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Blender Bottle Review – Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

What is the Blender Bottle?

The classic model by Blender Bottles is a worldwide bestseller in the category of shaker cups. It’s been a decade since it came on the market and still tops the list of best-selling shaker cups.  Let’s see why and how! Well, why do we need Blender Bottle? It is obvious for the people who have ever tried mixing up drinks or shakes, and a bit of residual of the powder remained at the bottom or made a mess while pouring the drink from blender to the glass. There’s one more, after blending residuals are still left at the corners or sides of the blender. One must have tried shaker cups, and if you haven’t tried that too, then you might be familiar with unblended water and powder while making supplement drinks. Well, there are options like a magic bullet, but they overkill.

blender bottle
blender bottle

Claims by Blender Bottle

Well, the blender bottle claims that whenever you put in your favorite shake mix, then you are going to get a perfectly blended shake every time you make. They made sense when they hit nails on the head with the question; are you tired of getting lumps in between your teeth?

We all are familiar with that now, and if you are too then without wasting any more time you should just go and add it to your cart and shop for it before you lose the opportunity!

They did get a little carried away during the brainstorming session which showed all the possible uses of Blender Bottle but still we see a lot of value in it. They also claim that instead of just for protein shakes and drinks you can use this for stuff like; pancake mix, gravy, dressing for salad, etc. Well, the gravy part was a bit stretched because no one would like to put hot stuff in a plastic bottle.

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Furthermore, with so many uses the Blender Bottles also comes with a reasonable and affordable price tag. You can easily get your hands on this for about around $10 or even less and in different assorted colors too!

They also offer different sizes like the original or a smaller version if you like to carry it with you during holidays or vacation. They even have different styles so that you can match it with your personality.


We all hate the sparks from blenders while preparing stuff like shakes and drinks and also the messy notorious shaker cups doesn’t make the tasks much easier too. But if you use Blender Bottle, then making these kinds of stuff might get easier, as opening the packet of your protein shake and then mixing it and your drink is ready to reach your mouth!

When using Blender Bottle, you don’t even have to worry much about cleaning, just after finishing your drink pour some water in and get a blend. But as for shaker cups, you might have to use your hands to get rid of all those clumps of lumps which remain at the bottom.


The miracle happens due to the wire mesh ball that comes along with it which ensures that all the clumps in the powder gets mixed up and dispersed in the liquid thoroughly. This thing is little and ingenious. At first, you wouldn’t prefer, but after you use it you’d be like why didn’t I think about it first!

No need to worry you can get benefits from it still if you buy Blender bottle. You don’t have to look out for the ball; it won’t disrupt your shake while pouring out of the blender bottle.

A few people complained about the leakage and broken lid which is quite possibly in the cases of mass production. But it still isn’t a thing to worry about you can always get it replaced by returning it to the seller, or writing to the manufacturer or anything. There are a lot of ways to get it exchanged or replaced!

How does Blender Bottle work?

You can find an updated version of the classic shaker bottle, and the upgrade is the loop and flip cap design. It is said that it makes things much easier and even more convenient to use. There’s this special blender ball wire which that rotates or moves inside the container while you shake. With the help of this, you can easily turn thick liquids to drinkable ones in a short period.

There’s a screw on lid which will prevent the spilling of the liquid inside while the wide mouth will let you put in whatever you want in your shake. There are clear and almost accurate markings so that you wouldn’t have to worry about the measurements again.

In the classic version, therefore, mentioned wire whisk is a chief feature. Once you are done with adding your favorite ingredients for your drink, simply drop the blender ball in it. Then you can sit back and watch it how it works and turns the thick substances into a drinkable shake. It is made from surgical grade stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about it being in your blender bottle while you drink the shake. Hence it is safe to be left in a while even when you drink water.

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Pros & Cons of the Blender Bottle


  • The loop and flip is a great addition as it makes the blender bottle easy to carry around.
  • The blender ball does an excellent work of turning thick ingredients to make drinks with perfect consistency
  • It is ideal to make the batter for pancakes, etc
  • It is ideal to mix protein shakes, smoothies, etc
  • It is free from phthalates and can be washed in the dishwasher
  • BPA free
  • It leak-proof guarantee
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Cheaper as compared to shaker bottles


  • The material used is quite cheap
  • The Blender Ball might be an issue
  • There is a question regarding long-term durability
  • The shaker blender bottle tends to crack
  • Needs regular and thorough washes


It can be considered as a fantastic innovation because it can mix thickest ingredients. This can help you to explore the world of different drinks.


The loop and flip cap and the wide mouth of the blender bottle help to get the best results and is simply all about adding the blender ball in the ingredients or mix.

Opinion on the Blender Bottle

Even though the first model came into existence before more than almost a decade but the upgrades to it make it capable of standing against its rivals in the marketplace. It mixes ingredients well no matter how thick it might get. It is easy to carry around which means you can take it anywhere with you. It is easy to use; the matter is only about adding your mix and the Blender ball in it. The quality of the shaker blender bottle may not be the best but if we compare it with the price it is offered, and how good it works then it should be something you shouldn’t mind about. It comes at a relatively low price then shaker bottles and is even easier to clean and maintain.

Therefore, in my opinion, the blender bottle is a must-have for freaks who love shakes and drinks.

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