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Bowflex Revolution Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is the Bowflex Revolution?

Have you ever wanted to purchase a home gym equipment but the difference in fitness needs between you and your spouse (or other family members) makes decision making almost impossible? I mean, maybe all you want is to bulk up some muscles while another family member is more interested in losing weight. If you are knowledgeable about matters fitness, then you understand that these two goals require different approaches. To build muscles, for instance, you need a lot of weight training while losing weight is achieved more efficiently through cardio workouts. This may not sound like a massive challenge until you realize that most home gym equipment is designed to offer only one of these. To some people, the option, therefore, is to purchase two separate equipment to keep everyone in the house happy. Now, this is not only expensive, but it also consumes too much space for something your garage or house cannot accommodate. So, what’s the way forward? Let us introduce you to the Bowflex Revolution.

This fitness machine is the most versatile you’ll ever come across. It has transformed the traditional home gym experience making sure that everyone’s fitness goals are fully accomplished. With the Bowflex Revolution, you can build muscles, do cardio workouts and tone the abs.

What’s even more brilliant is the fact that it is designed to accommodate people of different fitness levels. So if for instance, you are an advanced bodybuilder or athlete but your spouse is still struggling to get in shape both of you will be able to utilize the equipment on different programs to stay challenged independently.

Here are a few notable features that we believe make the Bowflex Revolution the best home gym equipment in the market.

Bowflex SpiraFlex Technology

We were all used to cables, rods, and weights in traditional gyms some who used to get the job done but they were not as efficient as we wanted. They were a bit too rough with inconsistent resistance. The Bowflex Revolution gym rises above all these limitations by utilizing the extraordinary Bowflex SpiraFlex Technology. This technology is a leaf borrowed from the Space stations where astronauts could no longer use weights to prevent loss of bone and muscle mass forcing the innovation of SpiraFlex system by the NASA scientists.

In fitness equipment, this technology has proven to be very successful. It features a single resistance pack on each side which are integrated into a heavy-duty elastic strap. These tighten up around a coil every time the resistance discs rotate due to the pulling of cables as you work out. The discs come in different weights of 2.2, 4.5, 9.0 and 18.1kg (5, 10, 20 & 40lbs). These discs may seem similar to the weight plates found in dumbbells, but they function differently. Once they are assembled to the Bowflex’s resistance system, they modify the springs generating the indicated resistance.

You can use these weights independently or combine them on each side for more resistance. The latter is ideal for advanced bodybuilders who can handle the weight. You could also put more discs on one side than on the other in case you feel like one of your sides needs more resistance than the other.

Adjusting these weights is also hassle-free. All you have to do is place the plates you need on each side and then rotate the plates to secure them in place. The plates are not bulky like the traditional weight discs.

The maximum resistance offered by the machine is 220lbs or 100kg using the included discs, but you can also pay to upgrade all the way to 300lbs (136kgs) for the upper body. The leg press station can go up to 600lbs (272kg) which is pretty high.

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Total Body Workout

Not often do you find a machine that effectively works out both your upper and lower body parts. With the Bowflex revolution machine, this is not a problem thanks to the over 100 workout exercises!

If you are planning on bulking up your legs, then the leg extension section is fitted with leg press station to strengthen your hamstring and all other leg muscles simultaneously. People focused on the cardio bit of fitness are also very well catered for with the inbuilt rowing machine. This offers complete cardio workout helping you to burn fat, boost your stamina and strengthen your cardiovascular system. Presence of the Freedom Arms technology takes things a notch higher. With this system, you can work out from various angles to stimulate more muscles for a wholesome impact.

In short, the Bowflex Revolution lets you work out on almost all aspects the same way you will in a fully equipped gym.


All the complicated bits of this bike come readily assembled so that you don’t waste much time getting started. The only work left is on fixing the base tubes, base plates, the pre-tension discs, main body, top cover, rails, shaft attaching the resistance plates, backrest, leg developer, preacher pad, leg press plate, seat and the four-bar assembly. They have included a step-by-step user guide to take you through the whole process. In our assessment, the entire assembly period shouldn’t take more than 2 hours.

Frame Construction and other accessories

Bowflex is all about making durable gym equipment, and that’s why the Bowflex Revolution is made of a heavy steel frame with sturdy accessories. This brings the total weight of this machine to around 336.2lbs (152.5 kg), and that is why the machine is very stable and solid. Of course, the most significant challenge with such a weight comes when you want to move it. To solve this problem, Bowflex has included a set of wheels at the bottom for easy transportation.

To promote portability and compactness the frame, the seat and the main bar supporting the bench are all foldable.

The seat and the backrest are both designed with high-quality upholstery made of durable leather. They are further reinforced with 2” of foam padding for optimal comfort. The bike features a large backrest on the side of the seat while on the opposite side is a smaller rest that functions as a leg press padding.

The arms of the Bowflex Revolution are fitted with heavy-duty pulleys made of a nylon material. These pulleys swivel 360° enabling you to work out from multiple angles for even results. The pulleys feature industrial grade ball bearings that are adequately sealed for smooth operation. The cables are made of a PVC material that delivers incredibly smooth gliding, and they have been tested with over 2,000lbs!

Two foot-harnesses and two handle grips are included with the machine. The handle grips have D-rings that you can use to regulate the length of each strap to blend them perfectly with the length of your arms. The foot harnesses have attachment rings on various sides allowing you to perform different leg exercises.

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Features of Bowflex Revolution


  • Length: 112 inches
  • Width: 38 inches
  • Height: 73 inches
  • Unit weight: 336.2lbs


  • More than 100 exercises
  • 170° arm adjustment with o10 different positions
  • Space-age SpiraFlex resistance technology
  • Come with up to 440lbs in resistance with an option to upgrade all the way to 600lbs!
  • Vertical bench press for multiple exercises
  • Leg extensions allow you to develop strong leg muscles
  • Maximum supported weight 300lbs


  • Beautiful design that’ll compliment your home décor and motivate you into sitting on it and working out
  • The SpiraFlex technology transcends all the challenges that came with traditional weight plate and cable resistances
  • The Bowflex Revolution has a solid and stable frame
  • The sealed bearings in the pulleys make them extremely durable
  • Well-cushioned seat and backrest for maximum comfort
  • The gliding seat supports multiple leg presses and full-motion rows exercises
  • Adjusting the weights super easy
  • The more than 100 exercises will surely achieve everyone’s fitness goals
  • 4 inches cushioned rollers to support leg attachments
  • Leg developer, leg press plate and preacher curl padded are all included


  • Advanced weight lifters will not be able to work out with more than 100lbs per arm
  • With over 100 exercises it will definitely take some time before you learn how to adjust the machine and perform various workouts.
  • The Bowflex Revolution is also quite costly.

The verdict on Bowflex Revolution

The Bowflex Revolution is labeled and marketed as a home gym equipment but looking at its features realize that it is a high-grade piece similar to all those premium equipment in the gym. We loved its versatility, and the myriad of options regarding workouts and the SpiraFlex technology makes it even more brilliant. If you need home gym usable to every member of your family and durable enough for your toddlers to be able to use in years to come then the Bowflex Revolution is your best option.

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