Cogniflex Review 2018 -Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

Cogniflex Introduction

Do you believe in brain supplements? Cogniflex is manufactured to enhance your brain’s efficiency. It is meant to improve the overall performance of the brain including mental energy increase and improved alertness. Unlike the standard energy drinks and other caffeinated drinks in the market today which rarely boost your energy, Cogniflex brings all the difference. This product is made with high-quality nootropics that are aimed to unleash your brain’s capacity. The product is manufactured by the company sure science and sales are made through their website.

The website is designed to meet the consumer’s specifications since it is easy to read through the specifications of the supplement, directions of use and the key ingredients. The product Cogniflex contains the following ingredients; theanine which improves the focusing ability, choline bitartrate(Acetylcholine), vitamin B6, Rhodiola Rosea extract and the L-Tyrosine amino acids help to make new and energized neurotransmitters in the brain for improved communication and efficient processing of information. Bacopa monnieri extracts that enhances the cerebral blood flow and stimulates the brain energy. Vinpocetine helps to improve ATP energy by using glucose.

Cogniflex is different from other nootropic formulations on sale since the manufacturers use extra caution while making the supplement. However, Cogniflex doesn’t expose the precise amount of the potential nootropic compounds by concealing them in a proprietary blend. The concealing of the information has been a constant issue, especially in cheap nootropics. All that is known for Cogniflex is the total of the vitamin B6 listed at 10mg or 780mg recommended daily intake.

Nootropics increase the performance of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine via cholinergic (ACh) receptors and improve NMDA glutamate receptors that are essential to the memory and learning processes. Also, nootropics show positive impacts on vascular and neuronal functions and improve the cognitive performance, as well as offering a natural energy source to keep you motivated and alert.

The cost of Cogniflex

The product is presented in three different plans which include; 1 bottle for $47.95 each (test plan), five bottles for $15.59 each (monster plan) and three bottles for $25.98 each (middle plan). If you’re an esteemed user of this product, Cogniflex plan option recognizes you for being a loyal customer. Cogniflex recommends you to use two pills when you want to feel the effect. One in the morning as you start your day and the other one in about 6-7 hours. Each bottle is packed with 60 pills. Therefore it would last a month if you take two pills per day. A 30-day money back guarantee is offered to cover all the purchases made. The tablets are said to improve the brain function fast enough and more efficiently with reduced or no over stimulation to the user. The product is non-addictive and therefore no known side effects.

Benefits of Cogniflex

  • Increased energy levels

The product delivers a high amount of energy that happens within 30 minutes and lasts for up to 6 six hours. The user experiences a long lasting fully packed energy with no side effects unlike other brain supplements overdosed on caffeine and other addictive compounds.

  • Improved focus/ concentration

The product Cogniflex helps to retain more information helps your brain to process data quickly and efficiently and allows your brain to think clearly. The pills simply put your brains awake. Cogniflex is the only supplement that gives you the concentration and the focus you need to work for long with extra alertness, smart work, and a job well done as fast as possible.

  • Enhances the brain power

Cogniflex utilizes a high level of strong nootropics considered as smart drugs to help in boosting the brain capacity, increasing the mental performance and vigilance. Cogniflex delivers choline directly in the form of a salt known as tartrate which is absorbed quickly by the body. Most other manufacturers include choline in a nootropic which is a bad idea in the form of citicoline, a broken state of an important biological compound. Cogniflex does it in an unconventional way. However, the liver synthesizes Choline. It’s therefore not an essential compound that you have to intake. There is conflicting evidence as to whether there are any recognized benefits to this supplemental compound choline.

In a study carried out by researchers at Duke University and Boston University in 2004, revealed that choline played a significant function in increasing the development of the brain an experiment that was done in rats. Similarly, the University of Kentucky in a detailed research in mice discovered that supplemental choline helps to improve mental recovery from a rodent model of a traumatic brain damage showing that substance choline plays a major part in repairing the brain. However, studies in humans are not legitimate. Research in 1980 on a small sample of patients who have Alzheimer’s condition discovered minimal benefits from the tremendous amount of doses of choline at about 12, 16 and 18 grams. There were no seen effects for cognitive performance in a direct study of choline. In this innovative practice that was published in the journal Military Medicine in 2002, 13 men went through cognitive and physical testing before and after a regimen of choline supplementation. The research group discovered that supplemental choline did not change or alter the mental or physical functions and performance of the research subjects.

Cogniflex producIngredients

The amino acid that is found in green tea known as Theanine appears to have a combination of a synergistic impact with caffeine; Cogniflex’s third compound after Theanine and choline bitartrate. In the UK, scientists did a research and found out that a combination of caffeine and theanine interact in a way that cancels out the effects of caffeine. When individuals use both, a high level of alertness is maintained, a less jittery feeling experienced, reduced or no risk of headaches effect, and performance is shown at a higher level on cognitive testing than when you consume the two compounds alone. There is an optimal ratio of theanine to caffeine that seems to exist though there’s insufficient intensive research to identify what is the exact effect of the synergistic combination of the two compounds. There’s no information presented on the quantified amounts of either in product Cogniflex. Caffeine is in fewer amounts as compared to theanine in Cogniflex. These two ingredients (theanine and caffeine) show more promising results.

