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The Best Crossfit Shoes to buy in 2018 (updated July 2019)

What are Crossfit Shoes?

Crossfit is a training program which is for athletes, especially former athletes to build their strength and stamina with various challenging workouts. Cross fitness is also suitable for people who are beginners but want to start weight training, and also for those people, who want to be fit and make new friends and company.

In a Crossfit program one is introduced to different levels of training which include;

  • Introduction class
  • Elements course
  • Regular classes

In order to enjoy cross fitting, one should ensure that they buy some Crossfit shoes which can withstand all the vigorous exercises that these athletes undertake. They include activities such as squats, splints, box jumps, heavy lifts, rope climbs among others.

There are a variety of Crossfit shoes. They include;

  • Classic Shoes – These Crossfit shoes are inexpensive, and can be bought at online stores such as Amazon. They are usually worn at the gym.
  • Minimal shoes – These Crossfit shoes are usually light in weight and have a good flexibility.
  • Olympic cross fit lifting shoes – These Crossfit shoes have a small elevated sole which is ideal for lifting weights and are manufactured using a hard material which ensures that they last longer.  They are also not prone to tear.
  • Toe shoes – These cross fit shoes are lightweight and have a ventilated mesh which makes them breathable. They are usually recommended for people who enjoy running.

Features of a Good Crossfit Shoe

  • Durability-While looking for a perfect Crossfit shoe, one has to look at the outer layer material if it can withstand the kind of activities that athletes undertake which includes; rope climb, trail run, and max lifts.

The outer layer of the shoe should contain traction on top because that traction will form a cage around the toes and midfoot which will protect the feet from rocks that cause damage. The traction also helps athletes grip ropes better and in realigning the squats.

  • A tough and hard sole – Cross fitting shoes with a hard sole help athletes while doing lifts to stay glued and grounded and not slip or trip because it ensures stability regardless of the number of weights one is lifting.
  • The height of the heel and forefoot – A good cross fit shoe have a 4mm drop compared to other gym shoes which contain an 8mm drop. The 4mm drop helps in the distribution of one’s weight evenly across the foot and ensures that one maintains a natural foot position suitable for squats and lifts exercises.
  • Activities – While looking to purchase a cross fit shoe for different activities such as running shoes should have a cushion if one is going to do some weight training one should purchase a cross fit shoe which offers more additional support and if one wants to undertake gymnastics one should look for one fit shoe that offers maximum protection.
  • Climate and Weight – A good Crossfit shoe should contain ventilated mesh which invites airflow in and out so that the body heat can flow out which ensures one performs better because when the soles are dry they tend not to slip. Breathable Crossfit shoes contain special woven material which absorbs sweat making one feel energized and refreshed, hence enhanced stamina.
  • Material – Crossfit shoes have different materials so when considering to buy one you have to ensure that it is suitable for indoors if it is for a gym setup or one that is suitable for outdoor activities.
  • Protection- Cross fitting exercises put a lot of pressure on one’s feet so when choosing a Crossfit you should ensure that the shoes have a hard outer material and a rubber cage which will provide protection to your feet and soles.


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Benefits of Buying Crossfit Shoes

  • They offer proper support to the knees and ankles during strenuous activities such as cross-fit workout.
  • They are more durable because they have been built to take the pressures and forces created by one’s muscles.
  • They offer proper stability and balance by helping one maintain stability while performing strenuous activities such as weight-lifting.
  • Helps one access potential energy by ensuring that an athlete is well ventilated hence increasing the stamina.
  • They have a capability to engage in different tasks by switching from one exercise to another.
  • They are more effective in weight-lifting because they have a good hard sole and traction to keep one’s feet grounded and stable.
  • They provide ankle protection because they offer a stable relationship between one’s feet and the ground to avoid spills and twisting of the ankle.
  • Since a Crossfit shoe is versatile, it saves time because one can switch tasks without changing the shoes.
  • Crossfit shoes look great and offer better workout experience because they are designed for specific purposes.

