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Best Home Gym Review 2018 (Updated July 2019)

What is the Best Home Gym?

How much do you spend on gym membership subscriptions? How much time do you spend moving from your home to the gym and back? When you get to the gym, how many of the equipment do you usually use? The truth is that to get the best gym experience, you usually have to spend a considerable amount of cash and in the end not so many people use all the equipment in the gym. In fact, for best fitness results you probably need only two or three equipment that can handle your intensity. Additionally, the time we spend moving to and from the gym is usually quite too much which is quite inconveniencing.

home gym

So, why not get a piece of equipment that brings the gym to your house? I mean, there is some really effective best home gym equipment that is designed to give you the best workout results incorporating rowing machines, treadmills, elliptical etc. in a single unit. These machines help to eliminate the time you waste going to the gym. Furthermore, when the equipment is in your house, you can work out as much as possible utilizing every free minute that comes your way. For advanced athletes, these machines will enable you to add a few more workout sessions away from your official gym giving you an extra edge over your competitors.

What do you need to know when purchasing the best home gym equipment? Which are the best home gyms?

Guide to Purchasing the best Home Gym

With dozens of options out there shopping for the best home gym can be overwhelming. How are you supposed to make a decision on all these equipment? What’s even more worrying is that getting the wrong equipment won’t just be a waste of money but can even end up hurting your muscles.

The following are some of the most important factors that you’ll need to consider when purchasing the best home gym.

  • Space

You should take into account the size of your best home gym and compare it to your workout space. You have to make sure that the gym fits well in the needed room leaving you with enough room around to use it properly. The good thing is that some gyms are foldable and have transportation wheels that make it much easier to transport and store them.

  • Price

We wish we could get the best of everything but with limited finances we have to make sacrifices. You have to look for machines that even though they are within your price range, they still have quite a lot to offer.

  • Versatility

Don’t focus too much on price and space and forget about the versatility of the machine. An equipment could be affordable and compact, but if it’s not offering the benefits you need then what’s the point of buying it? Several equipments out there offers great muscle-building and cardio-training exercises at very affordable prices you have to get your perfect fit.

  • Adjustability

The best home gym should benefit everyone in the house. Adjustable equipment will see to it that everyone in the house can comfortably workout regardless of their weight, height and specific fitness goals.

  • Safety

Most home gyms are quite heavy, and if you include the weights, they become quite bulky. With all this weight you just can’t afford to overlook the aspect of safety. A home gym should be safely designed for you and everyone else using it.

Best Home Gyms

Bowflex Blaze

The Bowflex Blaze is up there among the most versatile home gyms in the market today. This equipment from the famous Bowflex manufacturer has received major upgrades when compared to other already popular home gyms from the same manufacturer.

It uses resistance from the durable power rods that provide up to 210lbs of resistance with an option to upgrade it all the way to 310lbs or 410lbs.

bowflex blaze
bowflex blaze

What makes Bowflex Blaze even more recommendable is its ability to offer the same intensity of workouts to both your lower and upper body parts. The machine comes with over 60 exercises that will make sure no muscles are left unworked. The high and low pulleys will adequately work out your chest, shoulders, and triceps while the leg developer, squat bar, and low cable pulleys are designed for active leg workouts. This way you’re able to witness even results and a stunning physique.


  • Squat/ low pulleys for quads, hamstring and glute workouts
  • Leg curl-extension attachment
  • A sliding seat that facilitates leg presses and aerobic rowing.
  • 210lb power rod resistance that you can upgrade to 310lbs and 410lbs
  • Lat tower to work out the shoulder and back muscles
  • Triple function ankle cuffs
  • Multiple pulleys for various workout angles

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Marcy MD-9010G

Marcy MD-9010G comes with everything you’d ever need to build muscles. This equipment is fitted with the smith machine, squat rack, cable machine and weights bench. Imagine the potency of home equipment that offers all of the workouts from the above machines. It’s an excellent home gym that’ll make sure that you don’t miss anything on your fitness journey.

The machine comes with six weight plate pegs, three on each side and hence you won’t have to spend anything more on weights. They are also easily accessible and well organized to prevent time wastage.

The frame is mounted on a 7-degree angle for a more natural position where different motions can be performed comfortably.

The bench press exercise is enhanced by the free weight rack and smith machine, and this results in strong abs, back, shoulder, arms, and chest. The machine has also included safety rails which allow you to go as hard as you’d wish without worrying about your safety.

