Biotrust Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

What is BioTrust?

BioTrust is a company that specializes in health and wellness, specifically in body transformation programs and dietary supplements. The company was founded by Joel Marion, who is a fitness personality and 5-time bestselling author, together with Josh Bezoni, a supplement, fitness, nutrition expert, philanthropist, and best-selling author of Body Transformation.

BioTrust features a science team of 4 members which include; Dr. Matthew Roberson, M.D. who is the Lead Medical Advisor, Tim Skwiat, Med, CSCS, Pn2 who is the director of nutrition and exercise, Shawn Wells, MPH, RD, CISSN, FISSN who is the Chief Scientific Officer, and lastly Andrew Quintanilla, CFS who is the director of Research & Development.

The BioTrust fitness team consists of Craig Ballantyne who is a Metabolic Resistance Training Advisor, Rob Poulos who is the Fitness and Flat Belly Advisor, Vince Delmonte, a Muscle Building Advisor, Chad Tackett, a Fitness and Community Advisor, Kyle Leon who is Fat Loss and Business Development Advisor, Dan Long who is also a Fat Loss and Motivational Advisor, among many others.

BioTrust Products

Products provided by BioTrust come in various categories such as;

  1. Fat loss products
  2. Muscle building products
  3. BioTrust gear and accessories
  4. Fat Loss Products

BioTrust provides products that help in supporting fat loss in order for you to have that healthy and well-maintained body. The products are in a wide range and provide excellent results.

Some of the Fat Loss BioTrust products include;

CraveFix 96

This BioTrust product is also one-of-a-kind when it comes to assistance in fact loss. If you are someone who experiences junk food cravings, have difficulty trying to lose weight, eat a lot when going through a stressful situation. Then this is the right product for you.

Features & Benefits of CraveFix 96

It helps in improving your overall well-being by promoting eating habits that are healthy.

One is assured quality, potency, and purity because the product is manufactured, tested, and GMP-certified.

Every order also comes with free 53 smoothies for burning fat and a 3-week diet copy.

It helps in reducing huge the urge for a snack and huge appetite, therefore supporting your weight management.

LeptiBurn 2.0

This BioTrust fat loss product helps in metabolic support. If you feel really frustrated about your weight loss then you have to check out this product. It greatly helps in maintaining your weight while at the same time helping you in supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Features & Benefits of LeptiBurn 2.0

It helps in fighting the metabolic adaptations that limit weight loss progress through its scientific design.

It helps your body to use fat as fuel if well combined with a good exercise program and healthy eating.

It also helps in supporting the maintenance of your weight by managing your appetite and supporting your body’s healthy metabolic rate.

Like the others, it also comes with free 53 fat burning smoothies and a 3k-week diet copy.

The price is very fair and affordable to accommodate everyone.

MetaboGreens 45X

These are BioTrust’s best tasting greens that serve the right fruits and vegetable solutions for your fat loss diet plan. If you struggle in trying the right vegetables and fruits that is recommended per day then this product will suit you best.

Features & Benefits of MetaboGreens 45X

It helps to boost the levels of nitric oxide in your body, support a healthy status of antioxidants in your body and fight the production of free radical because it contains a blend of superfoods known as Spectra, which has been scientifically validated.

It assures potency and purity because it has been manufactured, tested, and certified in a GMP facility.

It helps in promoting healthy aging, managing your appetite, supporting levels of energy in your body, and hydrating your body.

Every order also comes with 53 smoothies for burning fact and a 3-week diet copy.

OmegaKrill 5X

This BioTrust product combines krill and fish oil and is very potent as well as pure. There are many options when it comes to Omega 3. However, this product provides the best solution through its amazing features and benefits.

Features & Benefits of OmegaKrill 5X

It provides health benefits for your eyes, brain, and heart as it contains plenty of DHA formula which cannot be found in most supplements.

It is a dosing that is very reliable that has been tested for contaminants and rancidity.

It assures quality, potency, and purity as it has been tested and certified in a GMP facility.

Every order you make comes with 53 smoothies for burning fat and a 3-week diet copy.

It is very affordable as it’s being sold at a very fair price.

  1. Muscle Building Products

When looking to build more muscles and have a great body shape or physique then BioTrust also provides a solution for this. There are various products for muscle building and they include

Harvest Plant Protein

This is a great vegan protein powder that is quite essential in the assistance of fat loss and building of muscles. This BioTrust product is very clean, tasty and actually, the best protein powder one can ever think of.

Features & Benefits of Harvest Plant Protein

  • It is sugar-free, smooth and very delicious
  • It helps in providing friendly stomach digestion because it features natural enzymes that have been blended together.
  • Every order you make comes with 53 smoothies that burn fat and a 3-week diet copy. All of which are free.
  • It has a very fair and affordable price.
  • It has NO GMOs, NO soy, and NO artificial sweeteners.

Platinum 1 Whey Protein

This is a very essential BioTrust product in that it is a grass-fed whey that is quite premium. It is very suitable for bodybuilders, weightlifter, cross-trainers, and athletes.

Features & Benefits of Platinum 1 Whey Protein

    • It does not include any GMOs, soy, hormones, junk, or added sugar.
    • It features very low lactose, just 1 gram of carbohydrate, and 120 calories per every serving. This makes the product quite essential for muscle building.
    • It comes with 53 smoothies for burning of fat and a 3-week diet copy. All of which are for free.
    • The pricing is very fair and affordable to accommodate everyone.
    • It comes in different sizes from a small bag, medium, to a large one.

BellyTrim XP

This BioTrust product offers a great solution for your weight loss supplements and provides great results.

Features & Benefits of BellyTrim XP

  • It provides a convenient addition to CLA because it includes punicic acid.
  • It is free from stimulant formula such as caffeine.
  • It helps to support a toned and lean body muscle by maintaining calories and reducing your body fat.
  • It features the most essential ingredients for weight loss like the CLA.
  • It also comes with 53 smoothies for burning fat and a 3-week diet copy.

BioTrust IC-5 2.0

This BioTrust product helps in supporting metabolism and advanced management of carbohydrate in your body. If you have an issue with carbs then there is a solution to your problem.

Features & Benefits of IC-5 2.0

It supports a healthy metabolism of carbohydrate in your body through its validated scientific blend of ingredients.

It provides healthy aging support and antioxidant protection.

It assures potency, quality, and purity as it is manufactured, tested and certified in a GMP facility.

  1. BioTrust Gear & Accessories

BioTrust also sells logo t-shirts, blender bottles, vitamin chests, and dri-fit workout shirts. You can find all these gears and accessories on the BioTrust website or even act amazon for purchase. They come in different sizes as well as prices too. You can also find overall health products such as Ageless body, Brain Bright, Joint 3X, Pro X10, among many others.

How to Use BioTrust Products

BioTrust products help in burning of fat and maintaining a good body shape.

You can use the BioTrust muscle building products to build your body muscles.

Some other BioTrust products help in promoting good digestion for your stomach

You can also use BioTrust products for your overall health and well-being.

Pricing on BioTrust Products

The price of BioTrust products varies from one to the other to their different functions and features. The basic package act Amazon costs $69 and some products have free shipping offers. It is recommended that you get to check out more information on prices on the Amazon site or BioTrust company website to compare their prices and decide on which product will be suitable for you.

Conclusion on Biotrust

Being in good health, especially being able to maintain your body weight and control how and what you eat is very important. With BioTrust products, you are provided with the ability to cut down fat in your body and build essential muscles for that awesome physique. The good thing about BioTrust is that it provides products that bring a solution for a healthy body.

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