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Concept 2 Rower Review- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

 Introduction to the Concept 2 Rower

A rower is a machine which is used to imitate the action of a watercraft rowing for the purpose of training for rowing or just simply exercising indoors. The machine can be used daily by Olympic athletes, cardiac rehabilitation patients and people at home or even at the gym. Rowing on its own became established as a sport.  Today, indoors rowers are known as Ergometers.

The rowing machine is designed in such a way that it measures the amount of energy the rower uses through their use of the machine. Concept 2 rower have become the world’s best selling machine over time. This is because they come up with new inventions that better the machine by making it more updated to serve its purpose.

Features of Concept 2 Rower

These types of machines are designed in such a way that they have an energy damper and braking mechanism which is connected to a chain, strap, belt and handle. They contain footrests that are attached to the same mounting as the energy damper.

Most rowers include a rail which either the seat or the whole mechanism slide on. Each machine is unique and there are some that work differently than others.

There are rowing machines that use an elastic cord or spring to take up the pull of the straps/chains and the returned handle. There have been technology developments of making the elastic cords and springs which has made them more durable over time.

There are machines which digitally calculate and display the user’s power by measuring the speed of the flywheel during the stroke, and thereafter recording the rate at which it decelerates during recovery.

There are various types of rowers. They include;

Motion Type of Rowers

They utilize the flywheel resistance both through the growing movement of the user to cause the footrests and the seat to move further apart and closer in coordination with the user’s stroke. With this type, both the seat and the footrests are free to slide to the front and bacon a rail.  This enables the seat and footrests to move relative to one another and also relative to the ground.  The rower is dynamically balanced to make the effects for the user to be more realistic making it feel as if the user is on the water. This type closely replicates actual rowing where the seat and the boat move relative to each other and they both move relative to the water.

Damper Type of Concept 2 Rower

This type of rowers has a piston resistance that comes from hydraulic cylinders that are attached to the handles used for the twinging the machine. The length of the handles is fixed such that it fixes the trajectory that the hands take on the strokes and return.  This makes the strokes less accurate than other rowers. Most models in this class of rowers have fixed seat positions that eliminate the leg drive which is the foundation of competitiveness on the water rowing technique. These types of rowers are not expensive because of their simple nature.

Braked Flywheel Concept 2 Rower

This type comprises a mechanism which has a resistance that the user feels when rowing.  The braking mechanism makes the trajectory of the hands to be in the vertical plane to be free, making it possible for the rower to emulate the hand height difference between the strokes and the returns. Mostly these are types of rowers that have sliding seats that are typical like those on the water boats.

Rowers have different types of resistance. Here are the common ones:

Magnetic Resistance

Here the mechanism that is used to make these types of rowers give a drawback type of resistance that is constant.  This makes rowers to simulate actual rowing where resistance increases the harder the handle is pulled because of electromagnets that engage a mechanical brake with the flywheel.

Air Resistance

There are rowers which use vanes on the flywheel to provide the flywheel braking needed to generate resistance.  As the flywheel is spun faster, so does the air resistance increase. An adjustable vent can also be used to control the volume of air moved by the vanes of the rotating flywheel which causes a larger vent opening that results in a higher resistance and a small vent opening resulting in a lower resistance.

Water Resistance

There are models that consist of a paddle that revolves in an enclosed tank of water. The mass and drag of the moving water cause the resistance. They feature a hollow container that holds a supply of water. The pulling of drive cord during a puling segment of a stroke rotates the paddle or the mechanism within the container to provide a momentum effect.

Why Use Concept 2 Rower?

  • Using a rower is a low impact workout that engages major muscles making it beneficial to the user since it works on the legs, core, and arms at the same time while burning calories.
  • Most rowers are designed to fit most users since they have 14inch seat heights and adjustable footrests and ergonomic handles
  • Most rowers require minimal floor space for the machine to occupy.
  • Most machines show data with large fonts on the display making it easier to read.
  • The machines connect with a wide range of fitness applications that the user can use.
  • They have wheels that roll smoothly while assembled.

Advantages of Using Concept 2 Rower

  • Most machines are manufactured to make minimal noise.
  • The rowers have a smooth feel to them. This makes the Concept 2 rower user-friendly.
  • They are easy to assemble once you purchase them. This is beneficial to the user since they won’t need extra help for assembling of the machine.
  • They are mostly manufactured to make them high-quality products.
  • They are durable and makes the Concept 2 rower last for a very long time
  • They are innovative
  • Due to their durability, they are cost-effective since they last long without needing repairs or replacements.

Disadvantages of Concept 2 Rower

  • They can be quiet expensive
  • There are models that have a loud noise level.
  • There are models that occupy more floor space making them hard to be moved with ease.
  • Rowers can be challenging to use for first-timers.

Concept 2 rower Models

  • Concept 2 Rower Model D Rower

The Concept 2 rower is the world’s best selling rowing machine for over forty years. The machine is used by elite athletes.  It fits the user’s goals and budget and it is accessible to anyone of any age group.

The machine stores data for the user making it possible for the user to trust the stored data while exercising. The thrower controls the workout intensity. And it is also easy to assemble, move and also to store. It sets the standards for other rowing machines in the market.

  • Concept 2 rower Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PMS

This machine is suitable for people with mobility and flexibility issues. The machine engages major muscle groups by giving a high calorie burning motion. The performance monitor self-calibrates for comparable results. It helps the knees not to bend too much during the workout.

It offers presence and durability with its twenty- inch frame height nickel painted chain and double powder coat with a glossy finish which makes it look luxurious.

The machine provides an unparalleled full body workout of indoor rowers.


Rowers can be quite expensive and this can make it hard for many people to purchase them. However, Amazon strives to provide customers with the best prices that are fair and affordable to most people. Prices of rowers at Amazon range from $800 to $1200. Make sure to check more about the price on the site as this is just an approximation.

Conclusion on Concept 2 rower

Although rowers can be termed as expensive, they help the user stay fit by targeting various muscles in the body.  This, in turn, may make them seem cheaper compared to buying many appliances that target individual muscles. Their durability also makes them recommendable for buyers. This is because they can serve a person for a lifetime without needing a replacement.

Since rowers can be used by people of different age groups, they can be used by a whole family. They can also be used to rehabilitate patients who have had some injuries in the near past. When purchasing a rowing machine, please ensure you compare all the models in the market to be able to decide the most suitable one for your needs and at the same time a machine that will serve you for a long time by giving you value for your money.


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