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Blue Star Status Review 2019- Pro’s & Con’s-

What is Blue Star Status?

Looking for a testosterone booster is a hectic activity. There are so many supplements out there and a lot of details to look into which can cause a headache leading to a poor decision. When you are trying to purchase a T-booster, you have to look at who makes the product and how safe is it for consumption? Does it work or it’s yet another scam? What sort of side effects should one expect? What ingredients are used? These are critical questions that help you to separate an effective supplement from scam products. So where does Blue Star Status stand in all this? We have collected all the information provided to determine whether the product works.

blue star status

The first thing you notice when you come across a Blue Star Status commercial is its claim to increase your T-levels by 434%! This is an insane number, and you can right away start getting skeptical with this supplement. On average, as you cross the 30 years age mark, you start losing at least 1% of your testosterone. By claiming that this product can increase your T-levels by 434% means that you are probably going to get an even more massive amount of this hormone than your body had when you were a teenager. This begs the question of if this is even possible, to begin with, and whether your body can withstand it. We also know that high levels of testosterone can trigger chemicals in your body to turn some of the hormones to Estrogen. Does Blue Star Status have any plan in the formula to prevent this?

According to the manufacturers, this dietary supplement does not contain any harmful artificial steroids or hormones. It is therefore considered as a purely natural supplement which has helped to significantly reduce the number of side affects its user’s experience.

Other than helping you to build up muscles, Blue Star Status is believed to promote libido, boost energy and reduce belly fat. Let’s see if the compounds used are good enough to deliver these results.

Blue Star Status Ingredients

Blue Star Nutraceuticals, the manufacturers of Blue Star Status, have for some reason refused to provide full details of all the ingredients used in this formula. They have only pointed out the few essential compounds added. Blue Star Nutraceuticals are probably just telling us what we want to hear, but by ignoring to disclose the full list of ingredients, it’s made it hard for users to know how they will react to the supplement. We can, however, commend them for including some of the best known and proven elements that can enhance Testosterone levels. Some of the disclosed compounds used include:

  • Trigonella Foenum

Trigonella Foenum or fenugreek is a Mediterranean herb that has been used to treat kidney and inflammation diseases. It’s also believed that this herb can treat infertility and erectile dysfunction problems. Additionally, Trigonella Foenum is thought to be capable of reducing blood sugars, promoting healthy digestion and to induce labor! Some of these claims, however, are not supported by any concrete evidence. Research by International Journal of Medical Science did, however, point out that Fenugreek improved free testosterone by as much as 46% among 90% of the population studied.

The problem with the inclusion of the compound in this supplement has to deal with dosages because if it is not sufficiently supplied, then it won’t be useful. There is only 100mg of Trigonella Foenum in this supplement, and that isn’t enough.

  • Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 also referred to as Pyridoxine is an essential compound used to boost the immune and nervous system and brain development. It is available in foods such as fish and poultry. A decent supply of vitamin B6 can treat anemia, blood vessel issues, premenstrual syndrome, heart problems and morning sickness. Vitamin B6 in this supplement, however, has been used to enhance muscle growth and for regulating neurotransmitters and body metabolism. By promoting metabolism, Pyridoxine helps to ensure that there is a consistent supply of energy to fuel you for your workouts. An efficient metabolism also assists in cutting down fat which will help in boosting muscle growth.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is another vital mineral that’s used to support your body’s day-to-day activities. According to the National Institute of Health, Magnesium promotes the functions of over 300 enzyme systems that are responsible for regulating biochemical reactions such as nerve and muscle functions, blood pressure, protein synthesis, and blood glucose. Blood glucose levels are known to influence the amount of testosterone in your body. A sharp increase in insulin results in decreased testosterone. If the quantities of Magnesium in Blue Star Status are sufficient, they can be instrumental in helping to boost T-levels.

Biological Trace Element Research conducted a study which showed that Magnesium could increase testosterone. The study also pinpointed that for maximum results, one needs to exercise more in order to get the best out of this element.

  • Eurycoma Longifolia

Eurycoma Longifolia has been used to treat weak libido, infertility, erectile dysfunction, and cancer too in some cases. Most of its benefits revolve around sexual performance, and that’s why the herb is frequently used in sexual and testosterone boosters. Research done on rats by Experimental Animals showed that Eurycoma Longifolia is a potent sexual stimulator. Presence of this ingredient in Blue Star Status makes it very useful for people whose testosterone deficiency has affected their sexual performance. Unfortunately, there’s just 300mg of Eurycoma Longifolia in this supplement which seems to be a bit too low. You will hence have to consume the supplement for long before you can start enjoying its benefits.

  • Saw Palmetto

It’s hard to make sense of why this ingredient was used in Blue Star Status. Saw Palmetto had not been researched much and the few studies conducted show that it does not in any way boost testosterone levels and neither does it improve your sex drive. Some claim that it can prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT a potentially harmful hormone that enlarges prostate and causes urinary tract infections. With the lack of research materials on this herb, however, we cannot tell whether this is true.

Other ingredients found in this formula include Black Pepper, Chrysin, Fumarate, Succinate, Diindolylmethane, etc.

Benefits of Using Blue Star Status

Blue Star Nutraceuticals claim that using this supplement will give you the following benefits:

When you take a look at user reviews online, you will realize that not everyone has had a positive experience with Blue Star Status. While some are claiming that the supplement is magical, others are complaining that after weeks of using it they still cannot feel any changes. People react differently to supplements, and this may be one reason for that. It might also be about the dosages used. In as much as Blue Star Nutraceuticals have tried to add some beneficial compounds, the quantities used are still needing and this has affected its performance.

Potential Side Effects of using Blue Star Status

Theoretically, Longjack, saw palmetto and chrysin are known to have adverse effects particularly in men who are already suffering from other medical conditions. Saw palmetto, for instance, can thin your blood resulting in blood pressure issues while Longjack can cause nausea, diarrhea, headaches and stomach complications if used for more than six months. For this reason, Blue Star Status manufacturers advise you to make sure that you take breaks between cycles of using this supplement.

The inclusion of a lot of compounds in this supplement might also be a cause for concern among people with common allergies. To avoid having allergic reactions you should consider talking to your physician before using the supplement.

In general, most users have not suffered any major side effects.

Taking Blue Star Status

With Blue Star Status, you are supposed to use three capsules per day all of which should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning.

Where Can I buy Blue Star Status?

This supplement is in good supply in most online supplement stores. You can purchase it from the official Blue Star website and also on Amazon, eBay, GNC, bodybuilding website, and on Jet just to mention a few.

A 30 days’ supply, which is 90 capsules, of Blue Star Status costs around $69.99, and that’s not inclusive of the shipment charges. The supplement is, therefore, a bit costly and you can see this from online reviews of users complaining about its costs.

Blue star status review

There is no questioning that Blue Star Status standouts among other testosterone supplements. Part of the reason for this is its utilization of a clinically-validated formula and active natural ingredients. The supplement has been useful to a group of people who have witnessed an increase in energy and sexual performance. Its performance has not been uniform, and some people have hardly seen any positives from using this supplement. This has left an even larger group of people disappointed with Blue Star Status. The prominent reason behind this is the lack of sufficient dosages of the compounds used. This together with the use of too many experimental ingredients and its high price makes the supplement an unfavorable investment to most athletes. It will, therefore, be reasonable if you are to look for another proven supplement that’s worth the cost.


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