Bacopa monnieri is a well-researched extract from plants, and it is frequently featured as a main component in nootropic formulations. Further research on this ingredient is highly limited to the old people though the outcomes are very promising. In the journal of alternative and complementary medicine published in a 2002 research discovered that a daily supplementation of a 300mg regimen of Bacopa monnieri impacted a significant recovery of verbal memory test as compared to placebo trial in a word recall. However, some other dimensions of cognitive performances didn’t improve. Rhodiola rosea is another plant extract discovered in a plant that is found in cold tropics in Asia and Europe. The plant extract has some promising fields for use as an enhancement product according to an article that was reviewed and published by a scientific phytomedicine journal in 2002. Rhodiola rosea appears to be relatively effective at improving the concentration and less fatigue. The ingredient makes it ideal for nootropics at correct dosage and hence pertinent to nootropic interests. Therefore, Bacopa monnieri and Rhodiola rosea are herbal extracts.

Cogniflex Advantages

  • It helps in improving some areas of cognitive performances
  • The pricing discounts of the Cogniflex are provided
  • The supplement has no adverse side effects
  • Product Cogniflex presents an allowance of a 30-day money back guarantee
  • The supplement can be bought safely from their official website

Cogniflex Con’s

  • Information from clinical studies and research is not exposed
  • The amounts of the Ingredients used are not displayed
  • The website of this product contains less information

Cogniflex is made up of popular nootropic constituents, but its formula makes it unique and somehow superior as compared to other supplements already on the market. If Cogniflex is purchased at the usual retail price, the brain supplement is certainly one of the higher priced brands which note that the manufacturing company needs to affect more changes terms of offering clinical outcome information as a positive of its usefulness. On the other hand, some researchers have shown and published that the best brain development supplements like Cogniflex make it simpler for you to use efficiently and safe from severe side effects as compared to other brain enhancement products. The ranking of Cogniflex is based on several critical factors like boosting the entire focus and concentration levels, improving memory capabilities by fighting memory loss and improving overall mental performance. Basing on the quality ingredients present in the product and the general improving the mental health outcomes, Cogniflex qualifies to be the top ranking brain enhancement supplements which are backed by many positive reviews.

You should, however, recognize that Cogniflex is not the only particular innovative or flashy supplement, but it certainly gets the job well and thoroughly done. It has got several constituents with a right combination of accurate records of nootropic abilities. These ingredients contained in Cogniflex brain supplement cover a broad range of potential benefits: better cerebral performance under pressure, improved memory, and better focus and alertness.

The real concern besides the desired results is this: do the nootropic elements exist in sufficient quantities to impact the desired results? To answer the question, in some components like caffeine, there’s a high likelihood as discussed earlier. However, Bacopa monnieri and choline bitartrate the effect seems less. Without changing the labeling, you’ll either have to decide and fully put your faith in the manufactures of Cogniflex, or similarly, choose for another brain supplement with many featured and clearer classification practices.

When using this supplement, it is always advisable to consult medical personnel since different people experience different results. In case you’re nursing, pregnant, or have a critical medical history, or you have serious heart complications I suggest you seek medical assistance before using any supplement.

Should you spend your money on Cogniflex?

Without doubting anything, Cogniflex product has changed the quality of many people’s life. It’s is considered better than drowning yourself in drinking red bull or coffee, 5-hour energy drinks, and other monster drinks. Many people are still going through the original purchase of their preferred Cogniflex plan, and once they run-out, they fully intend to buy another package of bottles Cogniflex plan at a particular time so that they can save money. You should always remember that most individuals were highly pessimistic when they first placed their order for this supplement, as they were unaware what to expect. Most people try to figure out that there are just decorative marketing campaigns surrounding Cogniflex, but this is not the case as many users like Cogniflex and leaving positive reviews, and if you think it is another placebo pill, you’re wrong – dead wrong.

Conclusion on Cogniflex

Cogniflex is an incredible brain enhancement product which is backed by research. As discussed above studies, show that the elements contained in the brain supplement are engineered to improve and enhance the overall brain functionality certainly. However, due to lack of enough information about the ingredient levels used displayed on the official company’s site, there’s no clear way of finding out if some components in the pills are equivalent to the amount and effectiveness of the elements tested in the studies and research referenced.

Cogniflex gives credible facts of the ingredients used based on reviews and recommendations and then takes full responsibility to verify the credibility of those studies giving its loyal users a firm assurance. The company is also concerned with the complicated nature of the “Bestseller” trademark contained on the site’s homepage assuring its users it is a legit product, not a scam. There are provided ev

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