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The 3 Best SARMS Suppliers 2019 in the USA

What are the Best Sarms suppliers?

There is no doubt that SARMs deliver great results in fat loss, building muscle, and enhancing performance. Also, unlike other similar products, they come with minimal if any side effects. The only downside is that they are not sold openly and you will not get them at your local pharmacy. If you’re looking to get the best Sarms for sale, our review will guide you.

The market is also not well regulated so you need to only buy from reputable suppliers. Below we look at the best SARMs suppliers and highlight some of the reasons why these 3 companies stand out.

Before we dive into the best sarms suppliers , we just want to point out that buying Sarms online is easy, but be cautious about where you buy them. The most important criteria in your buying process should always by quality, quality and again quality. The Sarms suppliers we discuss in this review are legit as we tested all of their Sarms. Of course you are free to buy sarms wherever you want, but make sure you are buying the real thing.

1.Proven Peptides

After testing many sarms suppliers, the clear winner is the company Proven Peptides.

The general quality of their SARMS outperforms other suppliers. Since you’re dealing with research chemicals, this is one of the most important aspects when dealing with SARMS.

The company is based in the US and mostly sell its products in the country. Just like all the other companies on this list, Proven Peptides is dedicated to producing products that not only work but are also safe and come with minimal if any undesirable results.

The reason why we rate them as #1 recommendation is because of the purity and quality of their SARMS. Every batch is tested by a 3rd party lab, which ensures the highest quality.  The lab results are posted on the company website so you can be sure of exactly what you are taking.

Aside from ensuring the quality of SARMs products is right, Proven Peptides also offer a full money-back guarantee. This way, you are guaranteed that the product you purchase will deliver if not beyond your expectation. If this is not the case, you can easily get your money back.

Shipping in the US for orders above 75 dollars is free and this brings down the cost of this company’s products even further. All orders are processed fast and the products are delivered to your chosen address within the shortest time possible.

This company only offers liquid SARMs. While these are quite popular, people looking for powdered ones are locked out. The company also does not offer a wide variety of products although the few available options meet most users. Visit their website here.


  • High-Quality Sarms
  • Only offers SARMS
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 3rd party Lab tested


  • Shipping costs on orders less than $75
  • Doesn’t ship internationally

Visit Proven Peptides Website here


Second in our list is the company The company offers a wide variety of SARMs in addition to other research chemicals.

Science Bio offers worldwide delivery and the dispatch is quite quick so you do not have to wait for weeks to get your products especially if you are in the US. The fact that you can place your order and have the products delivered to your doorstep whatever part of the world you are in is a plus.

Domestic orders over 300 dollars are also free meaning that you will save on shipping costs in addition to getting your products at a much lower price. You also get a measuring pipette and a dropper bottle with your order and this makes it easy for you to get the right dosage especially if you are a beginner.

Science Bio requires verification so as to process your order. This may be a disadvantage if you are not comfortable giving personal information. That said the company is dedicated to producing quality products that are generally safe for use. The fact that the company even posts the lab results online means that it has nothing to hide and users should be confident when using their products.


  • High-Quality SARMS
  • Ships internationally
  • Lab-tested
  • Fast delivery


  • Shipping costs when you buy less than 300$

Visit Science Bio Here

3. Choice Compounds



Choice Compounds was one of the highest-rated companies and among the new entrants in the industry. Unfortunately, they went out of business beginning of June 2018 due to patent infringements.

As far as your safety is concerned you can be sure that SARMs from this company is safe. All products are lab-tested to ensure safety and you can expect great results with minimal side effects as long as you use the right dosage and follow all instructions. Simply place your order online and have your products delivered to your doorstep within a relatively short time.

Secondly, this y SARMS supplier offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the results.

Choice Compounds also offers a variety of liquid solutions which are quite popular among users. When it comes to prices, the products are similar and will be a great choice for those buying on a budget.

When it comes to customer service, Choice Compounds deliver nothing short of exemplary services. You can, therefore, be guaranteed that you will not only be satisfied with the products but also the support that you get. Visit their website here



  • High-quality SARMS
  • Lab-tested
  • Competitive prices
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Fast delivery ( 3-5 days)
  • Free shipping all USA orders over $99


  • Is a fairly new player on the market
  • Doesn’t ship international yet

Summary of Sarms suppliers

Proven Peptides & are the best Sarms suppliers to buy SARMS from. With new companies entering the market rapidly we will keep you updated with new suppliers.



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