Apidren Review 2018- Does it work? (Updated July 2019)

What is Apidren?

Apidren is a dietary supplement that claims to jump-start your weight loss program with a bang ensuring that your entire weight loss journey is both smooth and highly successful. The supplement claims to be equipped with only the best and most potent natural ingredients that will fill you with the confidence necessary to take up your weight loss challenge and come out victorious looking fitter and healthier than ever before. Unfortunately for us, the majority of the few information given by the manufacturers seems to be all marketing while the rest of the details is all about how you can purchase the product. Nevertheless, here is the information you need to know about this dietary supplement before deciding on ordering one.

Apidren claims to be a weight loss supplement made of clinically studied proprietary compounds that are formulated towards delivering exceptional weight loss results. This supplement is believed to tackle weight loss through boosting metabolism, reducing appetite and breaking down of fat. These are all the things that we look for in a weight loss supplements, and hence every product will always claim to have such benefits even when some are too weak or just ineffective.


What may raise your concern, however, is the significant number of negative customer reviews complaining about its performance. When purchasing a dietary supplement, user testimonials always give you an insight of what to potentially expect from a supplement. Coming across a large number of dissatisfied customers, therefore, is never a good sign yet that is not the only problem to worry about with Apidren. Its manufacturer, NutriPharm LLC, doesn’t have an official website. How is this a problem? Well, without the official website there is insufficient information you can get the supplement. You are forced to rely on third parties like Amazon and other sites to get details which could be distorted. When you are consuming pills to change how you look, it is always vital to have almost every aspect about the tablets to make sure that you are okay with the outcome something that has become somewhat difficult to do with Apidren.

Apidren Ingredients

This supplement is made of a proprietary blend broken into two categorized. So, with this supplement, it is not only hard to gain information about its components, but it is also impossible to know how much of the elements are in the supplement! This is not a confidence builder, and a lot of people always opt to stay away from supplements with proprietary blends. Apidren woes don’t end there. The two categorize of the proprietary blend are Fat Oxidation Blend and Thermic Energy Blend. The former is around 435mg while the later combination takes up just 275mg. If you are well familiar with the supplement industry, then you know that unless ingredients are appropriately dozed, they cannot offer any of their benefits. When a single blend containing just 435 mg has four or more compounds, it is very likely that these chemicals are under-dosed which makes the entire formula and product too weak to function.

Let’s give Apidren the benefit of the doubt and go through a few of the specific ingredients used and the science behind them:

  • Garcinia Mangostana Extracts

This is a tropical fruit grown in Florida, India, and Asia that is associated with multiple health benefits. The extracts have been used to treat urinary tract infections, skin problems among many other issues. In weight loss, however, it is not a very common nutrient. Perhaps this is because of the limited clinical data available about the compounds. The little studies conducted on it also didn’t come up with any promising outcomes on weight loss benefits. It is, in fact, further questioned for potentially causing severe side effects. Web MD, for instance, said: “Not enough reliable data is available to know if Mangostana products are safe for medicinal use.” Such a comment is worrying especially for overweight people who are already taking medications for other conditions.

The University of London also explained that the “serious weakness in our knowledge is the lack of clinical data” and this makes it even more unconvincing on its benefits in weight loss.

The manufacturers, however, are convinced otherwise, and in the brief Apidren website we see them talking of three clinical trials that have confirmed Garcinia Mangostana Extract’s benefits. They, however, fail to provide any links or mention any scientists that took part in those studies.

  • Sphaeranthus Indicus Extracts

This herb, native from India, was initially used as an anti-inflammatory and in the regulation of blood sugar in the body. Apidren claims that the compound is also useful for weight loss thus its inclusion in the supplement. One study claimed that Sphaeranthus Indicus Extracts when used alongside Garcinia Mangostana can elicit excellent weight loss benefits. This was a promising study until we found out that it was conducted by a firm which had just made a supplement with a proprietary blend of the two compounds.

These extracts are, therefore, speculative and we can’t tell both its benefits and the potential side effects that may result from its use.

  • Green Tea Extracts

Probably the best ingredient added in the supplement. Green tea appears in almost every weight loss supplement, and this is apparently due to the many clinical trials that have shown its benefits. The extracts contain catechins capable of boosting metabolism to promote the breaking down of fats. The anti-oxidant nature of these extracts also helps in protecting your cells which improves your general health.

Green tea extracts also contain caffeine that can also boost metabolism in the body. By increasing your metabolic rate, the compound will be reducing adipose in the body while also increasing your energy levels for more productive exercises.

Supplementation of green tea extracts should, however, be carefully monitored because of high levels of caffeine can cause severe side effects such as a headache, jitters and irregular heartbeats.

  • Natural Caffeine

Natural caffeine is used as an energy booster and also for improving mental performance. It is believed that this compound can assist in increasing one’s concentration and clarity which should be used when trying to lose weight. With the compound increasing energy, its users can also expect to undertake more rigorous workouts which should see faster weight loss results.

This compound has the same problems as the caffeine contained in green tea extracts hence its dosages should be carefully checked too.

  • Theobromine

Another stimulant contained in this supplement. Theobromine is allegedly included to boost mental health and promote people’s focus. With better mental health the manufacturers hope that emotional eating will be eliminated which should prevent weight gain. The presence of this and other stimulants make it difficult to combine this product with other supplements.

Other compounds used include Higenamine and Purple tea containing GHG.

Benefits of Using Apidren

This product claims to offer:

  • Reduced appetite
  • Improved metabolism
  • Increased energy levels
  • Fat burning

With the ingredients used it becomes a bit difficult to see how some of these benefits can be achieved. There is, for example, no potent ingredient backed with studies which can help to suppress your appetite.

Side effects of using Apidren

The supplement is associated with several side effects most of which are as a result of the used stimulants. Usage of Apidren can result in dizziness, stomach upsets, insomnia, jitters, and headaches.

Individuals with preexisting medical conditions are warned against using the supplement unless they are allowed by their physicians. Nursing and pregnant mothers should also avoid using the supplement.

User Testimonials

“This pill made my throat feel like it was closing. I stopped using it for a week, tried it again, and it did the same thing. It did not give me any boost in energy like some others have.” By J Lindquist

“I used the product exactly as directed with healthy eating, I’m a nurse, wife, and mother, I don’t have time for a gym membership, not if I ever want to see my family anyway, so I’m fairly active at work (certainly not a desk job), but this did absolutely nothing for me. Just a waste of $70.” By Anonymous User

Taking Apidren

For beginners, it is recommended to take one capsule every morning. Once your body has adjusted to the supplement, you can add one more tablet to two. Better results can be achieved by taking the supplement 30 minutes before a meal.

Where can I buy Apidren?

Apidren is mainly available on Amazon where a bottle of 60 pills is sold for at least $43.95. It is, therefore, one of the costly dietary supplements with its price sometimes going as high as $90!

Verdict on Apidren

Other than Green Tea extracts it is hard to see how the other ingredients can help you to lose the bothering stubborn pounds. This supplement is filled with quite a significant number of experimental compounds which means that the results are not guaranteed. Presence of several stimulants also makes the supplement quite harmful for use. For its price, you can get some incredible dietary supplements whose performance and ingredients are supported by reliable clinical studies.


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