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The Best Personal Trainers To Contact in Raleigh

Where to find personal training in Raleigh?

It’s no wonder that Raleigh was voted the 7th best city in the whole United States. You can add Raleigh personal training to the long list of reasons why. It can offer you great results with proper and carefully chosen programs.

Are you interested in losing some excess weight? The only question you’ll ever have to ask yourself when in Raleigh is how much fat do you want to lose. Looking defined means that you’ll have to uncover those muscles first by burning the fat on the top. With Raleigh personal training and nutrition protocols you will get the desired results.

Furthermore, most of you will want to build muscle. You know that the best way to do that is by lifting weights, but you should know that there are 3 vital components to building muscle:

  • Proper nutrition
  • The training stimulus
  • Consistency over time

Raleigh personal training always incorporates all three. And finally, you will strive to perform better, thus improving your overall health, muscle condition, strength, and looks. With a proper personal trainer and the right amount of devotion, you will get optimal results.

Before you begin your search, it is good to know what to expect in terms of quantity and price. You will have all of the provided information about the number of personal trainers and how much they charge per hour in the next section, so stay put.

A Quick Look into the Statistics

Raleigh personal training is something that should be described as growing. With the rise of the awareness about leading a healthy life, numerous personal training businesses pop up each day in Raleigh. It seems as though, suddenly, everyone wants to get in shape and work out. Compared to Raleigh’s rising population of more than 450,000 inhabitants, the numbers that we’ve found in the Bureau of Labor Statistics look great. According to them, there are 2,020 fitness trainers and aerobics instructors in the city. 2,020 personal trainers are enough for you to find the best one suited for your needs.

When it comes to the cost of Raleigh personal training, it seems like it’s somewhat on the lower side when compared to some other cities. Again, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly wage for personal trainers in Raleigh is $21.44. When you check Google for prices, you will see that the results are also satisfying. The lowest hourly rate is about $40 while the highest goes up to $120. The average would be somewhere around $60 per hour.

Raleigh Personal Training Gives Variety to Your Choice

When googling for personal trainers in Raleigh, you will find that a satisfying number of them advertises their business online. If you look for them on Yelp, you will get 351 different results. Now, before you see what programs they offer, it’s important to note that you are able to choose between gyms and mobile personal trainers.  Mobile personal trainers have a benefit of adjusting your sessions in accordance to your free time. You can work out with them in the park near your apartment or somewhere else where it is the most convenient for you. Mobile personal training also offers a program that can be vital when it comes to building strength, and that is boot camp.

Boot Camps

Boot camps in Raleigh seem hard at first, but no personal trainer will ever push you more than what your body can endure. Above all, you will be more motivated while working out in the scenic parts of the city. Fresh air, some sweat, and goodwill are all that it takes to get fit in no time.

Cardio Classes

If you can’t endure those high-intensity exercises, for the time being, you should at least try to do cardio. It doesn’t mean that this kind of program can’t be of high intensity, it’s just that with it, you can slowly but surely build your stamina up.

Martial Arts

In Raleigh, you can choose between numerous martial arts. Many trainers can teach you kickboxing, boxing, karate, taekwondo, Muay Thai and many more. Learning martial arts is a great path towards self-discipline and regular workout.


It seems as though yoga will always be very popular. You’ll find  62 trainers in Raleigh on Yelp that teach yoga alone! Above all, the best thing about yoga is that it combines physical, mental, and spiritual practices. With yoga, you will be toning both your body and your soul. It also comes as a perfect stress-reliever after a long day at work.

Raleigh Has Workout Meetups!

If you haven’t yet decided on a personal trainer yet, don’t wait up with exercising. If you like to meet new people and work out outdoors, you will find many of them that organize exercising activities together, when they are not working out with their trainers. You will find many enthusiastic people in Raleigh that are eager to get in shape just like you. Google them up! Most of these groups are led by professionals that will take good care of you and your body. Just make sure to ask for all the details about the exercises that they are doing, especially if you have some sort of health problems that might pose a problem.

What Can Be Said at the End About Raleigh Personal Training

Above all, in Raleigh, you can easily find a program that suits you the most. From yoga to boot camps, you can be sure that with the right amount of dedication the results will come fast. Personal trainers in Raleigh are popular for a reason. They are highly professional and are willing to adjust their methods to each individual. Numerous positive feedback that can be found on the internet clearly shows that in Raleigh, you can get what you are looking for and what your body needs.

Make sure to choose a program that will both be fun to you and that you will look forward to. Finally, the best thing that you can do about your overall condition now is to stop reading this article. Go find a personal trainer and start exercising.


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