Cruise Control Diet

Cruise Control Diet Review 2018- Does it work? (Updated July 2019)

What is the Cruise Control Diet?

The cruise control diet is written and created by James Ward, and he believes that all the information that one needs in order to lose weight is available widely on the internet.  However, most of the information about the weight loss is hidden in myths fabrications and unawareness.  And that is where cruise control diet comes in picture.  James ward claims that he has pulled all the right information from various sources and put it together in one place to help people who aim at losing weight and don’t know how to realize their goal.  The pace at which an individual meets his weight loss goals depends upon his current weight and how much he aims to lose.

cruise control diet

The claims by cruise control diet:

James Ward, the guy behind the cruise control diet has learned the value of good health the hard way.  He was highly overweight one time and faced severe health issues due to that. He even got paralyzed due to his ill health caused by the bad eating habits, then he took control of his body and started to focus on losing weight. He lost quite an amount of weight in a short span of time and he got so healthy that he could even combat his paralysis. He then started keeping a track of all the good habits he has developed which helped him achieve the good health he has now.  And that’s how The cruise control diet came into existence.

Now we all feel skeptical of how can someone lose so much weight in such a little amount of time and conquer such grave condition.

What exactly is the Cruise Control Diet?

Cruise control diet is a combination of two things – the cruise control diet plan and the cruise control diet book.  The cruise control diet advocates eating whole foods on their way to weight loss.  Following are some of the rules mentioned in cruise control diet book

  1. Eating better, highly natural and whole foods helps greatly in losing weight and burning body fat.
  2. It is highly recommended to avoid food that comes in packages or food that is processed since they make the body accumulate fat.
  3. It’s OK to cheat sometimes. It is difficult to deprive the body of the food it likes to have for a long time.  People give up on their diet plan when they are not able to follow it strictly.  This tip is especially for those people. Mistakes happen and it is OK to go against the plan sometimes and fulfill your cravings.
  4. It is a not a good idea to count calories or to have portion controls in order to lose weight. Rather than that let your body decide how hungry it is and how much food it wants to have and at what time.

These rules make cruise control diet program different from its competitors and this is the reason why it is a success. The cruise control diet plan is one diet plan that actually promotes people to have a balanced meal program which does not involve shakes, bars, supplements, protein powders, gadgets or gambit.  All they advocate is to eat fresh and healthy food which is real and not processed.

Food that is frozen or comes in a jar or a box or any kind of processed food is not good for our body.  They have stuff like an artificial flavoring, sugar and sweeteners and chemicals that are not supportive of the idea of losing weight because of which they need to be dumped. According to the cruise control diet on an average, an individual can lose up to 30 pounds in just eight weeks.  However, they are certain clauses attached to it.  The pace of losing weight while using the cruise control diet is subjective and is dependent on the amount of weight an individual wants to lose.

Cruise control diet recommends having home-made meals, and instead of boxed food. They also ask users to eliminate processed food from their daily diet since they contain many additives which are not good for us.  Such as trans fats, sodium, sugar etc. According to the creator of cruise control diet, losing weight is not the only benefit one can get from the cruise control diet.  Individual who use cruise control diet also experience a better metabolism and higher level of energy in the body.  These higher energy levels allow them to do what they always wanted to do but did not have the vitality to do.  Besides these people experience a better health overall.  Their cholesterol level, blood pressure, and sugar level all started to come in the stipulated bracket.  They say when you eat healthily, you’re bound to get healthy and this is the only logic.

Cruise Control Diet Features

According to Ward if you have been trying to lose weight for many years now and have possibly tried everything out there with no success than cruise control diet is your answer.  It promises to give a lasting fat solution unlike many other solutions where you begin to lose weight initially for some time but then bounces back to the original weight just after a few months.  The weight-loss you achieve using the cruise control diet plan is going to stay with you permanently.  ward is proud of the fact that the cruise control diet does not just help in losing weight but it also improves the overall health of the individuals and it helps them gain the energy they have not experienced in a long time.

This diet works for all those people who are looking for a realistic result.  This diet plan does not work for those people are looking to lose 50 to 60 pounds in just one month.  But you can certainly expect to lose 10 to 20 pounds in a month.  Additionally, the users must be non-vegetarians as the diet plan is not meant for vegetarians or vegans.

Ward is against the concept of using powders, potions or pills to lose weight.  He suggests by simply eliminating stuff that is artificially flavored sweetened and refined or processed.  He is specifically against food that is claimed to be diet food.

Individuals can start using the cruise control diet chart right in minutes after the purchase.  All you have to do is go online to their website make the purchase of cruise control diet digital download.  It is a Pdf file that you can download post the purchase.  The users can save the file on the computer and may read it whenever they want and as many times as you want.  When you buy this diet plan it stays with you for a lifetime.  It has all the information on the ways to do dieting. What food to eat and what food to avoid eating.  Where to buy your food items from and the different ways to manage weight.

What is allowed to eat on Cruise Control Diet?

