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Big T Review 2019-Benefits & side effects of this Test Booster-

What is Big T?

Big T, the testosterone supplement, has been getting a lot of attention out there. The reason behind all this is obviously the supplement’s association with Jay Cutler. This product is manufactured and supplied by the Cutler Nutrition which gives it an added advantage over other testosterone supplements. I mean, how often do you come across a supplement being marketed by an athlete of Jay Cutler’s statue?! Not so often. Unfortunately, just because a supplement is being sold by your favorite or a highly decorated athlete doesn’t mean that you should blindly go ahead and purchase it. That’s a recipe for frustrations and anger. When it comes to supplements, thanks to the hundreds of scammers out there, you have to put your feelings and attachments aside if you are to come up with a useful product. So, is Big T the right T-booster for you or is it just riding its popularity on the backing of a big name with no actual results?

big t

Big T is a simple all-natural T-booster designed by Jay Cutler himself. Is he a scientist too now?? Well, at least that’s what the official website claims. For Jay Cutler to be the supposed maker of this supplement, you would expect it to address everything you want when looking for a Testosterone booster. By everything, we mean the energy, strength, stamina, muscle mass, off the chart sexual drives, etc.

This supplement is believed to be capable of increasing your testosterone levels and also contributes to the reduction of estrogen in the body. Presence of estrogen in male bodies has some discomforting results. One of these is an increase in fat deposits throughout the body. No one enjoys belly fat, and even if you don’t mind having the fat, you are still faced with the health risks that it exposes you to. If big T can help reduce fat in the body, then it not only facilitates room for more muscle gains but also increases your overall health saving you from hypertension and other possible cardiovascular diseases.

Big T Ingredients

A quick glimpse at the Big T ingredients gives you the sad news that other supplements have too. A proprietary blend. Manufacturers can try to change our impression about this by calling it a “Secret Formula” or other fancy names but let’s face it, the only “Secret Formula” that sounds cool is a CIA or MI6 operation. A secret ingredient list of something that I’m supposed to consume sounds more frightening than cool. Proprietary blends can be changed anytime and continue to retail under the same name without your knowledge, and that’s a big problem.

Big T contains just five active ingredients. These are;

  • Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is the dominant ingredient in this supplement. It is also the only compound whose content (1200) we know. Big T provides your body with vitamin D in the form of Cholecalciferol. This vitamin can also be acquired through the diet and exposure to good qualities of sunlight. The vitamin is essential and is used by our bodies to maintain healthy skin, teeth, and bones. A decline in the amount of D3 in the body has also been linked with a decrease in testosterone levels. Our bodies, however, cannot get enough of this vitamin through sunlight and a balanced diet. Cutler Nutrition, therefore, tries to increase the amount of D3 through this supplement.

The efficacy of Vitamin D3 is undoubted. Unfortunately, for it to be effective and deliver the desired results you will need at least 3,300IU, and Big T contains only a third of this!

  • Broussonetia Papyrifera

There is a huge chance that you are hearing about this herb for the first time today. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. This herb, originating from Asia (where it has been used as both a traditional laxative medicine and for making papers), is not very well known. It’s a strange addition to this supplement because there’s also very few research done on it to determine what exactly it does. Cutler Nutrition claims that it is capable of preventing the accumulation of estrogen in the body. We don’t however, have any study out there to quote alongside this claim. Perhaps that’s why we have not heard about the herb before.

  • Nelumbinis Semen

This is yet another ingredient that is hardly known. According to Cutler Nutrition though, it’s an Aromatase-inhibitor, but we can’t help but think that it’s not. No, actually we know that it is not capable of inhibiting aromatase activity. Aromatase is the hormone that contributes to the conversion of testosterone into estrogen resulting in testosterone deficiency problems. The studies done on this compound have conclusively shown that it is an inactive aromatase inhibitor and it also does not increase t-levels in the body. So, what exactly is this herb doing in the supplement?! The only thing positive that you can find regarding Nelumbinis Semen is its ability to solve depression. And this is from research done on rats, not humans!

  • American Saffron

There is not a single piece of evidence showing how the American Saffron influences an increase in testosterone, enhanced sex drive or a decrease in Estrogen. This is a highly questionable ingredient, and there are actually studies linking it with a reduction in testosterone! In that research, American Saffron seemed to decrease the amount of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is paramount in the secretion and functioning of testosterone. So what will such a compound be doing in a testosterone supplement? Another research showed that the American Saffron contributed to a rise in salivary estrogen among women. If there’s any chance that the same can happen in men, then this could reduce your testosterone even further.

  • Aspidosperma quebracho-Blanco

This is a bark of a tree commonly found in Argentina. The best research on this herb was done decades ago in Germany where they said that it might enhance libido. The active ingredient of the herb is known as Yohimbine that was traditionally used to treat erectile dysfunction. Others claim that it can cause some severe cardiovascular complications resulting in abnormal blood pressures and heart rates. Other than this old research nothing more is known about the plant and its benefits.

Benefits of Big T

From the review of the active ingredients in this supplement, it will take a miracle for this product to do anything at all. The manufacturers, however, are confident that it can deliver the following results:

As far as I can see, this is all marketing strategy. None of the five used ingredients seem even to hint an improvement in mental functions, yet they claim that it can give you a positive mood and attitude. The only functional element used here that’s capable of increasing your energy or testosterone is vitamin D3 which is hugely under-dosed.

Potential Side effects of using Big T

The usage of Big T hasn’t been linked with any side effects possible because it has a strange weak formula that probably doesn’t work.

Taking Big T

One capsule of Big T should be taken every morning on a full stomach. Cutler Nutrition asks you to be keen on the time that you are taking the supplement. You are advised to take at the same time every day because the routine will help to maintain a decent level of testosterone in the body. Big T manufacturers also recommend that you use the supplement alongside an intensive workout session and diet plan. You are also advised to use the supplement for four to eight weeks straight. After one cycle you should go for a four weeks break before starting another cycle.

Where Can I buy Big T?

Big T is available in many online stores including Amazon, GNC, and the bodybuilding website. Its price ranges from one store to another, but on average, a single pack will cost you $29.


The only person who probably knows what exactly goes on in this bizarre formula is Jay Cutler himself. Big T is a big misstep by Cutler Nutrition. They have used exotic ingredients that are little known about, and the only active component that they decided to include is Vitamin D3 which isn’t enough. Pinpointing anything useful from this product is hard. Unless there is a magical spell on this supplement, we honestly don’t know how in the world Big T can help to boost your testosterone levels. For this reason, we cannot recommend this supplement to you.


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