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Best Walking Shoes for Men Review 2018 (Updated July 2019)

What are the Best Walking Shoes for Men?

I guess you are looking to buy new walking shoes and you are looking for the best walking shoes for men. Getting the right walking shoes is not as easy as it may sound. First of all, your running shoes may be remarkable for this purpose, but this does not necessarily pass them as ideal for walking. Walking is an entirely different thing that demands various features in a shoe. Failure to address the demands will result in a shoe that gives you blisters and many other problems. A poor choice will even go as far as making walking a problematic which is a huge problem considering the number of activities you have to undertake as a man.

Why should you even bother purchasing the best walking shoes for men? You are probably wondering why you shouldn’t use your workout or other shoes for this task. Here is why:

An excellent choice in walking shoes will make sure that you are free from corns and calluses. These shoes will help in cutting down on the impact your feet face as you walk. A good set of walking shoes is adequately cushioned safe-guarding you from various potential complications. This shoe will stand between you and a painful inflammation problem. That’s more reason why you should do anything to get the right pair of walking shoes.

Secondly, walking can cause so many injuries. If your shoes are not absorbing shock properly, then this pressure will be transmitted to the heels and can go all the way to the knees. In the end, therefore, a minor shoe problem becomes a source of a painful knee which ends up being even more discomforting and expensive to treat.

Choosing the right walking shoes

So, what makes walking different and what factors should you bear in mind when you go shopping for walking shoes? If all you look for in a shoe is its aesthetics then its time you became more critical. Is it worth it walking in a fashionable pair of sneakers that has everyone drooling but then you end up massaging your heels all night due to soreness? No, it really isn’t. You should hence love yourself enough to take the following aspects into consideration when purchasing a shoe:

  • Consider the shape of your feet

Getting the right shoe size doesn’t always mean that you’ll be comfortable in them. We know of individuals with wide, long, or narrow shoes all of which can affect how comfortable you are. It’s hence crucial that you make sure your shoe isn’t just fitting regarding size but is also comfortable with the specific shape of your foot.

  • Make sure they are lightweight

Imagine the sort of tiredness heavy shoes will have on you especially if you do a lot of walking. The shoes will tire you so quickly ruining your entire walking experience. These will not only be weighing you down but they will also strain your feet so much resulting in complex problems. Always ensure that you try out the shoes or enquire about their weight before making a purchase.

  • Shock Absorption

The best walking shoes should be excellent in handling the impact. This will make your walking seamless and at the end of the day, your feet and legs won’t be aching.

  • Arch Type

Arch contain various ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones. These are supposed to be springy and flexible enough to distribute weight evenly. This part of the foot is also responsible for helping your feet adapt to different surfaces while walking. The problem, however, is that we don’t have the same arch. What does this mean? It means that while some shoe might be working correctly with someone else’s arch or foot, they could be a complete nightmare to you. So, what are you supposed to do in such instances? You will need to identify your arch type and choose an appropriate shoe that can work with your foot. A professional shoe seller should help you identify your arch type and a matching shoe.

  • Flexibility

The right pair of walking shoes needs to be flexible enough for easy walking. You shouldn’t have to deal with resistance because this will be tiring and may also result in blisters. When twisting your shoe, you should, however, be able to feel a little resistance which is supposed to offer protection and extra support. While on the subject of support make sure that the shoe is not just cushioned for the sake of it. Cushioning should be in the right places otherwise it all becomes pointless. The areas below the ball of your feet should, for instance, be prioritized during cushioning.

Our 3 Best walking shoes for men

Now that you’ve understood what to look for in a shoe, we are going to tell you about a few ones that fit the above criteria. These include:

  1. Skechers Afterburn Memory-Foam

A clear winner on our list of best walking shoes for men. You can rely on a brand like Skechers to make an incredible shoe. They are a reputable company responsible for some of the best shoes out there, and this is one of the best walking shoes on the market at the moment. The shoe has been designed to deliver the best comfort possible. The interior features a soft comfort lining while the exterior upper is designed with perforated details. This ensures there is optimal circulation of air in and out of the shoe keeping your feet fresh.

The midsole is made of an articu-lyte material. This material is remarkable in shock absorption and is also lightweight for easy movement. The sole beneath is durable with great high traction that should make walking almost effortless.


  • The soft lining makes the shoe extremely comfortable
  • Perforated upper will keep mist away and your feet fresh
  • Perfect for walking thanks to their lightweight nature
  • Durable high traction sole

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  1. Comfort Performance X Black

A well-earned runner-up in our list of best walking shoes for men. The upper of the Dr comfort performance X black is made of leather. This is a durable material that makes the entire shoe a long-term investment. The most prominent limitation with leather, however, has always been ventilation and this has been addressed here through a highly breathable mesh. The two materials are then covered with padding which helps to protect your foot against pressure from the laces. My favorite feature is perhaps the extra depth in the shoe. This offers extraordinary ankle support and goes even further to protect your foot from bending and twisting.

The shoe also features a quick-tie lacing system that saves you a lot of time putting the shoes on. You’ll be able to tie and untie your laces with a single pull! You can then secure the laces in place through a lock and then fitted inside a small pocket above the tongue of these shoes. In case you don’t like the laces you are still given an alternative to choosing the regular laces. These straps can also be loosened up pushing the upper away enabling you to fit a swollen foot inside swiftly.


  • Sleek black design
  • Lightweight
  • Protective toe box
  • Quick-tie lacing system
  • Durable Sole
  • Highly comfortable
  • Unique ankle support


  • It may be considered as quite a costly shoe but looking at what you get in return you get a feeling that it’s worth the investment.

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  1. Asics Gel Quickwalk 3

Last but not least, number 3 on our list of best walking shoes for men. Comfort, performance, build quality and durability don’t come any better than they are in this particular shoe. The forefoot and rearfoot are fitted with a gel-cushioning system that absorbs shock in toe-off phases and during impact. With the Asics Gel Quickwalk, 3 transition in gait cycle is so smooth allowing you to move from one place to another quickly. The sole is fitted with tough High Abrasion Rubber that’s well-known for its durability. The Quickwalk 3, therefore, isn’t one of those shoes you’ll have to replace after just a few months of using them.

The midsole contains speva material that does a great job with the bounce-back effect and further prevents the breakdown in the midsole that’s common in most other shoes out there.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Remarkable breathability


  • It’s a bit too costly

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Conclusion on Best Walking Shoes for men

And the winner in our list of Best Walking Shoes for Men is the Sketchers Afterburn. You are now in a position to walk or open up any shoe retailing website and place an informed order on a walking shoe that won’t have you nursing your feet every evening. If you feel like following all the steps to make the right decision is a bit too much, then you can select one of the three shoes above, and you’re guaranteed that walking will never feel the same again. Your feet deserve the best, and these shoes offer exactly that. Make sure to check our review on best running shoes for flat feet too.

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