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Is Bradley Martyn on Steroids? We investigated ! (Updated July 2019)

Who is Bradley Martyn?

Bradley Martyn is a social media superstar, trainer, and bodybuilder. He has a wildly successful YouTube channel and Instagram page, and his followers and subscribers number in the millions. Through his social media channels, he shares diet, workout and supplement tips with his followers, all the while teaching them how to get ”awesome and lean”. bradley martyn


Bradley Martyn is 28 years old, with a long history of bodybuilding behind him. While he may not have won a large number of competitions, he is widely respected, both within the field, as well as outside it. Every day, thousands of people watch the videos of this 6’3”, 245 lb bodybuilder, and take inspiration from his tips and hard work. Apart from his job as a Social Media Star, he also competes in various competitions and provides online training to a large number of people.


Bradley Martyn’s story is one of beating incredible odds. Ever since childhood, he has had to struggle against great amounts of adversity to get to where he is today. As a six-year-old, he had to deal with his father’s death. Growing up without a father, he had to learn to chart his own path to success.

Throughout his life, he has suffered from depression, and he took up fitness as a way to counter it. He dedicates his success to his mother and his best friend, Brandon Gerdes, saying that they have stood with him all his life.

At the age of 15, he joined a gym and worked hard on his body and physique over the next few years. In this time period, he learned a lot about proper nutrition, diet, supplement usage, and he used this knowledge to start an online fitness course at the age of 17.

This course helped popularise his brand, and he spent the next few years slowly growing his user base. In 2014, he started his YouTube Channel, and that is when things really took off. His funny, informative and knowledgeable takes on the fitness industry helped popularize him, and as his reach grew, he started to branch out more and more. As of 2018, he reaches millions of people on Twitter (142k followers), Facebook (2.9m followers) and Instagram (2.6m followers). Apart from making videos, he also sells a wide variety of gear and supplements on his website. By showing off his skill with business, he has shown that he is the perfect combination of brains and brawn.

He is now one of the biggest online fitness gurus, teaching and inspiring all his followers.

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Bradley Martyn Training

Bradley once said in an interview that he is not fond of using workout plans – he prefers to listen to his body rather than what “a piece of paper says”. Hence, he does not stick to a set training routine, running mostly on instinct. Considering that he has been working out since he was 15, he is very attuned to his body and can tell what kind of exercise is perfect for him on any given day.

There are certain general guidelines he follows every day, so as to not overtrain and stay in the optimum range for his workouts. He never exercises for longer than 1 ½ hours, and he sticks to the 8-12 reps range for most of his exercises. For larger muscle groups, 3-5 sets are enough, according to him.

His workouts are pretty freeform, but week by week, they usually break down into the following format –

  • Monday – Leg/Calf workouts
  • Tuesday – Shoulder/Tricep workouts
  • Wednesday – Chest and Biceps/Calf workouts
  • Thursday – Back workouts
  • Friday – Rest day, usually with some low-intensity cardio
  • Saturday – Tricep and Back workouts
  • Sunday – Conditioning (Flipping tires, pushing sleds, jumping rope)

Overall, he performs at least 20 sets per muscle group.

Given his past weightlifting experience, he tends to lean towards weights that are 75-80% of his maximum, and he focuses on the total amount of reps, as opposed to a rep range.


Nowadays, Bradley focuses more on his social media career and his business, but when he used to compete in bodybuilding shows, he used to practice intermittent fasting. He would go without food for sixteen hours, and then eat several large meals within eight hours. This method helped promote muscle growth, which helped him bulk up for competitions.

Now, however, his philosophy is different. He minimizes carb intake while eating a large number of proteins and fats. He has stated that this system gives him the best results in terms of fat loss. When he has to build muscle, he tends to increase his carb intake.

In one of his videos, he showed his audience how his shopping goes. During a trip to a supermarket, he usually buys figs, jasmine rice, blueberries, grapefruit juice, spinach/kale/broccoli, almond milk, bananas, cereal, eggs, chicken, ground beef and hot sauce.

As he has stated, most of the food he makes and eats is pretty basic, and he emphasizes that people should not force themselves to eat things they hate because there’s no point to eating without enjoying what you’re eating.

He has also put together a list of foods that help build muscle. He recommends people eat the following foods to put on weight and gain muscle –

  • Salmon – While most people prefer chicken or beef, Bradley recommends salmon because of the Omega 3 fatty acids. They slow the breakdown of muscle after a workout, so your body can focus on building new muscle, rather than replacing what has been lost. Apart from that, the proteins and fats also help in building muscle, since they are pure animal fats and have all the necessary amino acids.
  • Quinoa – Known for centuries in South America, quinoa is now getting more and more popular worldwide. It is more of a carbohydrate than a protein, but it has lysine, which helps build and repair tissue, and is naturally conducive to muscle growth.
  • Bell peppers – These peppers enhance muscle function and regulate blood pressure. They are high in nutrients like potassium and vitamin C, which helps muscles process carnitine, a fatty acid that promotes muscle recovery and growth.
  • Greek Yogurt – This variety of yogurt is high in casein, a protein that slowly increases levels of amino acids in the blood.
  • Almond Butter – Almonds have incredible amounts of proteins and healthy fats, all of which promote muscle growth.

All of his recommendations are based on his personal experience.


Bradley Martyn has a pretty impressive physique, but it’s quite likely that he is juicing. One of the biggest giveaways is his body shape. There are a lot more androgen receptors in the upper body, so steroid users tend to have massive upper bodies and slim waists. Bradley fits into this mold quite well.

On top of that, he has incredible muscle thickness. His muscle bellies are very full, and his arms, shoulders, and traps look very developed. This is a fairly common effect of several steroids.

One minor symptom of steroid usage is darkened skin, but it’s not as good an indicator. Plenty of bodybuilders use spray tans to show off muscle tone and look better on stage. Bradley’s skin does look like it has darkened, as compared to his older photos, but there’s no way to confirm one way or another.

Also, his mass hasn’t been steadily increasing over the course of years – he put on a large amount of lean muscle within two years. This incredible speed points to steroid usage and makes it quite likely that Bradley Martyn is a juicer.

However, when he competed professionally in bodybuilding events, he tested negative for steroids. So it looks like he may not have used them when competing, but rather started using them when he was making his channel and building his business.


While it is perfectly likely that Bradley Martyn is juicing, that fact in no way invalidates the incredible amount of hard work he puts into his body every single day. Also, he has never claimed to be a natural bodybuilder.

Bradley Martyn’s story is an inspirational one. Facing untold amounts of adversity, he has achieved incredible success and fame. He has worked hard, both on his physique and his business, and the results are out there for all to see. His inspirational videos gather millions of hits, and millions of people swear by his advice.

While it is perfectly likely that he is using steroids, his growth has been stunning to witness, and he will undoubtedly go far in the niche that he has carved out for himself.

Summarized, Bradley Martyn will probably use legal steroids to achieve his incredible muscle gains.

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