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City Lips Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is City Lips?

Beauty doesn’t define how you look outside, but also how you look inside. In this modern world, there are a lot of things in order to make you beautiful outside. You don’t really have to change yourself just to be beautiful. There are a lot of ways such as wearing fancy clothes. You can also buy some cosmetic products that can increase your confidence. No girl wants to look ugly or pale, that’s why a simple lipstick, lip gloss, or lip balm in order to put color on your lips is a must. Wearing a wonderful smile will make you very beautiful but adding some lipstick as well will also add confidence to that smile.

There are a lot of cosmetic brands all over the world – Internationally and locally which aims to provide beauty in every individual, most especially to girls. And one of those famous brands is the City Lips. City Lips provide quality products that will surely change your looks and will make you really beautiful.

City lips don’t only offer great beauty products to girls but also help elevate their confidence in all aspect. Here are the few things that you need to know about city lips:

City Lips is unlike any other beauty and cosmetic products because it aims to provide quality products that will surely elevate the beauty of every girl. City Lips is one of the products that every girl should have. City Lips provides the best quality products that will elevate anyone’s beauty.

City Lips is also the prowess of all the products by City, because of its wonderful effect that it gives. City Lips is one of the best lip plumpers because once you apply it to your lips, it will have a long-lasting effect. Unlike any other products, City lips provide a more comfortable feeling when the consumer uses it. It doesn’t give any irritation to someone’s lip.

City Lips uses the most natural ingredients available, in order to make sure that it will not give any adverse effect.

What Are the Active Ingredients?

City Lips products aim to create quality products to make sure that they provide high standard through the use of natural ingredients which will give a more effective and beautiful lipstick. One of the key ingredients present in City Lips is the HA Plumping spheres, which is responsible for maintaining collagen. Collagen in our lips is the most important substance in order for it to become softer, lighter and brighter. Also, hyaluronic acid is the so-called fountain of beauty of all products.  The hyaluronic acid provides moisture to the lips. It is also responsible for making sure that there are no fine lines in our lips. This is why City Lips includes it to the product because it will allow you to plump your lips. Hyaluronic Acid is the number one substance used by surgeons as a lip filler. In just a very cheap price, you are able to achieve this product because Hyaluronic Acid is too expensive and it is very rare in the market. The ingredients of the City Lips doesn’t only provide a one-shot effect, rather it provides a long-lasting effect. The ingredients of City Lips will allow your lips to grow its own collagen. The reason why they used these ingredients in City Lips is that they wanted to make sure that the spaces in your lips will be filled by these ingredients, without even applying harsh ingredients or substances that could possibly irritate your lips. No one wants to feel any pain or irritations on their lips that is why City Lips make sure that the product they will be producing are products that are of good quality.

What Do the Reviews Say?

As expected the City Lip receives the fame and respect from its consumer because they make their promises true. For them, they will offer the best and advanced quality beauty products and City Lips is their breakthrough in the cosmetic and beauty industry. People loved the City Lips so much because most of the customer who gives reviews to the product says that their lips become brighter and softer. For them, City Lips add confidence to their smile and their beauty because it is all natural.

Of course, in every product, there will always be non-believers, there are some that won’t appreciate it. There are also some people saying that it has no any effect on them. There are also some who say that it is hard to apply and it has no effect on their lips.

But what City would like to assure their future customer and users is that the products they created, specifically City Lips is a product with the best and highest quality. Their product is all natural and whatever kind of lips you have, there would be no any irritation.


Some of the strengths of the product

  1. Ingredients in the product are clinically tested to be proven safe and effective in any type of lip. There are researches that prove that there are no any irritations.
  2. The product contains collagen. Collagen is the one that is responsible for making sure that the lips are brighter, soft and smoother. It also makes sure that the lips of the user will stay healthy and in good health even after the City Lips faded.
  3. It also contains substance hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for filling up the spaces in the lips. And these substances are way too expensive to be on a lipstick. This hyaluronic acid also plays as the moisturizer in the lips in which it removes the fine lines in the lips.
  4. City Lips is available on the market and also in online. The good thing about the payment of the product is it is safe and free from any scam or robbery.
  5. Unlike any other products, City Lips provides deals and packages at very affordable prices, which anyone can buy.
  6. Manufacturer contact details are provided on the product that is why you are guaranteed to know who the people behind City Lips are.
  7. City Lip is better than any other cosmetic brand because it contains substances that will stay for a long time in your lips.


Every individual has its own beauty. There are some that are very beautiful because of their skin tone, or some because of their eyes, or some because of their posture and many other reasons. Most importantly the real beauty is coming from what’s inside. City Lips aims not just only to earn, but also to be part of someone’s life in lifting the confidence. City promises to continue in creating high-quality products using the advanced technology available. Also, they want to create difference among any other product and cosmetics brand and that is to offer HEALTH AND BEAUTY at the same time. A beauty that will last, and a health that will stay whenever you use their products, most especially City Lips.

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