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The Best AB Workouts To Get a Six Pack (Updated July 2019)

What are Ab Workouts?

The abdominal muscles form the lateral and anterior abdominal wall and they consist of external abdominal oblique’s, the rectus abdominis and the transversus abdominus and they function together to form a very firm and tough wall that helps in protecting the viscera and also in maintaining a good posture.

The abdominal muscles help to increase the intra-abdominal pressure that is used in childbirth, lifting, defecating, coughing and sneezing.

There are machines that help you to exercise the abdominal/stomach muscles. Abdominal exercises are very useful in building abdominal muscles which are useful for improving the performance of certain sports, back pain and also for withstanding abdominal impacts like taking punches to the stomach. It is said that these exercises are known to increase the endurance and strength of the abdominal muscles.

There is various equipment that can be used to help you to strengthen your abs and core areas and they include the AB crunch machine, The wonder core smart, Elite core exercise sliders, Perfect Fitness AB carver pro roller for core ab workouts.

AB Crunch Machine

It has a smooth moving mechanism and solid workmanship that isolates the AB muscles for a complete workout. This machine is perfect for anyone working to achieve powerful and tight abs. It is efficient for both beginners and advanced users. This machine works on different muscles all in one making the user to avoid purchasing a couple of equipment to achieve the workout they were aiming at.  This makes it ideal compared to other equipment out there in the market.

The Wonder Core Smart

This type of equipment has a simple design but it is highly effective. It is a Great equipment to use at home since it doesn’t occupy a lot of space.  It is very portable and not healthy carry. When it comes to core workout, it gives the user an intense workout that can be done in the comfort of their home. It is small, lightweight and easy to store and transport. It provides adjustable resistance when working out.

This equipment allows the user to have various exercises including some leg and glutes workout that gives the user a more toned and sculptured look.

Elite core exercise sliders.

This is also simple equipment used for ab workouts. It can be used when doing some cardio, strength training, yoga or Pilate’s body. These sliders can be used on carpet or hardwood floors. They are lightweight and can be carried with a lot of ease. They don’t occupy a lot of space and can be easily stored.

 Perfect Fitness AB Carver Pro roller for Core Workouts

This type of roller contains a special spring which drives the kinetic assist engine inside the roller. The engine is designed to make the AB circuit more efficient. It also helps to perform the required motion working out by making it be more accurate to improve the results and lower the risk of injury from poor form.

The roller is a bit wider and the handles stick out further to help the user balance with a lot ease.  It helps the user focus on the workout and not on trying to stay upright.

It is durable since it is made to be heavy duty meaning it will serve the user for a very long time.

Benefits of AB Workouts

  • These ab workouts provide the athlete with enough power to your limbs so that you can be able to punch harder and overall helps you train your core and also provide you with speed and strength
  • These ab workouts will help you have a strong core which will help you be able to keep your torso balanced even if you are walking or playing fitness sports and this helps you also to avoid injuries and your movements will be more efficient
  • They help you to prevent and control lower back pain, especially those ab workouts such as side planks, bird dogs, curlups, are an exercise that helps you be still and not harm your spine
  • It can help you stand up taller by improving your posture and such kind of exercise is Pilates
  • When your core is strengthened it lets you as an athlete is able to have a strong base from which you can be able to lift more weight
  • It helps you to become agiler and be able you take on more strength training activities
  • They help to enhance recovery and control inflammation and let you be able to live longer


  • Ensure that you maintain the correct position before it is very vital and if you do not do it might cause the neck to be strained
  • That the workout you have chosen you can be able to increase the resistance level as you wish
  • That the ab workouts help you to add muscle mass
  • It can be able to maintain the stability of your body as you go through the motion of each exercise
  • It will help to protect you from lower back problems
  • It will help you to improve your posture

Disadvantages of ab workouts

During some of the ab workouts when you do not maintain the intended corrected form it might make you have neck injuries and also put a strain to your back area

How to do These AB Exercises

Sit-ups – First you lie down on the floor placing your feet under something that will not move make sure that your legs are bent at an angle. Then you should place your hands behind the back of your head and clasp your fingers together this should be your starting position, lift your upper body making sure that you create a v shape with your thighs then breathe out when you start feeling the contraction lower your body back to the ground and inhale repeat this movement for the recommended amount of time

Flat bench lying leg raise – First you should lie with your back flat on a bench then slowly extend your legs in front of you then place your hands by your sides holding onto the bench  or under your glutes with your palms facing down this will be the starting position of your workout then keep your legs extended forward as straight as possible and you should be slightly bent then raise your legs till they form a ninety  degrees angle on the floor exhale and hold the contraction at the top of the ground then inhale as you return your legs to the starting position and  repeat this movement for the recommended amount of time

Jackknife Sit-Up

You first lie on your back on the exercise mat then ensure that your legs are extended, and also your arms should be extended straight back behind your head this is your starting position then exhale and bend your waist a bit and raise your legs and arms at a thirty five to forty five degree angle from the floor this is known as the jackknife position. Your arms and legs should be extended and parallel to one another then inhale and lower your arms and legs back to the starting position ensure that you repeat this workout as recommended

Toe Touchers 

First you should lie on the floor making sure that your back is pressed on the floor and your arms should be across your side while the palms should be facing down the slowly extend your legs up in the air till they are almost perpendicular and parallel to the floor  make sure you bend your knees slightly and then move your arms making sure that they are fully extended at a forty-five degrees angle from the floor this should be your starting position continue to keep your lower back pressed on the floor then lift your torso up slowly and try to use your hands to touch your toes make sure to remember to inhale when you do this routine then begin to lower your torso and arms  down slowly and revert to the starting position repeat this workout as many times as possible


Ensure that you first lie flat on your back  on an exercise mat or a bench making sure your knees are bent at a ninety degree angle and if you are doing this exercise on a bench make sure that your feet are three  to four inches apart and the toes are inward then place your hands gently on either side of your head ensuring that your elbows are locked in then push the small part of your back down on the floor and begin to roll your shoulders off the floor then continuously push down with your lower back  as hard as you can to isolate your abdominal muscles and contract the abdominals for a second  and then exhale. After the one second contraction, start coming down slowly to the starting position. Repeat this workout as much as you can


The prices on the ab workout equipment will always vary depending on the different varieties available in the market and their specifications and features on each one of them and it is always recommended to check the Amazon website for more information concerning the price

Conclusion on Ab Exercises

AB workouts can be used by beginners who are looking into exercises that can straighten their core and the best time to do these ab workouts should be first thing early in the morning and it will help to spice up your metabolism.

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