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Crepe Erase Review – Benefits & Side Effects (updated July 2019)

What is Crepe Erase?

Crepey skin is a nightmare. No one wants to have excessively dry and sagging skin all over their faces, yet we all have to deal with this problem as we age. Aging usually results in damaged skin cells and collagen fibers which are responsible for keeping our skin healthy, elastic and good looking. Old age will also prevent the regeneration of new skin cells resulting in the crepey skin. This not only destroys your looks but research shows that people with sagging and other poor skin conditions typically have low self-esteem issues that can affect their social interactions and productivity.

Crepe Erase is a skin care product that claims to be powerful enough to reverse all the effects that damaged collagen, and other skin cells have had on your skin. Crepe Erase will hence help to restore your elastic and good looking skin throughout your body. Crepe Erase endorsed by the likes of Jane Seymour will have you witnessing positive results after just one use. Your skin will fully regain its youthful appearance after just a few weeks of using it.

Now, we are used to skin care products undergoing vivid marketing without living up to expectations, and if that’s your perception on Crepe Erase, then you are very wrong. Crepe Erase and the ingredients used are clinically proven not just for their efficacy, in dealing with crepey skin but also on their safe nature that will allow different users to enjoy its benefits without any side effects. Crepe Erase is hence, the ultimate solution that finally puts an end to dry, and sagging skin but first, what causes crepey skin?

Crepe Erase Overview

Crepey skin is like a tissue paper. You have this beautiful piece of tissue paper. You crumble it all up and then open it back again. What you see is exactly how our skin starts to look like once we get to a certain age. Of course, the aging process of the skin is different for everyone and is affected by the environment we live in, our genetics, and most importantly how we’ve treated our skin till date. One may have had a sun damage, a burn, or a disease which might have cured for sure but not without a repercussion to the skin. According to a relatively new product in the market, Crepe Erase, your crepey skin problems might have just found a remedy that would make you look a lot younger in a matter of weeks. Too good to be true, isn’t it? Well, the following review will explain in detail how effective the Creme Erase cream is and whether it does what its manufacturer’s claim it to do.

Crepe Erase is sold as a skin care health product for external use which doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription (OTC drug). According to the manufacturers of Crepe Erase, their TruFirm exclusive technology tightens the skin and treats its elasticity problems making the person look a lot younger. They also claim that 82% of their users experience a smoother skin right after the first application, while 90% of the users notice improvements in the skin’s structure after a month’s use.


Causes of Crepey Skin

Understanding the causes of Crepey Skin in details is a step closer to knowing how Crepe Erase works and what you can do to avoid it in future.

The most common cause of crepey skin is aging. This natural process causes the two major structural proteins in the skin (elastin and collagen) to grow thin affecting the entire matrix of the skin. If you don’t do anything to counter this process your skin will end up being unhealthy and losing its elasticity. This results in wrinkles and other problems that are prevalent among the aged. Over time, when these structural proteins are damaged the skin can form diamond-like shapes between the hair follicles. This escalates making your skin to look like a piece of tissue paper which is honestly very disheartening.

Crepey skin can also appear in relatively younger individuals, and in such cases, the cause is usually due to:

  • Excessive weight loss that has reduced the amount of fat present to plump your skin
  • Smoking
  • Sun exposure
  • Excessive consumption of sugars etc.

Crepe Erase will hence help to reverse the damage suffered by your skin, but for you to enjoy the results for long, you have to lead a healthy lifestyle. ,

Crepe Erase Ingredients

The primary ingredient in Crepe erase is made of a TruFirm Complex in which the manufacturer doesn’t give out too much information about. This can, hence, be a bit of an issue when trying to identify what role each compound used plays.

