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Bowflex Treadclimber TC5000 Review 2018 (Updated July 2019)

Bowflex Treadclimber TC5000 Overview

Treadclimbers are not as popular as recumbent bikes and standard treadmills. For long these machines have been overlooked. However, they have gained extensive popularity in the last couple of years and this has seen their demand increase significantly. Consequently, the number of treadclimbers in the market has increased and the prices have inevitably shot up. More and more people now understand just how effective these machines are for day-to-day workouts and in this review, we will be taking you through the treadclimber TC5000 from Bowflex uncovering every feature included and its usefulness. We believe that the treadclimber TC5000 is among the best Treadclimbers and the following information should help you understand why exactly you need this machine.

What is the Bowflex treadclimber TC5000?

Initially, we had to spare time to work out on the treadmill and the stepper separately. This has, for most of us, been a challenge due to time strains and above all, it is quite expensive. For anyone looking to get home gym equipment, it has always been difficult choosing between the stepper and the treadmill because for one, the overall cost is too steep and secondly, the two machine will demand massive amounts of space that we can’t spare in our homes.

The Bowflex treadclimber  TC5000 combines both the stepper and the traditional treadmill in a single equipment that you can easily fit in your home garage. TC5000 is perhaps the most compact treadclimber there is. Moreover, it comes with features designed by fitness experts that will make your life on the equipment highly productive while achieving the best possible results in the shortest time possible.

Bowflex first released the Treadclimber TC3000 which, although it was widely bought, it had multiple drawbacks that made it extremely difficult for most people to fully enjoy its benefits. The treadclimber TC5000 has undergone massive improvements on the previous features of the TC3000 model and the manufacturer added new technological capabilities for better results. Therefore, as you’d expect the price tag has gone up and hence the question for most TC3000 owners is, should they incur the extra cost and upgrade to the TC5000? The answer is yes and this is why:

Intuitive Console

The one thing Bowflex rarely disappoint on is in the console department. The treadclimber  TC5000 comes with an excellent display where you can conveniently monitor the miles covered, heart rate, time spent on the machine, calories burnt, speed etc. The whole machine is constructed with some great technological equipment and the benefit of all this is in the accuracy of data displayed. This makes it much easier to show every progress you’ve made and this should help you in determining how well you’re performing.

From the console, you’ll also be able to set your fitness goals to be it on distance, time, total steps or calories burnt. The display will show you how you’ve performed on daily basis before comparing it against the set goals. This should motivate you into working out more. You can even set realistic weekly goals that allow you to develop gradually towards more challenging goals.

Something new that wasn’t in the TC3000 model is the remote heart rate monitor. With the treadclimber TC5000, you are given a chest belt that keeps track of your heart rate and relays this data to the console. This chest belt is much better than the heart rate monitors based on the handlebars of most other treadclimbers.

Hydraulic Cylinders

This is probably the most creative addition to this machine. The hydraulic cylinders join the frame and the treadles at the front of the treadclimber. The whole purpose of these cylinders is to absorb as much pressure as possible from each of your steps. This is a function that they perform extremely well and the result is a stress-free workout. No longer do you have to persevere through uncomfortable and aching joints while working out on a tread climber. Unnecessary muscle fatigue has been eliminated completely. In the end, therefore, you have a machine on which you can work out for as long as your breath and muscle can sustain you without being dragged behind by other factors from the machine.

These cylinders are also equipped with a dial that can regulate the range of movement into 12 different settings. This means that as you adjust the movement of the treadles you’ll be changing the intensity of your workout. The maximum setting will fully challenge your glute, abs, lower back and quads boosting muscle activation.

It’s also possible to use a belt speed alongside the treadle displacement and this increases the resistance significantly. Of course, this is meant for the more advanced fitness gurus.

Safety key

Cases of accidents occurring while on a workout equipment has always been a huge concern. Bowflex has fitted the safety key in an attempt to reduce these accidents or the impact of one in case it happens. If you were working out on the treadclimber and you trip or fall and move away from the console, the safety key will ensure that the machine stops moving immediately.

Safety has also been boosted through the extended handrails on the sides of this treadclimber. These handrails help in giving you the essential balance you need as you continue with your intensive workouts.

Bowflex Treadclimber TC5000 Features

  • Dimensions: 46” by 30” by 55.25”
  • Unit weight: 185lbs
  • 12 intensity settings
  • Commercial grade motor
  • 8 electronic functions
  • Quick start feature
  • Climb indicator
  • Six bright LED readouts
  • Large footboards
  • Transportation wheels
  • Drink holder
  • Safety key
  • Wireless heart rate technology
  • A maximum supported the weight of 300lbs
  • 1-speed increments
  • 7-4.0mph speed range


  • Effective inbuilt heart rate monitor
  • A wide variety of unique workout options
  • The machine comes with a comprehensive user guide that helps you in setting up some of the effective workouts
  • The 12 treadle motion settings and the variable belt speeds are enough to provide different fitness levels
  • Covers smaller space compared to an elliptical and treadmill
  • Supports low-impact workout making it an ideal option for individuals with joint pain issues


  • Changing the dial on the cylinders requires you to manually make this change on the console and this causes interruptions during workouts
  • At 185lbs, this machine is quite bulky. You will hence have to find a space where you can secure it without having to move it around
  • There is a lot of assembling required when it’s delivered. You may even need an extra pair of hands to get it done
  • It doesn’t have the quick-select profile a feature that is found in most other equipment within its price range
  • Various users complained of poor customer support from the manufacturer
  • A bit costly


There is no doubt that the treadclimber TC5000 is more than just a significant upgrade from the TC3000. It comes with new amazing features that’ll make your workouts worthwhile. Yes, it still comes with a few challenges but everything considered, you’ll still be getting great value for your money.

User Reviews

Majority of the reviews on this product are positive which helps in explaining why it is recommendable. There are still a few negative reviews and most of these are due to the issue or limitations we’ve raised above. Here is a sample of a few:

“This machine is the bomb! It works and burns calories like you are running. It is sturdy and comfortable with its cup holders and handles. I absolutely love it!” By Theresa Lynn

“Arrived on time, easy to assemble. The newer models aren’t as good as this one.” By Douglas Parker

“I was told this was the BEST Treadclimber Nautilus produced. However, I never go by reviews as they are not reliable…

To my Surprise, this machine was nothing short of exceptional! Smooth cushy treads to protect the knees, joints, and back, providing a safe and secure workout; reducing stress and strain on the knees.” By Josh Carriere

“We put it together and it was very wobbly and lose. I called the company and was told it’s the nature of the beast. The construction is very poor so I returned it.” By Jean Niedosik

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