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Bauer Nutrition Review- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

Bauer Nutrition Review

In today’s time and day, when looking good is extremely important, there are various companies that bring to us products that claim that they will make us look and feel better. These products range from health products to slimming products and steroids. One such brand is USA based Bauer nutrition. Bauer nutrition is a brand name of the company Wolfsen Berg Limited. According to their website, Bauer nutrition distributes Healthcare supplements globally. They have a range of products that stretch from weight loss supplements to health care, sports nutrition, and beauty.  Bauer nutrition suggests that it only deals with premium supplements point to read between the lines their products are exorbitant.  What is also interesting about Bauer nutrition is that it is not just another shady business trying to sell under tested products to gullible customers. A quick glance at their website gives the impression of a brand that provides safe, effective and guaranteed products. Their products seem to be well curated by their team of experts and are well documented about on their website for their users to be aware of them.

bauer nutrition
bauer nutrition


Speaking of the products that Bauer nutrition offers it is safe to assume that they have a product for all sorts of requirements. They stock over a hundred products which are not just consumables but also skin patches, accessories and other necessary products for Healthcare. In their weight loss category, they have All sorts of popular as well as not well-known products from Raspberry ketones to Garcinia Cambogia. The sheer variety of products that Bauer nutrition stocks are what makes the company a good source to buy from. Bauer nutrition also stocks steroids and sports nutrition supplements which claim to Help users achieve their fitness goals. In their general health section, they offer sleep aid products, Vitamins, and supplements. The range of products in all sections is well curated as well as well researched upon.



Bauer nutrition has a strong presence online. Their website itself is an impressive e-commerce hub for online supplement shopping. In addition to that, they maintain a great deal of presence on major e-commerce websites such as Amazon and health websites as well. Their customers are well scattered across the world and the brand is well known. Their Blog acts as an informative resource for people who are looking to improve their knowledge of supplements, weight loss, sports nutrition or any other relevant topic.

Reviews of Bauer Nutrition

When it comes to reviews for Bauer nutrition they are not exactly uniform. Some users have had pleasant experience shopping from Bauer but some have issues that haven’t been sorted by the company in an appropriate amount of time. One of the users mentioned, “I ordered a product a month ago and still haven’t received it. I got an email over a week ago saying it had shipped and yet still no package yet. I have tried contacting via email and phone and am unable to track my package. So frustrating. I will not order from them again. I’m sorry. Seems unprofessional that I haven’t received any information about why it is taking so long.”

However, this is not a constant when it comes to Bauer nutritions services. There are various users who have provided positive reviews for the brand. One of the users say, “I tried other products but they had bad side effects. Bauer Nutrition’s products are a huge success and have no side effects. Your product is what I was searching for. I’m 54 and I have have no regrets after I’ve found Bauer Nutrition Products. They are the answer to my sexual and other health problems.”

With misleading reviews as these, it is safe to assume that Bauer nutrition provides moderate service and its service quality is not constant.

Offers and Pricing

One of the biggest criticisms of Bauer nutrition is that the products stocked by them are pretty expensive and are not exactly reasonably priced. However, to counter this. Bauer provides a variety of deals that ensure that the products are not too heavy on your pockets. The following two offers are particularly appealing:

  1. If you buy three bottles of supplements from Bauer nutritions directly, you get three more bottles free.
  2. If you buy two bottles of supplements from Bauer nutritions directly, you get another bottle free.

These two offers cut down the price by almost a half and ensure that the products are reasonable for most users. However, certain products do not have any offers on them.

Along with the above mentioned offers, Bauer nutrition also provides money back guarantee on certain products and their functionality.


When it comes to buying health products and supplements online, one is always a little skeptical. The lack of personal touch makes people wonder about the effectiveness and authenticity of the products. Therefore, when they buy supplements online, they need to be quite sure that the brand is genuine and reliable. Bauer nutrition definitely fall under that label. Bauer nutrition has established itself as a reliable and strong brand name in the supplement market and is well known to the users. As far as their service is concerned, there are questions regarding the same. Some users have reported great service whereas others have had complaints in regards with the same. Therefore, it can be said that their services are not uniform to all consumers. However, their products are well appreciated by most customers and the reviews for the products are good too. However, when it comes to ordering supplements online, there are always various aspects to be considered. Given that their money back guarantee is unclear and that users have had issues claiming the same in the past, it is clear that the services are questionable.  However, to commit a large amount to them the first time is not recommended. If you are willing to try them out, you could order a small package and review the service before investing too much in the brand.


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