The Marcy Md-9010G is a remarkable home gym, especially to the more advanced bodybuilders. Of course, its attempt to incorporate as many fitness machines as possible comes at a price, and in this case, the price is its size. It is a bit bulky and will hence require a spacious room.


  • Durable leather upholstery
  • Safety stoppers
  • Adjustable bar catches
  • Dual action leg developer
  • Sturdy base for delivers maximum stability
  • The leg developers have an excellent pivot point that promotes adequate muscle isolation
  • Non-slip foot braces provide a firm grip for seated row workouts

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Bowflex PR1000

The Bowflex PR1000 uses advanced power rod resistance to increase your muscle tone and overall strength. It’s an incredible piece of machine that offers over 30 exercises working out both your lower and upper body parts.

The Bowflex PR1000 uses power rods to provide both lower and higher levels of resistance. These rods can be combined to get the amount of resistance you want. The power rods are available in 5lb, 10lb, 30lb, and 50lb which means that even beginners can start with the resistance they can withstand and then work their way up the more challenging workouts.

bowflex pr1000
bowflex pr1000

The bench here is mounted on the sliding track and hence switching positions is as easy as they come.  You can slide at a 45° incline, on a flat position or remove the back support and do some free sliding. When you remove the back support, you’ll also be able to perform several other exercises including upright rows and standing bicep curls.

The seat rail of Bowflex PR1000 is foldable, and the seat rail bracket helps to lock it in place for easy storage.


  • More than 30 strength exercises
  • Offers total body workout exercises
  • Foldable
  • Features lat pull down and horizontal bench press
  • A wide range of resistance to choose from (5lb-210lb)
  • Features a 4” upholstered roller supporting the leg curl and extensions
  • Triple function handles

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Weider Ultimate

Weider Ultimate is an extremely compact home gym equipment that uses cable pulleys, resistance cords and calisthenics to offer to offer the best fitness challenges to both beginners and advanced weightlifters. From this machine’s bench, you can take advantage of the various incline settings to use your own body as the resistance. The intensity of each exercise changes every time you alter the angle of the rail. When you finally become too strong for your weight, you’ll be able to connect four bands on the base, and this should increase the resistance of the seat or back support by up to 50lbs.

The cables attached at the top of this bench will also allow you to perform seated rows and cable flys. Weider Ultimate is a fantastic home gym equipment, and its price makes it super ideal for individuals on a tight budget.


  • Adjustable incline angle
  • Works out all the essential muscle groups
  • The sturdy frame makes it durable and robust enough to withstand heavy users
  • Four resistance bands
  • Pulley and cable systems increase your motion options and overall machine’s versatility
  • Very easy to assemble

Body Solid SBL460P4 Leverage Gym

The Body Solid SBL460P4 home gym is a great option if you are looking for an equipment with multiple workout stations. It comes with three different stations each one offering unique challenges thrusting you into your fitness objectives.

One of the stations is the Bench press station. This one offers probably the best upper body workouts in any home gym. You can fully rely on this station to gain strength all over your triceps, shoulders, and chest. This station is like a hybrid of the free weights and the smith machine giving you several natural motions of workouts in the safest way possible.

It’s also fitted with body solid weights bench that allows you to perform chest exercises and bench press. The bench can also be used for dumbbell exercises, leg curls, and leg extensions.

There is also a Lat Pulldown Station where you can focus on your back muscles. This is supported by the high lever arms that are well padded for optimal comfort ensuring that you get the results you need without damaging your hands.

Finally, you have the hack squat station to put even more focus on your lower body parts. The station supports both calves raises and hack squats. The system is secured with a locking mechanism to provide the needed stability.

With the kind of features that this machine offers its price had to be a little high. Make no mistake though, because if you can reach the asking price then don’t bother looking for any other home gym.


  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Offers more than 40 exercises for various body parts
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Multiple stations that meet even the wildest of fitness goals
  • Safety guards fitted at every station

Conclusion on Best Home Gym

With the right home gym, you’ll be able to save a lot more, and its presence in your house means it will benefit more family members. From the above guide, you should be able to make an informed decision purchasing your own equipment. The reviewed samples of the best home gyms above should also help you make a decision faster. Go ahead and look at your budget against the highlighted machines and you’ll be guaranteed of excellent results whichever one you choose.

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