Bremelanotide Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

What is Bremelanotide?

Peptides have found way more success and popularity than any other substance when it comes to bodybuilding, especially because of their muscle-enhancing, recovery and healing properties. Lately, a particular peptide called bremelanotide or PT-141, has gained much exposure both among the public and the media as a result of investigations for studies related to its potential in healing and recovery from physical injuries and also shock due to hemorrhages, along with its role in treating low libido and sexual dysfunction. For those that are interested in finding out the potential benefits of using this peptide, the lines below throw light on various significant information related to the PT-141 so that one can make a decision with access to proper and relevant information.

There are many aspects related to the use of PT-141 and how it benefits men as well as women in getting rid of their sexual dysfunctions to find their way back to a healthy, sex life. To begin with, the first thing that anyone needs to know is what actually the PT-141 is.

Bremelanotide History

Bremelanotide is also known as PT-141 and is undergoing significant research and study for the possible use of this peptide in providing relief from sexual dysfunction, both in women (sexual arousal dysfunction) and men (impotence or erectile dysfunction). The PT-141 was first developed from Melanotan 2, a tanning peptide that is produced as a synthetic variant of the naturally occurring peptide hormone called alpha-Melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH) responsible for stimulating melanogenesis. The MSH causes activation of specific melanocortin receptors during the process of implementing its effects. In fact, MSH is known to exert potential influence over appetite, lipid metabolism as well as sexual libido. As a result, the PT-141 has also shown to exhibit its effects on libido enhancement through activation of the melanocortin receptors known as MC4R and MC1R. However, it has not been successfully used in skin tanning.

The PT-141 has shown potential remedy for sexual dysfunctions, mostly the erectile dysfunction in males. According to studies, PT-141 produces no action on the human vascular system unlike other compounds in this category but supposedly functions through the activation of melanocortin receptors inside the human brain, thereby helping one to show an increase in sexual stimulation.

Mainly used as a solution for erectile dysfunction, men opt for Bremelanotide to re-ignite their passion for engaging in sexual activity and obtaining extremely hard erections that do not just satisfy them but also their partners at the time of physical intercourse. While opting for the PT-141, individuals don’t need to undertake other medications or therapies like the hormone replacement therapy for effective results. Studies have proved the ability of bremelanotide pepin treating sexual dysfunction by performing an experiment on laboratory rats in which the male rats having erectile dysfunction were subject to the PT-141 and showed improvement in sexual performance when compared to the control group that was not subject to this peptide. Apart from the male rats, PT-141 or bremelanotide also showed significant changes in female rats that displayed an increase in sexual performance has been subject to bremelanotide. With reference to humans, it can be said that the potential benefits of sexually active life is guaranteed by the PT-141.

Therefore, those that are looking for a comprehensive therapy to improve their sexual desire and sex life, bremelanotide is exactly what they need. PT-141 is a perfect alternative to opting for a number of therapies or medications for treating sexual dysfunctions of men or women.

Functioning Of Bremelanotide Or PT-141

As far as scientific studies are concerned, the PT-141 has proved its worth in solving the sexual problems in women and men by enhancing their desire to engage in sexual intercourse and by improved sexual performance. The reason this happens is that this peptide stimulates mPOA terminals of one’s brain. Such an action made the researchers identify bremelanotide as a stimulator that has the potential to activate the brain’s dopamine hormones, which play a key function in sexual motivation among humans.

Dopamine is a compound that is known to work as a neurotransmitter for stimulating performance. When the level of dopamine is low in one’s brain, the libido of that individual is also low and therefore the individual shows less attention towards sexual desire or sexual activities. When compared to another individual with sufficient dopamine level, it has been found that the latter shows more interest in sexual desire and gets aroused more easily than the former (with low dopamine level).

It is possible to treat one’s low libido by looking into the neurotransmitter problems related to low levels of serotonin, testosterone, and dopamine. The PT-141 peptide can solve the sexual dysfunction issue, both in the case of women and men, but the individual needs to be willing to opt for this peptide treatment first.

Reviews show that bremelanotide can successfully treat low libido problem and has become popular because of this benefit provided by the PT-141. The best part is that this effective treatment for overcoming sexual dysfunctions including erectile dysfunction is extremely pocket-friendly. One can avail this treatment at highly reasonable rates. So, if one is running low on budget, he/she can still opt for this peptide treatment to get over his/her low libido. The latest rage with regard to this peptide treatment is that couples are using the PT-141 together in order to get maximum benefits from this peptide to improve their sexual activities and overall sex lives.

There are many who are intrigued by the PT-141 treatment for increasing their sexual desires for one another as well as trying to weigh out the effects of this treatment on their sexual performances. Today, users themselves are advocating raving reviews online about how this peptide has played a crucial role in rejuvenating their love life. But a point to note here is that the effect of this bremelanotide treatment does vary from one person to another and is affected by factors such as body functions and reactions.

