Clonazolam Review 2018 -Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

Clonazolam Full Overview

Clonazolam is a very well-known and effective relaxant for the body as well as the brain. This can be intended to use for balancing and stabilizing panic attacks and seizures. It is also extensively used for the purpose of effective body-building and strength training. This is a mild medication and should be consumed when prescribed. This should not be taken regularly as this may cause some side effects in the body. Similar research chemicals to Clonazolam are Etizolam and Flubromazepam.


As per the experts, chemical imbalances may occur in the brain which may be causing the panic disorders and seizure symptoms. Coming under the category of benzodiazepine, Clonazolam is available in tablet form and is very often prescribed in doses to be taken thrice daily. Apart from this, the medication is widely used as a pain clear during the extensive bodybuilding and strength training sessions. Also, Clonazolam is used for treating other medical conditions like Parkinson’s Diseases, twitching, schizophrenia and various types of pain management.

This is to be kept in mind that it is very crucial to consult a physician before you start to take doses of Clonazolam. Most of the bodybuilders are very much dedicated to training, rest and strict diet routine. But some of them sometimes choose to prefer less healthy engagements like partying on the weekends. Recreational drug use can be very harmful and can be a cause of death often. Clonazolam is not a drug which falls in this category. This is a drug which boosts rapid onset of action and helps to facilitate the symptomatic class. The onset reaction usually takes around 20-60 minutes. This particular drug belongs to Benzodiazepine class. Clonazolam is also popularly referred to as nitrobenzodiazepine and is a subclass of Benzodiazepines.

Uses of Clonazolam 

The chemical structure of Clonazolam is 1-Methylated Triazole Ring that is fused and incorporated with R1 and R2. Clonazolam has the capability of producing several effects when applied to the human body. This drug is very effective in curing some of the general health issues. These particular issues can be minor in the initial stage but they become fatal when kept untreated for long. Some of the diseases which can be treated by using Clonazolam are:

  • Anxiety Relaxation– In case any individual is undergoing frequent bouts of anxiety, then Clonazolam pallets are often used for treating the condition. After the Clonazolam pallets are being taken, the patient feels completely relaxed within next few minutes.
  • Panic Attacks– This particular drug is recommended for the people who have been suffering from frequent panic attacks. This drug helps in relieving from such attacks but this is not a long-term solution for sure. The patient should also consult a qualified doctor for getting rid of this problem in the long run.
  • Sleeping Disorder– As we all know that a healthy human being should sleep at least 8 hours to retain good health and well-being. There are several people who suffer from waking up small time and lacking soundness in sleep. For patients who are likely to suffer from sleep disorders are prescribed this medication of Clonazolam for instant relief.
  • Stress– The competitive life of the present times is very demanding for most of us and with this comes a lot of stress. This drug has the capability of reducing stress and relaxing the body.


Clonazolam is being compared with etizolam powder. Both of these are being used extensively for physical relaxation. Clonazolam is a drug which very much contains relaxing and sedating effects and thus works as a very effective relaxant. Also, the best part is that this drug has got long-lasting effects when used. In case you are using this drug for the first time, then you can ideally choose 0.25 mg or 250 mg Clonazolam pellets. This quantity is good enough to produce desirable results. After the right result is received, 0.5 mg pellet can be ideally used. The effect lasts for 10 hours. But there is a piece of advice from the experts that before opting for any dosage, you should ideally consult a physician for safety.

As noticed the drug was not easy to access in the past years but presently they are accessed very readily. Also, you can purchase this without visiting a medical store. This drug is available online nowadays. There are several reliable websites which sell this drug online.

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Chemical Composition of Clonazolam 

Clonazolam is a very widely used anti-anxiety and an anti-convulsant drug. This particular medication is a part of the larger group of substance which is termed as benzodiazepines. This particular group of substances mentioned below:

The above-mentioned substances possess similar chemical properties and are responsible for speeding the action and long-lasting positive effects. Some of these drugs even have the capability of producing results up to 24 hours.

All of the benzodiazepines possess depressant effects and the outcome is slowing down of the different physical and mental processes without creating much harm to the human body. In some of the situations, they are also very well prescribed as sedative-hypnotic effects. They are mostly being prescribed and used for the purposes of muscle relaxing and also to manage the precarious withdrawal of je alcohol substances. All because of this drug possessing anxiolytic and anti-anxiety effects, this is a very frequently used drug for pharmaceutical treatment and in the gyms to neutralize pains which appears due to strength training.

