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C4 Pre Workout Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is C4 pre workout?

Working out and staying energized to complete your daily workout cannot be easy especially if you have to do all this after a long day at work. Exercise takes a lot of energy and fatigue can prevent you from sticking to your regular routine. That is where pre-workout supplements come in. These supplements are designed to ensure that you get the energy you need to get you through your workout. The supplements contain ingredients that are known to give adequate energy to the muscle for optimal performance throughout your workout.

While pre-workout supplements are designed to do the same job, they all do not work the same. Some are more effective than others. The c4 extreme is one of the best pre-workout supplements on the market today. Aside from being a product one of the most reputable leaders in the industry, the supplement also comes with a host of energy boosting ingredients.

Below is a detailed c4 pre workout review that provides detailed information about C4 pre workout. Here you will get to know about C4 pre workout, how it works, and why it is among the best pre-workout supplements that you can use to give you that energy boost during and after your workout. The review also contains c4 supplement user reviews and a brief on how most users feel about this energy-giving supplement.

C4 Pre workout Benefits

As mentioned above, this is a supplement that should be taken right before working out. C4 pre workout or Cellucor C in full comes with a number of ingredients that are sure to deliver an energy punch necessary for a successful workout especially in moments where fatigue and low energy levels may affect the quality of the workout. The ingredients include beta alanine, caffeine, velvet bean, and creatine nitrate just to mention but a few.

C4 pre-workout comes in powder form and should be mixed with water to make the energy drink. One scoop is enough for a single drink though you can add an extra scoop if you are looking for explosive energy. The supplement is readily available and you can choose to buy from the official website, online retailers, or at a local store near you.

Ideally, users should take the supplement 30 or so minutes before their workout. The supplement results in an energy surge that makes it possible and easy for users to complete intense energy consuming workouts. Aside from this, the c4 pre workout supplement works to increase fat metabolism. People looking to burn fat and possibly lose a pound or two, therefore, benefit from the increased fat breakdown in addition to the energy boost.

C4 pre workout gnc is produced by Woodbolt Distribution LLC. The company manufactures C4 pre workout among other sports and dietary supplements. The products under the C4 name include C4 Neuro, C4 Ripped, C4 50x, and C4 Mass. All these products work to provide energy and enhanced performance, enhance the body’s fat burning ability and help in the building of muscle.

C4 pre workout infographic
C4 pre workout infographic


How to use C4 pre workout

Do not use more than two servings in a day

This is not a meal replacing supplement. The drink is simply an energy drink designed to give energy. Since the supplement does not contain the nutrients you would find in a wholesome meal, it is always advisable to ensure that you do not compromise on quality where diet is concerned.

Take the drink 20-30 minutes before your workout. The ingredients are synthesized fast enough so this duration is adequate. You can also take the drink during your workout through the results will not be as immersive.

Stay hydrated. You should always ensure that you take a lot of water before, during, and after your workout. Cold water will help you stay cool throughout your workout. Though you can choose to take other beverages when working out, water is normally recommended for many reasons. Pure water is highly hydrating, easily absorbed and best of all, it comes with close to zero calories. You can, however, take a filling shake or any other snack that will keep hunger pangs at bay.

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Ingredients C4 pre workout

  • Beta Alanine

This is a non-essential amino acid that works to increase the production of carnosine in the muscles. Carnosine is responsible for breaking down of metabolic waste in the muscles. This, in turn, eliminates fatigue and enhances performance. A single serving of C4 pre workout comes with 1.6 grams of Beta Alanine. This amount is enough to get through your workout and ensure that you do not have to put up with fatigue thereafter.

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  • Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is without a doubt one of the most potent performance boosters. Aside from being highly effective, caffeine is also cheap and easily found in nature and this possibly explains why it is present in most supplements designed for workouts and performance enhancement. Caffeine will delay fatigue so that you can complete all your workouts. Caffeine also helps reduce muscle discomfort when you are working out.

  • Creatine Nitrate

This is a compound that has been proven to be effective in providing strength and power required to carry strenuous workouts such as weightlifting. The compound works to retain intramuscular water and this result in fuller muscles and better resistance and performance.

  • Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline

Otherwise known as Alpha-GPC, this compound works to improve physical and cognitive power.

  • L-Tyrosine

This is an amino acid that is responsible for increasing neuromuscular performance, focus, and alertness. This compound, when mixed with caffeine, forms a powerful energy booster that will ensure that your produces enough adrenaline and energy to complete even the most challenging workouts.