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Not only have users benefitted in terms of longer duration of erections and higher libido levels, but they have also reportedly displayed youthful energy that they never did in their entire lives. Users are of the opinion that the PT-141 treatment has assisted them in gaining more energy as if they were re-living their 20s. Such users are large in number and they have to intention of going back to the sex-enhancing conventional treatments or medications like Cialis or Viagra that are targeted only at men. In fact, there are not many known medications or treatments that help women find success in dealing with their sexual problems and the PT-141 is one of the few treatment options that can actually help women regain their sexual arousal and increase their libido levels. So, it is not only men that can benefit from bremelanotide, but women too can make the most of PT-141 to rekindle their love life and enjoy sex life to the fullest by using this peptide.

Users don’t just appreciate the assistance of PT-141 in enhancing their sexual functionality, but they are also amazed at the way in which bremelanotide provides them with a high level of energy to lead a fuller and happier life. All in all, it can be said that people, in general, are all praises about the PT-141 and regard it with much appreciation and gratitude. This is possibly the most sought after treatment method for improving one’s sex life with higher libido and stronger or harder longer-lasting erections without much expense involved.

Bremelanotide For Bodybuilding

The PT-141 has been subject to much experimentation and is still undergoing major researches and clinical studies, especially to find out its effectiveness in bodybuilding. Although scientists and researchers have found out the ability of PT-141 in aiding recovery from injuries as well as shock caused by hemorrhages, there is still a lot to find out in this area. However, it is clear from such healing property of the PT-141 that bodybuilders and individuals undergoing rigorous physical activities on a daily basis can use this peptide to recover from post-workout physical injuries and muscle exertions.

No concrete use of bremelanotide solely for post-workout recovery has yet surfaced but if someone uses PT-141 for improving his sex life while engaging in the strenuous physical activity, then he can enjoy this additional benefit of the PT-141 peptide. Hopefully, the benefits of this peptide will be explored even in the field of bodybuilding or the profession of sports as more and more studies come up with new discoveries related to the positive effects of this peptide.

Coming to the Side Effects

No conclusive study has been made on the side effects of the bremelanotide or PT-141 and this research area is still in progress. Although this peptide is still to receive FDA approval, this research chemical has obtained many positive reviews regarding its efficiency in treating sexual dysfunctions in women and men. Recently, some cases have surfaced that reported of flushing, nausea, headache, infections in the respiratory tract (upper) and itchiness and pain on injection site. But as mentioned earlier, different people react differently to this peptide treatment and there might be some unfortunate cases of grievance. However, that does not rule out the fact that the majority of the users have profited from using PT-141 and brought back their sexual life on track, thanks to bremelanotide.

Bremelanotide Dosage

Bremelanotide is commonly administered as an injection on the subcutaneous layer of the human body. Alternatively, nasal atomizers are also opted by many users. It does not matter what route one selects, the important thing is to read as well as understand the instructions on the PT-141 label to get maximum results in a safe and protected manner. PT-141 is also available in the form of a powder that has to be reconstituted in specific bacteriostatic water before administering.

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Few facts to note about the dosage of PT-141:

  • One should take a dose of 0.5-2 mg each time.
  • The PT-141 should be taken within 2-4 hours before engaging in sexual intercourse.
  • If one is stacking several PT-141s, it is recommended that one should mix the contents in the same syringe for reducing the total number of regular injections.
  • One should inject the peptide subcutaneously; it is best to select the abdomen surrounding skin for injecting the peptide with the help of an insulin syringe.

It is best to practice efficient self-injection as well as disposal methods so that one does not need to depend on others while opting for this peptide treatment. In case one is new to such a task, it is best to take the help of experienced medical practitioners to learn how to properly self-inject. All one has to do is make up his/her mind about opting for this peptide treatment for getting back one’s libido and overcoming sexual dysfunctions.

One should not increase the dosage without recommendation or advice from one’s physicians despite the fact that no word of caution has been raised in case of overdose. Nothing ever comes easily; one needs to be patient even while undertaking this peptide treatment to obtain positive results with reference to sexual problems and low libido levels.

Final Words on Bremelanotide

Finally, bremelanotide happens to be one of the most promising peptides that can deliver the best results when it comes to improving one’s sexual life (in case of women) and offering stronger, longer lasting erections (in case of men). If anyone is suffering from an inferiority complex because of lacking sexual arousal or erectile dysfunction, this peptide can help do away with such problems and help one get access to a healthy sex life along with an active and energetic lifestyle. The PT-141 is highly recommended for anyone, men as well as women, who feel that they are missing out on the best part of their lives because they cannot actively engage in sexual intercourse due to physical inhibitions. This peptide works in a natural way to activate those parts of the human body that lie dormant because of inefficiency or sexual dysfunctions. It would be unwise to miss this opportunity to find such a great solution for one’s sexual dysfunctions and start living a normal life filled with enjoyable sexual activities as it forms a major chunk in any human’s life.

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