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The Best Caffeine Pills Reviewed 2018 (Updated July 2019)

What are the best caffeine pills?

In the modern day lifestyle, it is quite common for people to feel low levels of energy. People sometimes find their energy levels inadequate to accomplish even mundane daily activities, while some feel low generally. For such people access to a dependable high energy supplement is the perfect solution they need to address this inadequacy. While there are umpteen numbers of products in the market that bear the tag of an energizer and create hype about their efficacy, only a few qualify. While there are many products which are derivatives of various chemical sources, it is the ones that are sourced from natural substances that are the most sought after. It is common knowledge that such products based on known natural substances are regarded as safe for general health and devoid of unwanted side effects.

Almost everyone is aware that coffee is a beverage that enjoys the highest consumption globally. One of the reasons for this global popularity is one of the contents of coffee called ‘caffeine’ that produces natural high and augmented energy levels. We all know whenever we feel tired it’s a usual practice to reach for a nice strong cup of coffee, to get your mood in order and energy levels soaring. On the basis of this and a scientific study, a top-rated company called Prolab has introduced an energy boosting supplement in the form of caffeine pills. The Prolab caffeine pills are a unique product that truly boosts energy levels and accomplishes much more.

caffeine pills

What are Prolab caffeine pills?

Often people can’t adhere to a good diet regime or have a poor metabolic level that doesn’t provide them the required energy levels at the pre-workout stage. Some even cannot maintain a proper diet schedule in course of their weight loss program. It is these dietary goals and training needs the caffeine pills provides the ideal support as it is without any added calories or sugar. It is known to provide excellent energy enhancement that gives an amazing boost to pre-workout needs. These best caffeine pills help restore body energy, wakefulness, and mental alertness. These caffeine-based energy caffeine pills are manufactured without any sugar and other calories, and therefore can easily be incorporated in diets for fulfilling healthy dietary goals.

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Why use energy supplements?

Whether you’re simply doing your daily chores or working hard in the gym, an extra bit of energy is always beneficial. It helps users keep up with the work at hand without feeling tired, frustrated or even agitated at times. While maintaining proper exercise and diet regime are important, it is not always enough to give us the required amount of energy. Resorting to an energy boosting supplement is a natural and healthy way of feeling more alert and awake; it gives you the capacity to work more without losing your stamina.

Why is Prolab better than regular coffee?

Prolab is a dedicated health brand that offers people the opportunity to stay active and feel fit by taking the energy-boosting caffeine pills. These are best caffeine pills that enhance energy levels and offer mental alertness. You might think that if these caffeine pills are made of caffeine, why not simply drink regular coffee for boosting energy? Coffee is one of the most well-known energy boosters and offers elevated levels of energy and concentration. The problem is that the results of regular coffee are not lasting, and most often lead to unpleasant and uncomfortable crashes. Normal coffee is often mixed with additives and sugar that may not be too compatible with fitness and diet goals. Prolab is an excellent energy boosting supplement that offers sustained energy and isn’t bad for the health. It increases endurance and energy while considerably improving mental focus. With zero additives, calories or sugar it makes the product safe for consumption by all, even those who are calorie intolerant.

About the company

Prolab Nutrition Inc. is a dedicated company that markets genuine sports nutrition products. The varieties of products we manufacture include performance enhancing drugs, vitamins, prohormones, and natural supplements. This company formerly known as Crystal Labs, was started in 1989 and aims at helping fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and professional athletics. The scientifically manufactured products we formulate aids bodybuilders and sportsmen in meeting their physique goals.

Caffeine Pills Ingredients 

The effectiveness of any energy and dietary supplement is directly correlated with the ingredients used to formulate it. Supplements that use chemicals will obviously affect the health negatively, whereas products formulated with natural and safe ingredients will have a lasting result.

  • The foremost ingredient used in Prolab best caffeine pills; it reduces fatigue, increases endurance, results in improved focus, elevated alertness, and mood.
  • 75 mg of calcium is used for supporting nerves and muscle functions, and for making bones stronger.
  • Other ingredients used include methylcellulose, cellulose gum, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, and silica.


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How do caffeine pills work?

Prolab caffeine pills are formulated with 200 mg caffeine and 75 mg of calcium derived from calcium phosphate. Caffeine is known to endow elevated levels of energy, the absence of calories also individuals to train physically and does not interrupt in their dietary goals. It endows a range of benefits including reduced fatigue that automatically results in faster reaction time. Caffeine has a positive effect on focus, alertness, and mood; it helps one cope with stress while maintaining a high level of stamina. It is probably the easiest and safest method of starting a mental and physical journey towards a healthier self.

Caffeine Pills Pros

  • The most apparent benefit that this energy boosting pill endows is elevated levels of alertness and energy.
  • Prolab best caffeine pills are safer and cheaper option because caffeine is known to be cheaper and more effective than other energy boosting ingredients.
  • It is not only effective but is also more affordable than other similar energy supplements available in the market.
  • Those skeptical about the authenticity of the product can also purchase the product directly from the manufacturer’s webpage.
  • Good internet presence, loads of reviews available

Caffeine Pills Cons

  • Is certainly not safe for people who are caffeine intolerant.
  • Excessive consumption of the supplement may result in caffeine addiction
  • Not safe for people who are suffering from any kind of heart conditions. It may result in increased heart rate and blood pressure, and therefore is advisable to consult a doctor prior to starting dosage.
  • Those with anxiety related issues may face nervousness and jitters.

caffeine pills

Caffeine Pills Side effects

Although the product has been manufactured after repeated testing and has been certified to be safe for consumption, some may face certain side effects. If consumed more than the recommended dosage it may lead to increased heart rate, sometimes it may also result in insomnia. In case you start vomiting after consuming the product or have stomach irritation, immediately rush to a doctor. It is strictly recommended to not mix alcohol with caffeine pills; it may lead to negative consequences and is not good for your general health. Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women are recommended to consult their doctors before starting their Prolab journey.

The Best Caffeine Pills Dosage

The recommended dosage of Prolab best caffeine pills is three pills a day. Keep a minimum of three to four hours of gapping between the consumption of the next pill. However, this recommended dosage is for athletes or bodybuilders who engage in high-intensity physical exercises. If you want to try Prolab for simple energy enhancement consult a physician to discern the correct amount of dose.

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