Advantages of Crossfit Shoes

  • Offer cushioning and flexibility
  • Offer shock absorption because of a protection (cage lining ) in all environments.
  • They are very comfortable
  • They contain dual density foam.
  • They have an inner mesh for breathability.
  • They have an elegant design.

Disadvantages of Crossfit Shoes

  • Some cross fit shoes contain a lower capacity to absorb shocks
  • Some cross fit shoes are difficult to wear and take time putting them on.
  • There are cross fit shoes which are manufactured but have a limited color selection.

Top 5 Crossfit Shoes 

  • Reebok Cross fit Nano 6.0 cross trainer – These Crossfit shoes have a ventilated mesh which makes them breathable and airy. They also contain an excellent Kevlar upper structure which makes them hard and durable to withstand strenuous exercises such as weight-lifting. This is because of the support and stability that they offer. They have a textured grip which is suitable for mountain climbers.
  • Nike Metcon 2 Synthetic Trainers – Contains a ventilated mesh which makes the shoes breathable. They have a Flywire technology to help keep the feet in place to avoid slipping or tripping during workouts. The flywire build also ensures that the toes are cozy and locked for comfort and ease plus ensuring that they are not slippery during workouts. They also contain dual density foam in the mid sole to help athletes when lifting weights. This feature also helps one to avoid fracturing of the ankles and toes. Due to the ventilated mesh which has been inbuilt, it helps regulate sweat and make it more breathable. The mesh also helps one to avoid blisters caused by accumulated heat. They also contain Kevlar.
  • Puma Fierce Core – These shoes are recommended for people engaged in running and jogging. The materials used in manufacturing these shoes are of high quality. They have a ventilated mesh which promotes excellent blood circulation, breathability, and flexibility to enable athletes to continue training for hours without any strain. The soles in these shoes are purely made of rubber which maximizes on high flexibility in performing strenuous exercises. They also have a good grip to prevent them from being slippery when one is performing exercises.
  • Asics Met Conviction – These shoes are light in weight than any other Crossfit shoes in the market It is suitable for aerobics and weightlifting because it contains Speva foam technology which is inserted at the midsole which enables the shoe to be more flexible yet durable while having shock absorbers. It is also built with Asics high abrasion rubber which makes the shoe more durable. It is a bit pricey but worth the investment because of the mechanisms put in place to make these shoes last longer.
  • New Balance Minimum 40 – These shoes are manufactured with a Rev lite foam compound which helps the heels of the shoes be able to absorb shock and be more durable. They are recommended for athletes who specialize in aerobics and anaerobic training. The Rev lite heel technology also offers stability required when performing weight lifts, running, jumping and climbing. Also, the technology uses shock absorbed during activities and is reused.It also contains a Vibram outsole for optimized shoe traction and surface grip contact. It is a bit pricey but worth the investment because it is an efficient shoe.

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Why Buy Crossfit Shoes at Amazon

  • Amazon sometimes offers discounts and free shipping on selected products which saves consumers a certain amount of money.
  • They also verify the sellers who put up their goods up for sale which minimizes the chances of someone being conned or hoodwinked.
  • They are relatively faster when it comes to delivery because of it a maximum of 2-5 days for a customer to receive a product depending on where one is located.

Pricing of the Crossfit Shoes

The prices for Crossfit shoes depend on what kind of features were put up by the manufacturer. The cross fit shoe prices range between 70-100 dollars on the lower side while others range from 150 dollars and above on the higher side. Also, the pricing will depend on whether the manufacturer offers free shipping on eligible orders.

Conclusion on Crossfit shoes

While in the market and in need to purchase Crossfit shoes please ensure that you choose the ones that suit your needs and preferences, ones that are durable and comfortable to be able to exercise without any worries.

Also, while purchasing Crossfit shoes one should consider the kind of exercises they would be undertaking, and whether they will be outdoor or indoor. These considerations will help you to buy the right kind of Crossfit shoes. Depending on the price Crossfit shoes should be a must buy for everyone.

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