Ward suggests its users make their meals themselves and he highly recommends avoiding any processed foods as they are filled with Trans fats sodium and additives which are not good for the body.  Nevertheless, he has given a cheat day to its followers.  This is the day when the users can eat and enjoy any junk foods they want.  This helps in keeping the users sane and saves them from giving up on the diet plan altogether.

How does Cruise Control Diet work?

Users experience a serious decline in their carbohydrate consumption when they follow the cruise control diet plan.  This decrease is in the carbohydrate consumption helps the body greatly.  It ensures better fat distribution and an improved metabolism.

Keeping this in mind it is suggested to cut down on the bad carbs such as refined flour and sugars found in processed foods.  The corn syrup, fructose and dextrose found in processed food are no good for the body.  And we all know why so it’s not a rocket science.

The cruise control diet has to be followed rigorously for eight weeks to achieve the goal of weight loss.  The whole plan can be divided into the following parts –

  1. Phase to reset the metabolism rate – the users are instructed to follow a very strict diet plan in which one has to ensure a highly limited calorie intake. This plan goes on for a span of two-weeks.
  2. The Cruise control phase -The strict regime eases off in this phase and the users are instructed to go relaxed. They are even allowed to eat junk food two times a week in this phase.
  1. The speedy fat burning phase – is the third phase of Cruise control diet. It claims that the users start to lose weight rapidly at this stage.

What are people saying about the cruise control diet?

Users are recommended to buy the copy of the cruise control diet only through the direct website and not through Amazon. Amazingly Amazon is charging twice the price for the same product.

  • Consumers have reviewed it as a swindle, many say it’s not worth the money
  • The video presentation is not up to the mark as complained by many users.
  • Users have given only one star to the cruise control diet on Amazon.
  • The PDF file is complained to have a lot of grammatical errors and is considered ill written.
  • People are furious at themselves for having bought this product and for being ignorant and not reading the reviews before making a purchase.
  • People are also complaining that wart claims his products to be free in the video presentation.  Which is a complete lie?  People, in general, are feeling cheated and overcharged.

Customers complain that he keeps mentioning the big secret is going to revealed soon in the video for minutes and the only thing that he finally reveals is something everybody knows all by themselves, that is to eat healthy and whole food. For the customers, this is no secret.  He further talks about mentioning more secrets in the book after making the purchase, but in the book as well the big secret is actually no secret.  he just asks its users to cut down on sweeteners, Soda, candy, syrup, potatoes and pasta and basically anything and everything that comes in a box. People feel cheated by him for charging for such information.

Replacements to the Cruise Control Diet:

Following are the replacements to the cruise control diet-

  1. Paleo Diet
  2. Trim Down Club
  3. Beyond Diet
  4. 21 Day Fix
  5. Weight Watchers

The final verdict: Is the Cruise Control Diet Worth a Try?

And it is entirely subjective.  Although there is no information provided in this program that cannot be found online on the websites there may be some people who may need help in finding such information and maybe they have money lying around in the house that needs to be put to use.  It’s OK for them to buy the cruise control diet program.

Trim Down Club as compared to Cruise Control Diet

Just like cruise control diet trim down club also promotes its users in having home-made food that is freshly prepared as opposed to packaged food.  What makes it different than the cruise control diet is the fact that trim down club diet is not individualistic however it takes the whole family into consideration.  The trim down club teaches its users about the value of good food to eat and how to eat it.  They want to eliminate the idea of the processed food from the entire family.  And encourage a healthy diet instead.  Moreover, the trim down club is a club in reality.  It is an amalgamation of a lot of people aiming for the same thing – good health.

When people are dieting than it can be very helpful to be around like-minded people.  Trim down club gives its members that opportunity where they can share their experiences, get support from each other, develop companionship and encourage each other whenever the support is needed.

Beyond Diet as compared to Cruise Control Diet

They beyond diet is another diet plan available in the market other than cruise control diet.  However, the reviews of beyond diet are also very negative.  In fact, U.S. News and world has scored it as the worst diet plan.

Paleo Diet as compared to Cruise Control Diet

Another diet control plan that appears when searching for Cruise control diet is Paleo Diet.

The Paleo diet suggests the pre-agricultural way of eating food was the optimum method.  They suggest eating fruits, berries, roots, and grubs. There are some believers of this diet plan, however, science considers it nonsense.  According to science, it is highly essential for our body to include grains and beans in our food.  It gives us a lot of nutrition and is filled with proteins, micronutrients, and fibers that are highly essential for our body.

21 Day Fix as compared to Cruise Control Diet

The 21-day fix is the opposite of a lifestyle change.  People do experience a difference when they try 21-day fix however that change is not long lasting.  And bounces back within a short span of time.

It is highly doubtful that people can actually lose weight with this diet plan.  The diet plan is contradicting itself in certain places.  It is allowing the users to cheat twice in the week moreover exercises are optional for the users.  Additionally, everybody has a different body and they all have varying metabolism rate and different cravings, so it is highly unlikely that one simple solution can work for all.

To conclude cruise control diet is of little use if any, and is not recommended.

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