  • Energy Blend

The energy blend comprises six components that have been proved to provide massive energy to the body. These components include;

  • Mucuna Pruriens 

This is extracted from a tropical legume grown for its performance enhancing and mood-boosting ability. This legume has been used for many years to manage nervous disorders, male infertility, and to promote brain health. In C4 pre workout, Mucuna Pruriens works to increase brain capacity and ensure that enough energy is provided during workouts.

  • Niacin

Niacin dilates blood vessels and ensures that the muscles have an adequate supply of blood. Niacin has also been proven to lead to reduced cholesterol when used consistently for some time.

  • Folic Acid

Folic acid helps in the formation of new cells and this is important for the formation and repair of worn out muscle cells. Folic acid also helps you keep calm and ensure that you endure strenuous workouts.

  • Vitamins B6, B12, and C

These vitamins play a role in ensuring that the human body stays healthy and is able to perform all functions optimally. The vitamins also help with reducing stress, increasing energy production, and repair of worn-out cells in addition to ensuring optimal body health.

C4 pre workout Pro’s


The taste of c4 pre workout is one of its biggest selling points. Aside from delivering the energy to last beyond your workouts, C4 pre workout is one of the best workout supplements where taste is concerned. Thanks to the great taste, you will always be looking forward to your workout drink. In a world of bad-tasting workout supplement, c4 pre workout supplement is like a breath of fresh air.


C4 pre workout comes in 12 flavors. These include fruit punch, green apple, pink lemonade, orange creamsicle and icy blue razz among others. With these many options, one is guaranteed of getting the supplement in a flavor that appeals to them. For people who have not sampled C4 pre workout, sampling can help them choose one or two of the flavors they like. Looking at users’ reviews can only help in choosing one out of the different flavors available for sale.

User-Friendliness of C4 pre workout

C4 pre workout comes in powder form which makes it easy to work with. The powder dissolves easily in water without leaving any residue. Even better, the powder is convenient to carry so you can fix your energy drink right before your workout. Simply put the powder in a bottle of water and give it a little shake. Your energy drink will be ready in a matter of seconds.

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All ingredients are considered safe. Most if not all the users who have used the supplement have nothing but positive things to say about it. The only complaint is jittery feeling and this happens to people who are extremely sensitive to caffeine.

Some of the ingredients used to make the supplement are natural. Natural products are usually best as they do not have harsh side effects. All other ingredients are also balanced to ensure that the end product is safe for anyone in need of an energy drink.

A variety of energy giving ingredients

It is not enough for a workout supplement to be labeled as an energy drink. The supplement should deliver as promised and give the desired results. If most user reviews are anything to go by, C4 pre workout surpasses most user expectations. Most users say that they experience high energy levels and enhanced resistance when carrying out strenuous workouts. This is because the supplement comes with not just one but more than 6 of the best energy giving compounds available.

C4 pre workout Con’s

A bit Pricy

Well, C4 Pre Workout is a bit pricey compared to other powdered options available in the market. That said everything from the ingredients to the packaging is done to perfection to ensure that the users end up with nothing but a quality energy drink that works and leave them energized even after intense workout. It helps that the supplement is user-friendly and comes in a variety of interesting flavors. When you compare the price of C4 pre workout with ready to drink energy drinks available in the stores, the price is considerably lower. This is quite a bargain for a supplement that works and comes with a number of essential vitamins and minerals.

Jittery feeling

A few people have pointed out that they feel jittery after taking the supplement. This is majorly caused by caffeine. A single serving of C4 pre workout comes with 125 mg of caffeine and this can be too much for some. People who have no problem with caffeine can safely take this supplement without experiencing any side effects. People who are not tolerant to caffeine may, however, reduce their intake and this will take care of that jittery feeling.

It is always advisable to seek a physician’s advice when taking supplements especially for people with pre-existing conditions and those taking medication on a daily basis. Some ingredients in C4 pre workout such as caffeine may not work with some of the drugs used to manage certain conditions. You should discontinue use of this supplement if you experience any adverse side effects. This, however, is rare and there is no record of serious side effects to date.

From this review, it is clear that the c4 pre workout supplement is a great product. There are many reviews of users who have used the supplement for years to help them meet their workout goals. There are only a few complaints from people who experience minor effects but it is clear that the supplement is generally safe for use by people in different age groups.

Aside from being highly effective, C4 pre workout is easy to use and comes in a variety of delicious flavors. The supplement powder is sifted so it does not leave in lumps when mixed with water and the powder dissolves quickly and a simple shake in a bottle of water is all it takes to make your workout drink.

Conclusion on C4 Pre Workout

To sum it all, C4 Pre Workout boasts of an impressive nutritional profile, a variety of clinically proven energy-giving ingredients and a great taste.  Though the price may seem steep, the quality is great and the product works really well. The price is also nothing compared to the price for those energy drinks available in convenience stores.

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