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The 3 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet (Updated July 2019)

What are the Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet?

Everyone knows that running with flat feet is an uphill task. In fact, some people had to abandon their running dreams and goals just because they felt like their feet were not good and strong enough to support their goals. While it is true that running with flat feet is difficult, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are utterly doomed. When you take care of several factors and get the right gear, you will not only be able to run again, but you’ll be able to do so competitively! What factors are we talking about? We are talking about improving your self-care program, getting the right help from a professional and most importantly, getting the proper footwear for the job. Our objective today is to take you through the best footwear that’ll make running almost effortless for you. These are shoes that are uniquely designed to fit all the necessary needs of a flat-footed athlete.

1. Asics Gel Kayano 24

Asics is a highly reputable shoe manufacturer with dozens of loyal fans including marathoners. This is not so hard to believe given their excellent history in making some of the best running shoes ever. The Gel Kayano is one of the best ones yet. This shoe has received significant improvements from the previous version. It has also, somehow, managed to maintain the same personality so that users can easily relate to it. One of the biggest challenges that users of the previous version had was the toe box. This has been adequately addressed by improving the size of this box. As a result, people of different toe sizes can comfortably fit in the shoe. It has also helped in boosting ventilation in this area without compromising on the fit. Generally, the shoe still offers the same fantastic stability that has seen runners keep their form high even when running over long distances.


This shoe is designed to fit like a glove, and that’s why it features Asics FluidFit. The shoe will wrap around your foot, and it’ll still be able to offer sufficient breathability and flexibility.

Outsole and Midsole

The outsole of the Gel Kayano is designed to ensure that overpronation is never an issue. This is why there’s an Impact Guide System. How does this system work? This system completely changes how you lift your foot and how it lands when running. It has helped to eliminate cases of runners putting excessive weight around the inner edges of the feet resulting in various issues. Instead, it promotes the distribution of weight across multiple points on foot. This system does a great job and no wonder the shoe is one of the best in preventing over-pronation.

The midsole is made to provide as much comfort as possible while keeping it lightweight. It is made of a Flytefoam cushioning that provides an excellent spring-like bounce-back effect.


Spending so much time on your feet is bound to cause some sweating and swelling all of which can be extremely uncomfortable. The Gel Kayano ensures that you can run for long distances without experiencing these problems. This is why they’ve added extra ventilation in critical areas that allow for maximum circulation of air in and out of the shoe. It has been achieved through a mesh at the upper side, and an Ortholite sock liner is fitted inside to prevent accumulation of moisture.


Shock and cushioning will be the least of your worries when running in these shoes. They contain a Dynamic Duomax and flat foam that offers a spring-like feeling absorbs shock and provides unbeatable cushioning. All this allows the shoe to respond to your feet’s movement facilitating smooth running efficiently.

Asics Gel Kayano Features

The Asics Gel Kayano is a deserved winner when in our top 3 best running shoes for flat feet. These running shoes are daily used by millions of runners for a reason.

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2. Saucony Guide 10

At spot number 2 on our list of best 3 running shoes for flat feet, we find The Saucony Guide 10. This running shoe is an upgrade of the initial 9th edition and is designed to enhance stability, comfort, traction, and flexibility. How does it do so? The shoe has an 8mm offset that’s been vital in distributing weight evenly from the forefoot all the way to the heel. This provides an incredible cushioning that enables the user to enjoy comfortable and balanced runs. The manufacturers have also utilized some of the latest technological equipment like the Flexfilm to promote flexibility further. This is melded in the upper area, and one of the biggest advantages of using this film is that it is strong and lightweight. You can hence, expect to enjoy all its benefits on a long-term basis and its lightweight nature will ensure that it doesn’t affect you’re running negatively. The middle layer has also received a significant boost when compared to the 9th edition. This provides decent support and holds when running.


Unlike the previous version, Saucony Guide 10 has much fewer stitches and more non-sewn patterns. How is this helpful? A reduction in stitches has hugely helped in eliminating the extra heat and blisters that are common in most other running shoes. To make it even more comfortable is a ventilated mesh on the top and sides that boosts air circulation and the soft Run-Dry fabric that prevents sweat and moisture accumulation. The plush heel grip and midfoot area are well secured while the toe box height is carefully measured to offer just the needed space. The shoe’s tongue is padded to keep you safe from the laces.

Outsole and Midsole

The outsole of the Saucony Guide 10 provides everything an athlete would need. Support, smooth transitions, grip, and balance, are all very well taken care of here. The forefoot is made of a chevron-lugged soft rubber while the midfoot and heel area contains both rubber and a hard IBR material boosting traction. Saucony understands that every runner out there wants a shoe that can withstand wear and tear and that’s why the shoes are fitted with XT-900 carbon rubber around the tip and heel area.

