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The Best Squat Rack to Buy in 2018 (Updated July 2019)

What is a Squat Rack?

Squat rack, also known as power rack, squat cage or power cage is a piece of equipment used for weight training and it functions well in free weight barbell exercises as it does not have restrictions in movements due to its functionality as a mechanical spotter.

It has been well designed and it features upright posts that include two horizontal bar catches known as pins, rails or support that can be well adjusted on every side. Most squat racks also come with attachments such as a pulldown cable attachment, pegs that can be used for storing weight plates or a chin-up bar.

Types of Squat Racks

There are various types of squat racks and they include;

  1. Rogue R-3 squat rack
  2. Valor athletics BD-7 squat rack
  3. Atlas squat rack
  4. Elite FTS R3 3X3 squat rack
  5. Titan T-2 squat rack
  6. Powerline PPR200X squat rack
  7. Cap Barbell FM-CS700F squat rack exercise stand
  8. Valor fitness BD-33 squat rack
  9. Rogue SML-1 squat stand
  10. Best fitness BFPR100 squat rack

Above are the best and most popular squat racks in the market that can provide you with the best training experience. Let’s explore some of their features and advantages.

Rogue R-3 Squat Rack

This power rack from the Rogue Infinity R-series comes with a 2×3 inches feature and is also a version of the classic Westside barbell rack. It has been well designed; it is versatile, very durable and is termed as the most portable and compact from the series.

One should note that this equipment needs to be bolted to the floor before you start to use it

Features and Benefits of the R-3 Squat Rack

Below are some of the features and key benefits of the R-3 squat rack;

It comes with great hardware and heavy gauge made with American steel featuring 11-gauge steel uprights and is well set to be compatible with a wide range of accessories and attachments from the Rogue Infinity Series.

It is compact and portable. It is suitable for home gyms due to the fact that it is one of the most compact power racks from the R-series.

It can be customized and fits well with infinity products and customers can be able to add to their orders either plates, bar or bench. It also comes with a vertical bar hanger, rogue matador, among others, which can be used for expansion of the equipment.

The R-3 squat rack comes with everything that one would need for an efficient weight training experience. The accessories and hardware are customs made to provide everything for exercises.

Valor Athletics BD-7 Squat Rack

The Valor athletics BD-7 squat rack comes with a low and high cable pulley which provides a safe and secure performance on compound and isolation exercises. It has been designed to provide a wide range of features and optional exercises that can be included in one’s workouts.

Features and Benefits of the BD-7 Squat Rack

  • It provides an extra safety experience and features to users.
  • It is also suitable for home gyms.
  • It comes with 2 sets of bar supports that can be well adjusted and safety rails that are of high quality providing the best convenience to users.
  • It also comes with eight plate storage pegs that are of 8 inches each.
  • It features a main frame of 2×2 inches each.

Disadvantages of the BD-7 Squat Rack

It comes with Olympic adapter sleeves but does not have the Olympic weight plate holders, which is a drawback for users.

It does not provide adequate room inside the rack for most weight benches.

Atlas Squat Rack

The Atlas squat rack has been well designed with high-quality features to provide users with the best training experience.

Features and Benefits of the Atlas Squat Rack

  • It comes with 28 adjustable 28 holes that are 2 inches apart from each other.
  • Its frame comes with a 10-year warranty
  • It provides adequate space for workouts which is quite convenient compared to other squat racks.
  • It is durable due to the fact that it has been made with heavy duty steel and can also handle the great weight.
  • It is currently the number one bestselling power rack on Amazon.

Elite FTS R3 3X3 Squat Rack

This power rack manufactured in the USA is well designed and provides users with great strength and stability for workouts.

Features and Benefits of the Elite FTS R3 3X3 Squat Rack

It features a standard Rear-K Brace which provides stability on all of the racks.

It provides the best weight storage thanks to the 3/8 inches flat bar which helps to weld it.

