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Best Stationary Bike in 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is the Best Stationary Bike?

A stationary bike resembles an actual bicycle without true wheels.  Its purpose is for exercise. This exercise machine has a saddle, pedals and some handlebars arranged the same way as a normal bicycle.

This exercise equipment is used for exercise,  to increase general fitness, weight loss and also for training for cycle events/competitions. It has also been used for physical therapy because it has a low impact when exercising.

It is safe and effective in providing a cardiovascular exercise.  The low impact movement involved in operating a stationary bike does not put much stress on the joints of the rider.

There are two types of stationary bikes. They are;

Recumbent Bike

  • The seat is much more comfortable. Can be at times be just as comfortable as an office chair.
  • The rider’s body sits well into the bike frame.
  • The rider is in a more comfortable and natural reclined body position which helps to reduce body fatigue and eliminates the rider’s muscle soreness in the upper body.

Upright Bike

  • The rider’s body sits above the frame of the stationary bike like the traditional bicycle most kids grow up riding.
  • If sitting properly, the rider should be slightly hunched over with a slight bend in the neck and back. This may give the user some muscle soreness and fatigue.
  • The bike’s seat is smaller like the one on a traditional bicycle. This can cause aches and pains in the buttocks which are referred to as saddle soreness.

Benefits of a Recumbent Bike

  • Due to the low impact, this bike reduces the risk of getting pain and can build strength.

If the user’s back and hips are affected by rheumatoid arthritis, this kind of bike may be easier to use due to its reclining position with the user’s weight spread over the back and buttocks.

  • This type of bike is usually safer to use because the user cannot stand up on the pedals when exercising. This eliminates the case of injuries that occur when using an upright bike.
  • The recumbent bike is usually a good choice for people who mostly have neurological conditions since the stationary bike gives users workout which is suitable for all ability levels. It is safe and provides a low impact total body workout.
  • They are easier on the lower back and spine due to the way the user sits on the bike. It encourages a better spinal posture.
  • This type bike has a larger seat which is comfortable to sit on when exercising.
  • They are known to be gentle on all the user’s joints. The lower back is supported by the bucket seat and the knees and ankles are protected from potential injurious impact.

Benefits of an Upright Bike

  • This type of stationary bike is usually smaller which ends up not taking too much space in your home and gym.
  • The bike gives the user a more consistent workout relating to outdoors bicycle riding. It places the rider in a similar body position as an actual stationary bike.
  • They give the user a whole body exercise. Unlike the recumbent bike which mostly requires the use of your glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and tibialis interior muscles.
  • The bike helps the rider involve more of the upper body arm workout by engaging the biceps, triceps, and shoulders in the upright position.
  • They work the abdominal muscles by keeping the rider’s body upright and supporting the workout. Unlike on a recumbent bike where there is little to no use of the abdominal muscles.

Features of Stationary Bikes

  • Most of today’s stationary bikes feature a natural and comfortable pedaling motion that will not send a painful and damaging shock through the user’s joints when they stop pedaling.
  • Some upright and recumbent bikes have low seat heights with step-through frames that make it easier for the user to start and finish the workout.
  • Stationary bikes provide the rider with a feel of the road stationary bike. This makes them a natural fit outdoors cyclists looking for an indoor alternative.
  • Many stationary bikes offer a larger softer seat for both stationary and recumbent bikes. This helps the user enjoy the indoor cycle with a lot of comforts.
  • Some bikes have durable and high-quality frames making them last for a long time.
  • They have a balanced flywheel which spins more efficiently. The flywheel spins separately from the pedals which let the rider to coast and stop like they would in an outdoors bicycle.  This reduces friction and wears on the knees.
  • Stationary bikes have a highly adjustable and comfortable seat that will help the rider workout longer so they can burn more calories.
  • They have a magnetic brake that gives the rider a powerful and quiet resistance that the user can be able to watch a TV show while exercising.
  • Some stationary bikes have features like speakers and audio inputs that makes getting fit more fun by making the rider get entertained when working out
  • Stationary bikes have adjustable resistance levels that will let users add challenge to their workouts without increasing their speed.
  • These bikes have an easy to use console with meaningful programs that make the rider save their records. This takes the guesswork of the rider out of planning their daily workout targets.
  • Some stationary bikes have adjustable fans that help the rider stay cool when working out.

Advantages of Stationary Bikes

  • They are user-friendly.
  • They are quiet and don’t produce noise.
  • They are comfortable to use
  • They track the user’s progress
  • They don’t occupy a lot of space
  • Convenient to use at any time of the day.
  • They are ideal for both beginners and advanced users.
  • The machines are mostly manufactured to last for a long time.
  • They are easy to store.

Disadvantages of Stationary Bikes

  • Some bikes have uncomfortable seats. This makes sitting down for a long time uncomfortable which makes the buttocks to be sore.
  • The readout on some machines may not be so accurate.
  • Stationary bikes can make it easier for riders to cheat than on a real bike. The rider can lower the resistance, avoid hills and peddle slowly.
  • Stationary bikes can be quite costly to purchase.
  • These bikes tend to give limited impact to the upper body and core of the rider. They make users burn fewer calories in comparison to other exercise machines.
  • Stationary bikes don’t offer mental stimulation to riders because of them being indoors with no interesting sceneries. This makes rider’s to get bored easily sometimes.
  • They don’t offer the same bone-building benefits as a high impact running since the rider exercises when sitting down.

How to Use A Stationary Bike

  1. First, step on to the stationary bike
  2. Then go ahead and adjust your seat
  3. If your bike allows for any adjustments, you can correctly set the handlebars
  4. Familiarize yourself with the display panel
  5. Start pedaling and make sure not to pedal with only your toes.

Top rated Stationary Bikes 

  1. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

The bike is designed to support up to a weight capacity of 300 pounds.  It is very easy to get on and off when exercising. It has a large seat cushion for people of any size.  Easily adjustable to fit 5feet 3inch up-to 6feet 1inch user heights. The machine folds to half its size for storage and can be relocated with ease using the transportation wheels making it space saving.

  1. Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

This bike has 25 levels of resistance for a wider workout intensity range options.  It has a high speed, high inertia drive system with perimeter weighted flywheel for easy startup and smooth consistent workouts. It has a ventilated and contoured seat with lumbar supporting backrest for a comfortable workout position. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, it syncs with apps used for tracking the fitness progress of the rider.

  1. Pleny Upright Stationary Exercise Bike

This machine has a phone holder. It also has comfortable handles with heart pulse sensor. It has a monitor that shows time, speed, distance, heart rate and calorie level to help the rider track their personal activity. This stationary bike has a high-density foam padded seat and a comfortable backrest to stabilize the rider’s body during vigorous workout training. It has a high-end curved crank arm to avoid user’s heel knocking the crankset.

  1. Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

This bike can be folded up and rolled away when you are finished with your workout. It has 8 level magnetic tension control system. It has large seat cushion and backrest.  It is very easy to get off and on the bike.  It helps the rider by providing a more effective and comfortable workout with up-to 300pounds weight capacity.


Stationary bikes at Amazon range from 120$ to 700$. Prices vary from one type to the other due to their different specifications. Therefore, you can find out more about the price on the Amazon.

Conclusion on  Stationary Bike

Before you decide to purchase the best stationary bike, make sure you decide on some factors such as; the space that the equipment will occupy, the price range of the machine you want to buy, the purpose of the bike and the impact you want it to have.

This will help you choose the right stationary bike that will work for your needs. There is a very wide variety of stationary bikes in the market. You should take your time in selecting the best stationary bike by going through their features and what they offer.

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