You won’t find the crashpad of the previous edition in the midsole area of this shoe. The Saucony Guide 10 is made with a solid SSL EVA foam that provides deeper grooves that make the feet feel centered. There is also some hard foam integrated here while the removable insole is made of EVA foam. The construction of the midsole offers fantastic flexibility, responsiveness, and support.


The shoe is covered with a meshing material at the top and on the sides. It has more holes that are reasonably big. You can hence, expect maximum air circulation when wearing this shoe. Reducing stitched patterns has also prevented chances of overheating and development of blisters.


Responsiveness of a shoe is very crucial as it can determine how smooth your running is and can also help to reduce the frequency of injuries. Saucony Guide 10 has an Everun topsole that provides impressive takeoffs and soft landings. Its Tri-Flex outsole is perfectly made for ultimate flexibility and ground contact. You’ll also experience a fantastic bounce off effect from the plush cushioning.

Saucony Guide 10 Features

  • 8 mm offset
  • A lively and highly responsive Everun cushioning
  • Flexfilm material in the upper area
  • Integrated with flexible Tri-flex
  • Men’s version weighs 10 oz. while the females’ is 8.9 oz.

The Saucony Guide 10 has received great feedback from runners and we can’t argue with them. This shoe combines quality with design and that’s why we put this shoe at number 2 in our list of 3 best running shoes for flat feet.

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3. Brooks Beast 18

Last but not least, our number 3 on our list of best running shoes for flat feet, the Brooks Beast 18. The first shoe in the Brooks Beast series was released in 2014, and since then significant upgrades have been done to match with the constantly changing needs of runners. The Brooks Beast 16 is an outcome of collective years of experience in the making of shoes. It has hence learned from its predecessors, and the manufacturer was keen in ensuring that all the necessary upgrades are included. You’ll, therefore, notice its upper area and cushioning is revamped, and the aesthetics have also received a significant boost. What we have here, therefore, is one of the most recommended shoes for individuals with excessive pronation and those with flat feet. It’s a remarkable piece of art that you can use for easy trail running, indoor and pavement running.


The upper layer features beastly synthetic overlays connected to the lacing system. These are carefully fitted for maximum flexibility. The toe bumper is also quite big, and unlike in the previous versions, the shoe’s tongue is not connected to other upper parts. The manufacturer has maintained the same laces, but the padding has been improved to prevent pressure from the laces.

The shoe is also fitted with an element mesh that ensures there’s adequate ventilation. They have maintained the padded insole from previous versions, and it still offers the same generous comfort and responsiveness.

Outsole and Midsole

The outsole is made of full-contact rubber. There are uniform lugs fitted around the sole to provide appropriate traction. In the forefoot area, you’ll find a soft blown rubber integrated with Omega Flex Grooves. As if that isn’t enough the forefoot was further fitted with Flextra Rubber! You’ll enjoy optimal comfort and flexibility in this area. The rear end, on the other hand, is made with the rigid and durable HPR rubber. HPR rubber provides outstanding traction regardless of whether you are running in dry or wet conditions.

The midsole area is softer than ever after receiving great plush cushioning from the Super DNA foam. This foam is highly responsive ensuring that your contact with the ground is well recorded before it responds by providing cushioning as needed. The high-density foam of Roll Bar is also included in this layer to boost stability and deal with over-pronation.


The shoe is fitted with breathable mesh in various parts. Ventilation is also boosted by the ultimate sock liner which does a great job keeping moisture away.

Some individuals have, however, complained of the shoe’s breathability due to the small toe box that felt a bit too tight. This shouldn’t be a problem if your toes fit well in the box.

Brooks Beast 18 Features

  • Super DNA plush cushioning
  • Made with an extended progressive diagonal roll bar for stability
  • Element lining
  • Element mesh in the upper area
  • Removable sock liner
  • All leather upper side
  • Weighs 13.6 oz.

For decades Brooks has manufactured great running shoes and their latest model the Brooks Beast 16 is another fine product. A well-earned third spot for this shoe in our list of best running shoes for flat feet.

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Conclusion on Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Based on thousands of customer reviews and our personal opinion, the above shoes are currently the best running shoes for flat feet. Flat feet shouldn’t stop you from enjoying either leisure or competitive running. These shoes will give you that extra edge you need to run comfortably, and that’s why you owe it to yourself to get any one of them today.

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