Some of the few ingredients that we know of are popular natural plant extracts that are scientifically proven to be exceptional in rejuvenating the skin and promoting healthy elastin and collagen structures. These include:

  1. Shea Butter – This compound is rich in omega 9 and 6 fatty acids. These are useful in nourishing and hydrating the skin which will leave your skin glowing. The butter also has soothing properties that will help with dry and rough skin.
  2. Cocoa Seed Butter – This is a very popular compound found in most skin care products out there. Cocoa seed butter is a fantastic emollient that has, for decades, been used to strengthen the skin and treat wrinkles. This ingredient will make sure that your skin is constantly moisturized and what makes it even more brilliant is how fast it works towards achieving a soft and smooth skin.Coconut oil has been used in medicine and ancient remedies for centuries as well as in today’s world of modern skin care products. It has become increasingly popular for beauty purposes. In itself, using coconut oil on your skin is an all-natural method to eliminate many of the toxic components from the skin. It is a very positive ingredient for dull and dry skin and tremendously helps people with hard skin to gradually soften it.
  3. Hyaluronic Acid – You could have all the best compounds possible in delivering smoothness in the skin, but if your skin is incapable of retaining the oils and softness then any results you achieve are likely to be short-term. Hyaluronic Acid is included here to boost your skin’s ability in maintaining the moisture delivered by other ingredients. This acid provides supple and soft skin which stays moisturized for long hours. Hyaluronic acid is also a soothing and protective agent that’ll keep your skin safe from harmful radicals and other similar elements.
  4. Vitamin E – Vitamin E is a nourishing compound with skin protection qualities. The vitamin will reduce wrinkles and fine lines while also keeping you safe from harmful rays.
  5. Skin smoothing exfoliators – Crepe Erase is formulated with AHA and physical exfoliators that remove dead skin cells. This facilitates the development of younger and healthier skin cells boosting your overall appearance. Removing the dead skin will also make it easier for this lotion and all its ingredients to be absorbed for even better results.
  6. Super Hydrating Oils – It’s inevitable coming across coconut oil when looking for the best hydrating oils. This oil does an excellent job of keeping the skin moisturized while eliminating irritation and flaky skin issues. This is why coconut oil has been included in the crepe Erase formula, and for faster results, the manufacturer has also added olive fruit oil.
  7. Beeswax – Beeswax is used in softening and conditioning of dry and rough skin. This ingredient provides both the needed hydration and protective barrier to keep your skin looking good and safe. Beeswax is a natural wax compound produced by a special species of bees, called Genus Apis. Natural beeswax contains fatty-acids and chain alcohols. It contains significant amounts of hydroxypalmitate, palmitoleate, and palmitate. These components together produce properties that help maintain the moisture in the skin. The presence of Vitamin A in beeswax facilitates the production of skin cells and protects it from environmental threats. Beeswax also provides the necessary antioxidants required for a healthy skin.
  8. Cassava Plant – It’s included to promote smooth and silky skin. It will also protect your skin against irritation. Cassava is rich in both, Vitamin C and folate. Vitamin C plays an important role in collagen synthesis, a component responsible for speeding up the healing process, preventing stretch marks, and reducing wrinkles and fine lines, while folate is responsible for moisturizing and anti-aging properties. In addition, it is also known to smoothen the skin, brighten the complexion, facilitate healing of scars and wounds, provide nourishment to the skin, and improve its overall quality.
  9. Olive oil Olive oil is a good antioxidant due to the presence of the following components: vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols. When applied regularly it may help decelerate the aging of the skin. Vitamin E also plays an important role in enhancing the tolerance of the skin against ultra-violet radiations. Hydroxytyrosol, a relatively rare compound is also found in olive oil in decent traces that prevents free radical damages to the skin.  Unlike conventional moisturizers that are thick and can clog the pores of the skin, defeating the purpose of what they are meant for, olive oil penetrates nicely into the skin.

Crepe Erase Kit

When purchasing Crepe Erase, you’ll have an option of buying a 2-piece or 5-piece set. Looking at the prices and the uses of each set its fair to say that you get more value for money when purchasing the 5-piece. This allows you to transform your skin right from the face all the way to the toes. The 5-piece set is made up of:

  1. Exfoliating Body Polish

This Exfoliating body polish is made of the revolutionary TruFirm complex that helps in rejuvenating crepey and aging skin on the arms, legs, neck, and chest. It’s very soft and safe for the skin allowing you to attain the needed results without harming the skin. Use this polish in the required area and exfoliate it for a minute or so before rinsing. You’ll also notice that it smells very nice.

  1. Intensive Body Repair Treatment

This set contains both the TruFirm complex and a few botanicals. It is added to boost smooth and firm skin. Crepey skin will never be an issue again after a few times of using it. For best results use this treatment after exfoliation.