It provides a quicker first session to users because it comes partially assembled which saves on workout time.

All its welds and frames come with a lifetime warranty.

Titan T-2 Squat Rack

This one-of-a-kind power rack found in most gyms provides great user support and a solid metal cage for the best workout experience.

Features and Benefits of the Titan T-2 Squat Rack

  • It comes with an 80 inches tall pull-up bar
  • It features steel tubes of 2×2 inches each
  • It includes a pair of dip bars in the package
  • It features steel J-hooks of 1 inches around each
  • It has a capacity of 700 pounds.

Powerline PPR200X Squat Rack

This high-quality and well-designed squat rack or power rack is very suitable for home gyms, but can also be used in commercial gyms. It does not have any usage requirement for a spotter and provides users with great safety.

Features and Benefits of Powerline PPR200X Squat Rack

  • It provides safety and efficiency for weightlifters.
  • It is suitable for incline presses, shoulder shrugs, flat bench, and squats.
  • Its frame comes with a 10-year warranty
  • It comes with safety rods that are of 2 saber-styles
  • It provides the convenience of side-to-side movement to users

Disadvantages of the Powerline PPR200X Squat Rack

Easy peel-off of the paint from the safety rails

It does not have weight plate storage pegs as they are included as additional attachments.

Cap Barbell FM-CS700F Squat Rack Exercise Stand

This power rack is from the Cap Barbell FM Series and is actually the most affordable due to its convenient price. It has been designed to withstand heavy bodyweight exercises due to its strong capability.

Features and Benefits of the Cap Barbell FM-CS700F Squat Rack Exercise Stand

It comes with specs that are already assembled which provide users with great convenience.

It provides exceptional durability through its 3 step powder coat finish.

It is durable and well stable due to the fact that it has double gusseted structure uprights.

It features a gauge thickness of 12 and 14 constructed by steel.

Valor Fitness BD-33 Squat Rack

This is one of the strongest squat racks as it can support up to 500 pounds on the front catches and up to 1000 pounds inside the rack.

Features and Benefits of the Valor fitness BD-33 Squat Rack

It comes with an optional lat pull attachment, meaning that the range of exercises can be extended by the user to have low and high cable variations.

It provides users with attachments for resistance bands through the different anchor points that ca be found on the outside of the frame.

It comes with adjustable style rods that provide great support for workouts which helps in safety measurements.

Rogue SML-1 Squat Stand

This power rack equipment comes with excellent features and supports to provide efficiency during workouts to users.

Features and Benefits of the Rogue SML-1 Squat Stand

It provides a great height of 72 inches which is suitable for tall users.

It can withstand the great weight of more than 1000 pounds

It features 11-gauge steel uprights of 3×3 inches each

Best Fitness BFPR100 Squat Rack

This is one-of-a-kind training equipment that is also very suitable for home gyms. It comes with great features to provide the best workout experience for users.

Features and Benefits of Best Fitness BFPR100 Squat Rack

It features a 14 gauge steel mainframe of size 2×2 inches each

It comes with 2 lift offs that are adjustable and safety bars of full length

It has a coat paint finish of a durable powder.

It can withstand a capacity of 500 pounds.

How to Use this Product

  • Make sure it can handle weight plates first by letting the loaded barbell fall 10 inches on the spotter to see how it can handle that.
  • Set the J-hooks on a suitable height that is convenient for you.
  • Make sure to align the J-hooks well.
  • Ensure that you maintain safety during your workouts

Pricing of Squat Racks

A power rack price differs from one type to the other due to quality and different specifications. The prices range from $50 to $100 and above. Be sure to check out for information about the pricing of different types of squat racks on the Amazon site in order to compare.

Conclusion on Power rack

Daily exercise is very important for one’s health due to the fact that exercise provides strength to your body and keeps it fit. Therefore, one should strive to ensure you have a power rack in order to stay healthy and fit in your everyday life.

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