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The Best Back Workouts Reviewed 2018 (Updated July 2019)

Introduction to Back Workouts

The back is the largest muscle group in the body and it is made up of several distinct muscles such as the trapezius muscles, rhomboids, infraspinatus, teres major and minor,itissimus dorsi and erector spinae.


Firstly you have to focus on getting stronger especially if you want to gain muscles ensure that you lift heavy weights.

The back is strong and can take a few beating so you must ensure that you push yourself hard enough in order to make real progress.

In order to be able to build a strong foundation, you should do workouts that feature a bit of isolation work which helps to shape the lats muscles and also include some compound exercises.

If you want to get stronger you have to add more weight to the machine over time and this will make you get stronger and also build muscle mass.

You have to ensure that the back works do not focus on one component but focus on other muscles of the back area because if you focus on one area it may lead to inconsistencies in strength as well as aesthetics make sure that all your workouts hit all the major muscles in the back area.

Ensure that you use enough variation but not too much you do not need to do a ton of variation in order to get stronger and build muscle over time but just focus on adding weight and doing progressive overload.

Ensure that you do variations which simply means that you should switch up your workouts every once in a while or you could perform the same basic exercises but from slightly different angles or positions to target all the other small muscles in the back region.

Benefits of Back Workouts

The large muscles in your back helps to shape your body and can cover up the trouble areas and they include the latissimus dorsi which is the large wing-shaped muscles on the sides of your back when they are in shape they create an inverted triangle shape, the lats when they are strong they help to give your upper body a wider appearance while making your lower body look smaller. The gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus are muscles that help shape the back and sides of your behind especially for people who want a butt that is good to look at and around, lifted derrière takes the focus off of your thighs.

The bundle of muscles that line up along your spine can help you build a tall and confident appearance the erector spinae muscles helps to flex the torso and help to hold your body upright. A back workout that is strengthening will also help to build awareness of these muscles in order to prevent slouching and hunching over.

A good back workout can help prevent those annoying cramps and strain especially if you’re used to sitting for long hours the muscles on your back are as strong as the muscles in the front of your body and they do not get the muscular imbalances that can create discomfort.

A strong back will help you to improve your performance especially in games making the muscles to be more flexible and this will help your body to twist, turn, lift, and move through complex movements more efficiently.

When you increase the amount of muscle on your frame it will help you to maximize on your potential.

They help in ensuring that the back is healthy by allowing discs to exchange fluids and this is how the disc receives its nutrition. The healthy disc will swell with water and squeeze it out; similar to the action of a sponge where it provides nutrients to the disc and this exchange of fluids helps in the reduction of swelling in other soft tissues that surround areas where there are injured discs. When there is a lack of exercise, swelling increases and discs become malnourished and degenerated.

When you reduce stiffness by ensuring that the connective fibers of the ligaments and tendons are flexible. Mobility when it is improved through back exercise it helps to prevent the connective fibers from tearing under stress, which in turn prevents injury and back pain.

This exercise helps in increasing the stretch, repairs and strengthens muscles that help to support the back. The back and abdominal muscles they act as an internal supporting system for the vertebrae discs, facet joints, and ligaments. When the back and abdominal muscles are very weak they cannot support the back properly these exercises help to strengthen in order to prevent the straining of soft tissues such as tendons, muscles and ligaments then provide efficient support for the structures in the spine.

When the muscles are stretched they help in relieving the stress on the lower back and this helps the motion that helps in lubricating the facet joint which requires appropriate motion.


There are some back exercises rather than helping they cause more injuries such as the upright row this exercise, puts your shoulder in a dangerous position that can lead to injury and puts your shoulder in an impinged position.

  • Dumbbell Single Arm Row

First in this exercise you just require one dumbbell then place it on the ground next to a bench next you should mount the bench making sure that your weight is on the opposite knee and hand plant the same leg from the same side on the ground then bend your knees while still maintaining a straight back pick up the dumbbell with your work hand and allow it to hang straight down from the shoulder, pull the dumbbell up to your torso  side and make sure that you are not rotating your shoulders . Maintain your balance and take a pause to count before lowering the dumbbell back to the starting position

  • Inverted Row

First you must ensure that you have placed a bar about the hip height of a power rack machine then lower yourself on the ground underneath the bar  position your hands directly above your shoulders and then grab the bar  it with the overhand grip ensure that there is some space between the ground and your back to hang suspended ,after this you can fully extend your legs and let your heels to rest on the ground or you can plant your feet on the ground while you are bending your knees for easier repetitions then make sure that you pull back your shoulder blades so that you can start the repetition again then pull yourself up with your arms in order to be able to lift your chest to the bar . Ensure that your wrists are very stable and your spine is straight and that you are squeezing your glutes

  • Pull Up

Firstly you should grab the bar with a shoulder-width underhand grip then grab the parallel handles of the chin up station so that your palms are facing each other place your hands shoulder width apart an use the underhand grip with one hand and the overhand grip with the other then perform a pull up and then you can slowly lower yourself halfway down on the dead hang then pause and pull your chest to the bar again and then now slowly lower yourself all the way down to the dead hang that will be your first repetition . Secondly, perform a pull-up but make sure that you hold your chin above the bar for about ten to fifteen seconds.

  • Reverse Snow Angels

You have to first position yourself face down on the ground with your arms at your sides and your palms facing down lift your shoulders and hands a few inches from the ground by ensuring that you are pinching your scapulae and engaging your lats and rhomboids in your mid back while still facing down slowly bring up your arms past your shoulders up to your ears until your thumbs are meeting directly above your head then bring your arms back to the starting position ensure that your arms are straight and your elbows are locked throughout the entire workout  repeat this workout for about three sets of giving repetitions

  • Dolphin Kick

Firstly you should position yourself facing downwards on a bench and ensure that the crease of your hip is at the end of the bench and your feet should be firmly resting on the ground while your hands should be on the underside of the bench for support straighten your legs out by raising them up which will engage the hips spinal erectors, glutes, and abdominals. Your toes should be pointing away from your body and above your head then ensure that you hold this position for about five seconds which will engage every muscle in your body then slightly drop your feet below the bench and contract your abdominal muscles again for about four additional repetitions


The prices on the back workout equipment will always vary depending on the different varieties available in the market and their specifications and features on each one of them and it is always recommended to check the Amazon website for more information concerning the prices.

Conclusion on Back Workouts

Back workouts can be used by beginners who are looking into exercises that can straighten their back and also some of the workouts you do not need equipment just your hands and feet just ensure that you choose a workout that will work put all the back muscles








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