  1. Refining Facial Scrub

This works like a body scrub except it is a lot gentler. Massage it on your skin for 2 minutes and rinse it off. The aftermath is a refreshed and soft skin that’s good to look at and touch.

  1. Restorative Facial Treatment

If you have sensitive skin, then you’ll find this treatment very useful. It’s an incredible hydrating agent that works perfectly with sensitive skin be it on the neck, face or any other body part. It’s silky and will keep your skin plumped for extended hours. The best part is that you’ll only need to use a tiny amount of this treatment to cover a large surface because it is quite concentrated.

  1. Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotion

The Ultra-hydrating body lotion can be used instead of the intensive body repair treatment. It is lightweight and can be used in areas where the body butter wasn’t applied. Most users normally prefer using the body butter on the arms and legs and then apply this body lotion on the chest and neck.

Any Side Effects of Crepe Erase?

Crepe Erase hasn’t been linked to any severe side effects. A few individuals reported skin irritation, but this was due to their skin’s sensitivity to some of the compounds used. To confirm that you are an ideal candidate for Crepe Erase you should consult a dermatologist before you start using it.

Where can I buy Crepe Erase?

The best place to purchase Crepe Erase is from the manufacturer’s official website. This saves you from scam products in the market. The 2-piece set, also known as the introductory line goes for around $39.95 while the Crepe Erase Maximum Result line (5-piece set) retails at approximately $59.95. Note that these charges are per month and when purchasing it you should check whether you are enrolled in their automatic monthly renewal services.

  1. Working of Crepe Erase


According to the producer’s of Crepe Erase, the product uses a first of its kind technology, named TruFirm developed by the company for their line of products. The way it functions is that it repairs the fibrous tissues in our skin that get damaged due to various factors including aging, skin diseases, lack of nutrition, excessive tanning or exposure to sun etc. Crepe Erase penetrates your skin with extracts that improve the condition of the skin tissues.
Cold weather, ultraviolet rays, and many other harmful factors make your skin dry and age faster. These are mostly the very first causes of crepey and wrinkling skin. Crepe Erase helps your skin regain its elasticity by repairing the skin cells responsible for it.


Pros of Using Crepe Erase

  • Though not for everyone, the Crepe Eraser cream has been known to show some improvements for many users who have been using it regularly.
  • It works as an impressive moisturizer and can be used on non-crepey skin too to keep it healthy.
  • It doesn’t have any side effects and can be used by anyone (unless he or she is undergoing some kind of medication).
  • The manufacturers provide a money-back guarantee if customers are not satisfied with the results.

Cons of Using Crepe Erase

  • The Crepe Eraser cream is very expensive, retailing at an MSRP of $39.95.
  • There are no scientific research claims that back-up the ones made by the manufacturer.
  • While most users claim they do not notice any improvements using this product, the ones who do say it is very slow in producing results.

Crepe Erase Reviews

The Crepe Erase cream has a lot of mixed reviews with some even declaring it a scam. Certainly, there a lot of people who are happy with the results claiming they have achieved a much smoother, younger, and hydrated skin. However, the group of customers saying they do not notice any reasonable results is much larger. One reason behind Crepe Erase being ineffective might be its high price. Since the cream doesn’t show instant results and might require using it for a few months, a significant number of users stop using it once they finish the first set of creams they had bought. The high price and the lack of quick results cause customers to stop further using it.


Bottom Line on Crepe Erase

While Crepe Erase isn’t the worst skin-cream out there, it certainly has some imperfections. When it comes to keeping the skin hydrated, it doesn’t do any better job than coconut oil or shea butter alone. It certainly doesn’t make your skin look younger as quickly as the company advertises it will, but your skin will show a few changes once you use it regularly for at least a month. You might experience a little change of appearance of the skin which might also start to feel a lot smoother and hydrated.

Of course, you cannot experience a miracle and undo what has happened to your skin in the course of so many years, but in most cases, the results of Crepe Erase are hardly noticeable. In fact, once you stop using it, your skin will very quickly get back to where it started. Certainly, it might improve the condition temporarily but it is only a temporary fix to a permanent problem and unfortunately, that problem is known as aging.


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