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Calms Forte Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

What is Calms Forte?

Calms Forte is a relaxant and sleeping aid which is based on homeopathic medicine. This drug is mostly intended for people with occasional sleeplessness, stress issues and other disorders related to restlessness. The producers guarantee it will bring relief to customers with restless minds, bringing about sleep naturally. They also say regular consumers wake up more alert and refreshed than they used to before. It helps the body heal itself as opposed to changing its physiochemical makeup. It is also safe to consume with other medication. Manufactured by the company, Hyland’s, the drug is available in a tablet or caplet form.

Calms Forte overview

Calms Forte was created using a formula containing four of the most prominent botanical components and six other useful minerals that are popular in homeopathic medicine. It intends to alleviate temporary stress and promote a soundless sleep among adults and children above the age of 6. While it is an OTC drug, which means you do not require a prescription to buy one, it is highly recommended consulting your doctor or therapist before starting its consumption. The manufacturer claims it is a powerful but a safe form of a drug, based on homeopathic preparations of selection and application – 6X, 30X, and 30C, which means the intake of this drug is non-toxic if consumed alongside other medications. In addition, the product is supposed to be free from any side-effects and should not make the consumer form a habit of depending on it. However, Calms Forte has not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), hence there is no proof that the manufacturer’s claims are necessarily true.


The manufacturer for some reason uses Latin names instead of the common English names are known to most us. While for the sake of avoiding any confusion, we have mentioned the ingredients exactly as depicted by the manufacturer, with a little research you would quickly realize most of the ingredients in Calms Forte are the ones commonly used in many products associated with sleep enhancers.

Calms Forte has several ingredients that make it suitable for use as a sleeping aid as well as a relaxant. The following are the ingredients it contains:

  • Avena Sativa (Wild Oats)

A component commonly found in oats, it functions as an anti-depressant and a hormone enhancer capable of promoting vital energy. Avena Sativa is also useful for the prevention of certain conditions such as joint pain, bowel issues, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

  • Chamomilla (Chamomile)

Chemically known as Matricaria chamomilla, this ingredient contains chemicals that facilitate the relaxation of the mind. It naturally reduces swellings, pains, aches, and inflammations as well.

  • Passiflora (Passionflower)

This ingredient comes from a flower known as Passionflower. It is a common component in many homeopathic medicines which induces a sensation of relaxation to the body. In addition, it helps prevent muscle spasms. Traditionally, it has been extensively used in managing hysteria and insomnia.

  • Humulus Lupulus (Common Hop)

Humulus Lupulus comes from a plant that is native to Western Asia, North America, and certain parts of Europe. It helps in calming the nerves, reducing anxiety or restlessness and tackling depression. In addition, it is very useful in facilitating a healthy digestion.

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Working of Calms Forte

There actually isn’t much information about how the product actually works. Surely, the company asserts that Calms Forte’s homeopathic minerals and botanicals facilitate relaxation to the mind and the body for a good night’s sleep and a refreshing morning. However, it doesn’t really talk about how the ingredients work or what metabolic processes take place that causes these effects, which leads to the most important question of whether it is really safe and doesn’t have any side effects!

Pros of Using Calms Forte

  • It provides relaxation to the mind
  • It relieves the fatigue experienced by the body
  • You do not feel any dizziness or hangover sensations on waking up
  • The components used in this product are organic.
  • Unlike most sleeping pills, this drug does not lead to any addiction. The reason behind it is that it does not change the physiochemical composition of the body. This means the body would not need to depend on it to sustain an alteration.
  • It helps in managing sleeping disorders and controlling stress.
  • It does not show any reactions while taking with other medications

Cons of Using Calms Forte

  • The results vary from one individual to another. Some people may find tremendous benefits from the use of this drug while others might not notice any change.
  • It does not provide any help for users suffering from insomnia.
  • Customers have had complaints about the company being unresponsive and difficult to reach for registering formal complaints.

How to use Calms Forte

As a Relaxant
Ideally, it is best to take 1 or 2 tablets or caplets with water, not exceeding 3 times daily, preferably before a meal.
It shouldn’t be given to children unless necessarily required.

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For users treating insomnia:

The manufacturer recommends taking a few tablets or caplets around thirty minutes before you sleep. However, consuming it a few minutes before you retire is also fine.

It is worth noting that Calms Forte has a profound impact on pregnant or nursing mothers. It is always best to consult a doctor for the right information.

As per the producers’ claims, effects usually start taking place around 30 minutes after consumption. For people with chronic disorders, it may take up to a week to notice any improvements.

Calms Forte Reviews

Since Calms Forte has been available to the public for more than 50 years, there have been a significant number of reviews to properly analyze and understand its effectiveness, the side effects, and the drawbacks.

Very few online reviewers suggest that they are extremely satisfied with Calms Forte stating it to be very helpful. On the other hand, there are ones who say that the drug doesn’t deliver what it promises to. Surprisingly, there are also a few that say that they’ve started having cramping sensations or bloating in their stomach since they have started consuming this drug. This is a little strange, as the company has always been affirming that Calms Forte does not have any side effects. Overall, most responses to Calms Forte have been unsatisfactory.

Where can I buy Calms Forte?

The company doesn’t sell Calms Forte or any of their other products through their website directly, instead, they do that through various retailers. Calms Forte can be bought at most drugstores and can also be bought online through e-retailers like Amazon, Iherb, Target, and Vitacost. Since it is not sold directly by Hyland’s, you wouldn’t be able to get any free trials or money back return guarantees. Many people have also complained about the difficulties in reaching to the customer care numbers. In addition, the company doesn’t have a physical, not an email address. It, however, has a page on its website where you can register any complaints by filling up a form. Calms Forte is generally available as 100 tablets, 50 tablets, and 32 caplets, retailing at $9.99, $8.49, and $7.79 respectively.

The verdict on Calms Forte

It goes without saying that Hyland’s did make claims that are brave and bold without much clinical evidence to offer. While the Calms Forte’s motives certainly overlap with consumer’s demands, the product didn’t really stand up to people’s expectations and its own promises.

For many, the jury’s still out regarding the need of homeopathic solutions for something that is already out there in the market. While using all-natural solutions is something everyone prefers, it is not always that they always necessarily translate to better efficacy. The constituents may be reasonably reliable but they are nowhere near as efficient as they need to be in order to deliver the promised results. There certainly are some beneficial ingredients in Calms Forte, but it also lacks effective sleeping aid components like melatonin. The blend rather consists of ingredients providing similar effects.

There are more trusted and established products in the market today. There are hardly enough reasons for choosing this product over something which delivers much better results for a similar cost.

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