compounds that are scientifically proven to be essential in boosting testosterone levels. This list is, unfortunately, so long and we honestly cannot cover each one of them. A long list can be a good thing in that you will find they’ve added almost everything that you need. It can also be very worrying because how in the world will you keep track of all the stuff added in this supplement? If you are a lazy reader you can easily miss out on a compound you don’t like or are allergic to when going through this list. The notable ingredients, however, include:

  1. Magnesium – It is a useful addition which promotes cellular processes in body tissues. Magnesium will improve muscle relaxation and general nerve health which is a huge boost if you are engaged in highly intensive workouts.
  2. Vitamin B6 – This vitamin controls estrogen levels while encouraging testosterone production in the body.
  3. L-Carnitine – Carnitine gives endurance that every bodybuilder need. It reduces fatiguing allowing you to increase your workout time significantly.
  4. Vitamin D-3 – It is beneficial particularly for people with testosterone deficiency.
  5. Vitamin C – when your bodybuilding exercises are paying off your body starts gaining so much strength and muscles. While this is what you are looking for it can be hazardous if you are not using an antioxidant such as Vitamin C. This is because the rapid growth of muscles can damage your cells affecting both your physical and cognitive functions.
  6. Fenugreek and Tribulus – Both of these increase sexual desire in a man. This could be useful if you are experiencing dwindling sexual urges but again the problem is you don’t know how much of it is in there. I mean, what if there’s too much of it to affect my day job interaction with women at the supermarket? Or what if there’s too little of it yet I was counting on it to give my wife a warm welcome back from her business trip?

While Universal Nutrition probably went through hell trying to fit all their ingredients in these supplements, there are other notable absentees that we can’t fail to mention. If you’ve been using bodybuilding supplements for long enough, then you know that oyster extracts, Ginseng, and D-Aspartic Acid are incredible testosterone boosters. Somehow they didn’t make it to this long list of Animal Stak ingredients.

Benefits of Using Animal Stak

With all the experience and research invested in coming up with this formulae, there are definitely some positives you can get out of it. Some of its users have experienced:

  1. A natural increase of energy and strength. A lot of people have benefited from this power helping their development into heavier lifts and exercises.
  2. A reduction in fat and a significant increase in lean muscle mass. Users have talked about how they managed to lose a lot of fat becoming more muscular and with a better physique thanks to this product.
  3. A natural boost in testosterone levels. A few users claimed to have had an increase in testosterone, but this, however, does not have any supporting evidence.
  4. Increase in libido. One or two clients also talked about a more vibrant sexual drive backed up with body energy.

Potential Side Effects

Animal Stak is not just all paradise with no hiccups. Several users have testified some of the following side effects:

  1. Pimples
  2. Acne
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Prolonged erections
  5. And troubles getting sleep at night

Telling you to avoid using this product due to these side effects will, however, be a bit misguided. This is because a majority, if not all, supplements are associated with one or two side effects. If you were to avoid every supplement because it has given someone somewhere a headache, then chances are you’ll never get a product. The best way to go around these effects is by consulting a physician before using this or any other supplements to get one that’ll be perfect for you.

Who is Animal Stak meant for?

Animal Stak formula, ingredient list, and marketing strategy all point to one direction, and this is to help bodybuilders gain muscles. If you hence, want to build your muscles naturally then you are the target market for this item.

Who should avoid Anima Stak?

Animal Stak, termed as anabolic hormone booster, does not explicitly focus on increasing testosterone levels. If all you are interested in is to increase your testosterone levels, then you are better off looking for a more direct supplement.

Taking Animal Stak

Animal Stak comes in pills packed in a tiny edge case. Inside the case are several bags filled with pills. If you are going to use Animal Stak, then you should know it involves taking a lot of pills, a lot! Its guide directs you to take a single pack of the capsules each day. You should continue taking these pills for three weeks. You are always advised to stop taking the supplement after precisely three weeks. It will help you to avoid potentially overloading your kidney and to prevent your body from getting used to the pills. If you wish to continue using them you should do so after a one week break.

These pills should be taken 30 minutes before starting your workout. You should take them on an empty stomach or at night if it’s your rest day.

Where can I purchase Animal Stak?

This supplement is very easy to find whether you are looking for it online or in pharmaceutical outlets. You can get it on Amazon, GNC, and the official bodybuilding website. It is also available at Brick & Mortar vitamin Shops.


If you can search on your browser reviews about this supplement, then you will find Animal Stak has changed people’s lives. That’s good for them. But we just feel that there are not enough clinical studies to support their claim as the complete anabolic hormone support, and this is a big concern. We all want something that has gone through several trials reaffirming its efficacy. Another big con with this supplement is the lack of dosages of the enormous list of ingredients making it up. In this day and age, we all feel safer having access to the finer details of everything going down our throats. Therefore, if personally, I was looking for a testosterone booster, then I feel that I can find one with lesser contents which will give me the results I’m looking for without having to take any other unnecessary ingredients.

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