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What is Atrafen?

According to Nutratech Health, the manufacturers of Atrafen, they started the production of diet pill to deliver us all from companies they termed “price gouging hooligans” selling pills that come with “bold claims & unrealistic promises.” It is true that today’s diet pills consumers need some deliverance due to the continued increase in the number of ineffective diet products out there. To save us from the rogue unscrupulous diet manufacturers, Nutratech Health provides us with Atrafen one of their revolutionary diet pills that promise to take weight loss programs to a whole new level. We are, however, used to such bold statements most of which usually end up being nothing but short of a hoax. Where does Atrafen rank though, is it one of the few reliable diet pills recommended?

Atrafen is a weight loss product that claims to instigate the burning down of calories and weight loss through a variety of approaches. This thermogenic pill is formulated using several active natural ingredients that are allegedly exceptional when it comes to fat loss. According to Nutratech Health, the idea behind this product is not just about burning down fat. They claim to have taken significant steps towards ensuring that this happens within a concise time, unlike most other diet pills. This can be an incredible benefit if indeed it works. Additionally, the product is said to be capable of boosting one’s energy levels. By doing so, the manufacturers say that you will be more than capable of engaging in all possible physical activities which should help to shed off the excessive weight in the body.

Other than burning down fat and increasing energy levels, Atrafen is purportedly designed to suppress your appetite ensuring that you only consume the right amount of the healthy food. Imagine going through the vending machine or a drive through with no urge whatsoever of ordering some junk food! That is the ability that Atrafen claims to give its users. Furthermore, it will expedite your metabolism which not only aids in faster burning of fat but also helps to fuel you into performing strenuous activities.

So, how does Atrafen manage to do all this?

Atrafen ingredients

A diet supplement is only as powerful as its ingredients. If a pill is made of weak or useless elements, then it doesn’t matter what the manufacturers will claim it can do because, in the end, the ingredients will still not be powerful enough to deliver any of the results. It is for this reason that we are always looking out for the compounds used and the science behind them because this is the best way for us to tell whether indeed there’s anything these pills can do.

The first problem that we come across when looking at the ingredients of this supplement is the used proprietary formula. We have never been fans of proprietary blends, and in fact, we encourage users to try as much as possible to stay away from such supplements. Some of the reasons for this is that such blends do not give us the opportunity to estimate the interactions of the ingredients used. The best way to identify how the ingredients can interact and provide their associated benefits is by looking at the dosages, yet proprietary blends don’t provide us with any.

Secondly, you can’t use such blends to make future decisions about buying another supplement. This product may cause you an adverse effect due to one ingredient which may be overdosed, but since you don’t know how much is in it, you can’t decide how much of the same compound can be contained in your future supplements.

Atrafen, therefore, is presented to us as a 600mg proprietary blend containing the following ingredients.

  • Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone is extracted from berries and is thought to be capable of promoting weight loss through several approaches. There are claims that these berries can assist in the burning down of fats by increasing the production of adiponectin. This is a protein that can break down fat within the body thus reducing adipose and overall body weight. Moreover, Raspberry Ketone is also believed to be capable of regulating glucose levels in the body. By controlling your sugar levels, this protein helps to ensure that hunger and sugar cravings are also monitored. The less you feel hungry, and in need of consuming something the less, you will eat which consequently translates into a more significant weight loss impact. The berries have also been associated with a faster metabolism that increases energy levels while burning down calories.

Raspberry Ketone has been linked with a variety of benefits, but unfortunately, its track record when you look at the clinical trials done isn’t compelling. Firstly, you will notice that there are very few studies done on humans to prove its efficacy. Most tests were done on animals, and hence we can’t tell how well the drug could work in humans. Another problem is that most of the studies that recorded positive outcomes in animals had used high dosages. Such dosages can be harmful to human beings and besides that, we don’t think Atrafen has such beneficial but potentially harmful dosages of Raspberry ketone in the first place. The only decent research that showed potential weight loss benefits of this ingredient in humans had used the berries alongside other compounds. This means that we don’t know whether it’s the berries that caused the positive outcome or the other compounds.

  • African Mango Extracts

The subject of the contribution of African Mango in weight loss has always been a controversial one. Majority of the companies using this extract for weight loss purposes do so by associating it with one study done way back in 2005. This study was marked with major flaws and is hence considered unreliable, but most people still use the extracts. They claim that it can increase production of adiponectin which speeds up the burning of fat. It is also believed to contain leptin a hormone that can control hunger levels which puts people in a better condition to control what and how much they eat.

A few of the other studies that attempted to see the impact of these extracts on weight loss used high dosages of the compound which we honestly don’t think are available in Atrafen. We, therefore, cannot know just how beneficial African mango extracts are. At least not with the information available at the moment.

  • Green tea Extracts

Green tea extract is widely advertised as a weight loss hack, and there is indeed some evidence to support these claims. Green tea contains caffeine and a compound known as EGCG. These help in boosting the amount of norepinephrine present in the body. Norepinephrine is known to promote the breakdown of fat.

Moreover, Green tea has been associated with weight loss through increased metabolic rate. This compound has a thermogenic effect that boosts one’s core body temperature. As metabolism increases, more calories are burnt, and you get higher energy levels to go about your daily routine.

There is, however, no real evidence showing just how much weight one can lose due to green tea. Another issue with this extract is that majority of the studies that came with positive outcomes had used around 400mg of the compound EGCG present in green tea. This is not nearly enough what is probably contained in Atrafen.

Other ingredients used in this formula include Acai, Caffeine Anhydrous, Grapefruit powder, Apple Cider Vinegar, Magnesium, and Calcium.

Potential side effects of using Atrafen

The manufacturer and the product’s labels do not mention any adverse reactions. We, however, know that diet supplements are always associated with various side effects. Some of the ingredients used can also independently cause some harmful effects to the users. A few of the possible side effects here include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Stomachache
  • Sometimes diarrhea caused by Acai

People under other medications are also warned against using these pill without a doctor’s green light.

User Testimonials

Atrafen has received a mixture of reviews which makes it even harder for us to determine whether this product has any benefits. Two samples of online reviews include:

“Decent Product that works. I like the way it suppresses my appetite and increases my energy without me shaking or having chill sweats and headaches like other pills. I’ve lost 3 pounds within 12 days by only adding this pill to my daily routine and changed nothing else. This is not an overnight miracle product but slowly delivers what it promises.”

“I haven’t noticed any change from this, and I have used the entire bottle. Won’t be purchasing it again.”

Where can I buy Astrafen?

Astrafen is available online on Amazon and the manufacturer’s website. A single bottle retails at $41.99 on the Nutratech health website but may be cheaper on Amazon.

Verdict on Atrafen

Astrafen is not a convincing diet supplement as far as we can tell. Some users have experienced positive changes (good for them), but from the compounds used and the little studies surrounding them, it is hard to recommend the product. Charging over $40 for such a supplement also seems quite expensive.

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