Assault Bike Review 2018 -Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

Assault Bike Overview

The assault bike is a heavy-duty exercise bike that helps you build an aerobic training capacity without losing your muscle mass and strength. A great way to modify your workout by providing a way you pump your blood throughout your entire body as well as burn calories than a regular spin bike.

Can be used by a beginner, a rehabilitating athlete or a seasoned pro trainer. It uses a fan to generate wind resistance and the resistance on the bike adapts to your pace and works in such a way that the harder you work out the more resistance you feel.

Has handles which move with your pedaling movements so you are ensured to get a full body workout as well as work on your legs. The wind resistance adapts to your pace and the bike has customized seat adjustments to provide a comfortable feeling while working out. Contains an LCD display which is easy to navigate to be able to track your heartbeat, speed, time, calories burned or more. It provides an excellent workout because it can burn up to 80 calories in a minute.

An assault bike provides a perfect tool for high-intensity level training while having nearly unlimited workouts program with adjustments and multiple options to suit individual needs and wants.

It is a great way to enhance your mindset and stamina by testing your mental toughness and also have a positive mindset.

One should consider buying this equipment if ;

  • Beginners to high-intensity level training because it helps to deliver a very low impact  session
  • People who have little time to exercise because it provides a full body workout in less than 20 minutes
  • Fit people who want to take it to the next level by proving the needed kick because the harder you work out the more resistance it will give back.
  • People who want something efficient and simple

Features of Assault Bike

  • Heavy duty frame to prevent wobbliness
  • Large digital console to monitor your workout
  • Has a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds and is suitable for people who are looking to shed weight and can also support the weight
  • Contains wheels to enable easy movement from one place to another
  • The six-way adjustable seat can be moved front and back, up and down and also be tilted.
  • Ball bearings throughout the frame and pivot point to provide a smooth and durable feel
  • Unlimited resistance for upper and lower body extremities
  • Twenty-five-inch diameter steel fan to deliver maximum resistance
  • Contain computer features with programs for motivating you to accomplish your fitness goals
  • A linkage arm to ensure durability
  • Bell casts made from cast iron to be able to handle force and impact cast upon the equipment during workouts
  • Industrial powder coating for durability
  • Assault windscreen to block the air from your face during workouts and also it helps to reduce the fan noise
  • Has a solid 3 piece crankset with a solid piece crank arm that supports a user in a standing pedaling position
  •  The console contains a custom function that enables you to create your own workout intervals
  • The assault bike comes fully assembled from the manufacturer
  • The bike requires lubrication after every two months
  • The handlebars are made of rubber
  • It can accommodate users between 153cm to 198 cm in height
  • It has a durable synthetic upholstery
  • The manufacturer offers a seat cover in case the seat cover gets torn

How to Use this Equipment

  • Sit on the seat of the assault bike
  • Place your feet on the pedals and grab the handles and start pedaling slowly at first
  • Move the handle back and forth and the air resistance will increase depending on how fast you pump the pedals and handles
  • Speed up and keep your back straight
  • Maintain a steady pace for 20 to 60 for a more aerobic workout
  • For a sprint workout start with a warm up then start peddling as fast as possible for 40 seconds then pause for around 20 seconds to transition between each round.

Benefits of the Assault Bike

  • Provides a low impact and total body workout
  • Provides wind resistance to customize every stage of your workout
  • It challenges your quads and arms in different ways
  • Helps you burn up to 75 calories a minute depending on your speed
  • It is more durable when handled correctly and can last a decade or more
  • Makes you use your entire body which ensures you have the best cardio workout
  • Helps the body build overall strength because it enables you to work on your core as well as your four limbs
  • Helps you have an active recovery
  • Helps to provide you with movement without the impact by getting your blood flowing and helping you recover from injuries
  • Helps you learn how to control your mind during workouts
  • Helps to condition you by helping you break your plateau
  • Helps you have a more energized regimen by involving your whole body and ensuring your alert and not bored

Has a display screen which provides you with information such as heart rate, distance covered and elapsed time.

Helps you maintain your focus by ensuring your hands are always attached to the handlebars.

Difference between Assault bike and Schwinn ADS Airdyne bike

An assault bike has a chain drive while an ADS bike has a belt drive. A chain drive does not require a lot of maintenance it just needs to be lubricated and adjusted to relieve tension as required whereas a belt drive stretches and would need to be constantly replaced with the help of a specialist.

An assault bike allows you to set your own workout regimen and time intervals whereas in ADS you can not

ADS bike has plastic blades whereas Assault  bike has  metal blades which is more durable and provides more resistance

ADS bike comes with a water bottle while an Assault bike you have to purchase your water bottle separately.

The straps on the pedal of   an ADS bike holds  your feet while exercising whereas an Assault bike has a pedal with no strap just a normal  regular bike

Assault bike offers more functionality and it is easy to use compared to ADS bike

ADS bike can hold up to 300 pounds of weight whereas in Assault bike it can hold up to 350 pounds of weight.

The ADS bike weighs 115lbs whereas an Assault bike weighs 98 pounds

Differences between Rogue Echo bike and Assault Bike

The Rogue Echo bike uses a belt drive system which is more quiet and does not leak energy because it does not have a gap between the pressing of the pedals and where the fan spins whereas an Assault bike it uses a chain driven system and leaks energy because of the gap between the pressing of the pedals and when the fan moves.

The Rogue Echo bike is sturdier and weighs around 140 pounds compared to an Assault bike which weighs around 98 pounds

Due to its sturdier frame, the Rogue Echo bike takes a lot of space compared to the Assault Bike

The Rogue Echo bike has a knurled footpegs that grip your shoes when working out but an Assault bike does not have a knurled footpegs


  • Recommended for people who are recovering from orthopedic surgeries because of the minimal impact on the knee, ankles and knee joints
  • Burns up to 450 calories per 30-minute session depending on the speed of how fast you were pedaling
  • Increases endurance to the muscles which include the biceps, calves, triceps, shoulders, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes
  • It releases endorphins which enhance the body immune response and helps you decrease your stress levels
  • Lowers your heart rate
  • Lowers your cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Decreases your risk of coronary artery disease
  • Supports any strength levels
  • Provides infinite resistance because of the 27-inch fan
  • It is very low maintenance  because of the heavy durable steel frame
  • Has a very competitive warranty
  • Contains an eight-week workout program to help you on your workout journey
  • They are user-friendly
  • They are comfortable to use
  • They track the user’s progress
  • They are ideal for both beginners and advanced users.


  •  It may be quite costly to purchase.
  •  It is not foldable or compact
  •  Does not have a sound system or online connectivity
  • Does not have a chest strap which has a heart rate transmitter


Assault bikes at Amazon cost 799 dollars


Before you decide to purchase an assault bike, make sure you decide on some factors. Space that the equipment will occupy, the price range of the machine you want to buy,  the purpose of the bike and the impact you want it to have. This will help you choose the right air bike that will work for your needs.

There is a very wide variety of air bikes in the market. You should take your time in selecting the best bike by going through their features and what they offer























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