Short-term effects of Clonazolam 

There are several short-term positive therapeutic effects of using this drug. This particular drug is very effective in interacting with the GABA receptors which are present in the brain. This particular neurotransmitter also very well serves in slowing down of the brain activity. This is also very helpful in theorizing the anxiety which usually occurs due to the overactivity of the brain. The short-term effects of the drug are enlisted below:

  • Relaxation of the mind and the anxiety removal- Some people usually have race-up thoughts suffer a lot from anxiety. These particular worries can have a detrimental effect on the human body. This drug helps in getting rid of anxiety for a short term.
  • Body relaxation– When the mind is being slowed down, the various physical signs or symptoms of the anxiety are being considerably reduced. Some of the people who suffer from anxiety feel restless and agitated. Clonazolam is helpful is doing away with all these symptoms resulting in the body to relax to a large extent.
  • Mild euphoria– There are several users who are experiencing mild euphoria after taking this drug. This sensation is extremely pleasurable and also rewarding for the patient. This is to be kept in mind that the continuous intake of this drug would result in addiction.
  • Drowsiness– Since Clonazolam is highly effective in relaxing the body, it also brings in drowsiness in the user. There are several users who are not successful in driving properly after the intake of the drug. This usually happens when the user is beginning the intake of the drug.

It is extremely crucial to understand that intake of the drug with a legitimate prescription will eventually develop tolerance to all the drug effects. This also can result in the various individuals in taking more and more of the drug and developing a chemical dependency on the drug. So, you should be very careful that you should not develop a habit of in taking the drug.

Side effects of Clonazolam 

This is good to be aware that the over usage of the drug may result in various side effects especially when taken without the prescription or for recreational purposes.

There are several probable side effects of the drug when taken in high doses for a long time. Those are enlisted below:

  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Syncope or fainting
  • Numbness or heaviness in the extremities
  • Impaired cognition
  • Failure in the formation of the memories
  • Getting confused
  • Notable reduction in sex drive
  • Reduced judgment power.

Long-term effects of Clonazolam 

Clonazolam is not usually prescribed for long-term use and this may lead to habit formation and eventually addition. Over the passage of time, the user’s body also tends to be tolerant to the drug and thus the effectivity of the drug also decreases considerably.

Those users who have developed the tolerance for the drug for over usage of the same over a passage of a long time, then they are required to take the higher dosage of the same drug for desirable effects.

Effects of the Clonazolam overdose 

Receiving a higher dosage of the drug may result in a lot of harmful effects. These effects are enlisted below:

  • Slurred speech
  • Muscular coordination loss
  • Profound confusion or delirium
  • Respiratory depression Coma
  • Unconsciousness

Clonazolam dependency 

The long-term users of Clonazolam are likely to experience physical dependency on the drug. The body then mandatorily requires the drug for normal functioning. The patients who are experiencing this stage may react violently and demand the drug crazily. There can be several medical conditions which can be seen in the patients with nausea, shortness of breath etc. and psychological effects like mood swings, depression, agitation etc.

This is also noticed that if a user stops taking this drug abruptly, then they may also likely to experience a rebound effect.

Clonazepam Withdrawal Treatment

Detox under expert supervision- This is a proven fact that sudden withdrawal of the drug may be life-threatening for the patient. Thus, detox treatment under expert supervision is to be conducted. Usually, the patients go the detox centers for getting a reliable treatment in a safe environment. The doctors at the detox provide the necessary medications and help them get rid of the uncomfortable physical effects that are caused due to the withdrawal of the drug. The expert medical treatment is also very effective in helping the patient recovering from the hallucinations, depression and mood swing.

Treatment of Addiction 

After the detox process is successfully completed, then there is a residential program for the patients to completely get rid of the addition. The patients are given either group therapy or individual therapy for the best results.

Clonazolam and its usage in the bodybuilding industry

Clonazolam is highly used in the bodybuilding industry for pain and stress management after heavy sessions of workouts. Using this drug in small proportions and under abled supervision can help the users profoundly but this has to be taken care that overdosage and long-term usage should be prohibited.

Special precautions 

The elderly should take more precautions while in taking the drug as they are susceptible to more adverse side effects due to the long-term usage of the drug. The doses to the elderly should not under any circumstances exceed two weeks at a stretch. If it is taken longer than that, then there is the risk of drug accumulation which may eventually have fatal results.

This drug is also not recommended to be used by individuals below 18 years of age. If used, this may prove to be hazardous. These days there are several young lads who work out in the gym with the aim of bodybuilding. This is a suggestion for those individuals that they should not be using this drug under any circumstances.

This should not be used by pregnant women and people with serious medical conditions. The pregnant woman should stay away from using this drug as researchers and pieces of evidence prove that intake of this drug during pregnancy results in deformation of the heart and facial formation of the fetus.


There are certain chemical reactions which occur in the human body when this drug is taken. The intake of Clonazolam decreases the levels of carbamazepine. The simultaneous usage of Azole antifungals namely ketoconazole along with Clonazolam inhibits the proper metabolism of Clonazolam.

Final words on Clonazolam

Overall, we can conclude that the drug is of major use for the treatment of various uncomfortable conditions but it should be judiciously used in order to stay away from any probable side effects. Also, this is to be borne in mind that whenever you opt to use this drug, make it a point to have a proper medical consultation to be on the safer side and reap the best out of it.



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